Suspicious Partner ep 7 summary


After reading the note the mysterious man leaves her, bong-hee immediately knows he’s the criminal; he has found her. Bong-hee nervously looks around her office, Ji-wook calls Bong-hee which startles her. She answers the call instantly and explains the situation to Ji-wook- the murderer was in her office. As she is explaining what happened she feels a sudden chill, like he is watching her. She slowly tells Ji-wook that the murderer might actually be in the office too. The murderer overhears her statement and quickly leaves, Bong-hee hears the door creaking and runs after him, she sees him at the corridor. Bong-hee asks whether he is the ‘one’. He pauses but runs for it and Bong-hee follows after him. Ji-wook is racing down the road because Bong-hee hung up the phone without saying a anything after declaring there’s a murderer in her room. Ji-wook arrives and sees a frantic Bong-hee, he asks whether she is okay but Bong-hee is fixated on the criminal, she tells Ji-wook that she lost the criminal right in front of her eyes.

Ji-wook and Bong-hee goes back to her office, Ji-wook instructs his ex-secretary to send the forensic team because the murderer might have been here. After the call Bong-hee explains the situation again in a comedic manner. Ji-wook simply stares at her blankly like she is crazy. Ji-wook slowly walks over to her and explains she’s still taking this as a joke, she could have gotten hurt yet she is behaving like this. Bong-hee asks whether he is worried and Ji-wook replies he is, Bong-hee holds in her smile. Ji-wook corrects her happiness, anyone would be worried even if it was a stranger he would be worried for the stranger too.

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Bong-hee opens up to Ji-wook and tells him she’s on the verge of going bankrupt because no one wants to hire her as everyone still thinks she’s a murderer. When she opened the office there was a news saying “A nationwide famous murderer become an attorney”. She has to solve this case, for herself, for her mother and for him too. Ji-wook mumbles to Bong-hee that they should catch the culprit together. He starts walking out of the office and tells Bong-hee to follow him because he will give her a lift to her apartment. Bong-hee is confused and informs him that her office is her home.

Without much choice Ji-wook takes Bong-hee to his apartment as her office is too dangerous. Bong-hee plays hard to get and agrees since Ji-wook ‘begged’ her to stay with him. The next day Ji-wook overslept and is late for work which surprisedsEun-hyuk and Young-hee. They asks what made him to oversleep and Ji-wook answers he’s physically and mentally exhausted. However once they ask for the specific reason he refuses to say. Young-hee is actually here to lecture Ji-wook however Ji-wook is lost in his own thoughts and cannot hear anything.

Ji-wook voices over:

“When did you start looking at me, Bong-hee?”

when did you start looking at me bong hee.png

The drama skips back to before Ji-wook was awake and he was sleeping in. Bong-hee knocks on his door but he does not respond as he’s fast asleep, she walks in to wake him up but admires his sleeping face instead. Ji-wook suddenly opens his eyes which surprises Bong-hee, she runs away but accidentally trips up.

A man from the forensic team is here, he brushes the desk and the surrounding. He asks whether Bong-hee saw the face of the man however she tells him she didn’t, he suspiciously smiles to himself. He notice the key he previously dropped and crouches down to pick it up however Bong-hee notices his weird action and asks whether he found something. He quickly denies it and reaches for the water Bong-hee is giving him, he knocks it down and Bong-hee goes and clean it up, the man uses this chance to put the keys back inside his pocket.

Ji-wook visits Hee-joon’s father and informs him that he saw a car outside Bong-hee’s office, it was a national state car. He asks how can he misuse the car like that; stalking Bong-hee. Hee-joon’s father replies that Bong-hee killed his son so time to time he does surveillance on her, Ji-wook brands it as illegal surveillance. However he needs his help, he wonders if his car has a black box because he needs CCTV footages of last night. Hee-joon’s father laughs at Ji-wook and replies he does not have black box due to privacy matters. Before Ji-wook leaves he asks Ji-wook what he’s searching for. Does he really believe that Bong-hee is innocent, and is he after the real culprit. Ji-wook simply says yes because he cannot let the killer prance around. He asks back Hee-joon’s father what he’s going to do if Bong-hee is not the murderer after all. Hee-joon’s father simply states Bong-hee is living in freedom now anyways. Ji-wook is triggered by his words because he knows Bong-hee is living a trapped life. Ji-wook states informs him that he owes Bong-hee an apology if he’s wrong, with that said Ji-wook leaves angrily.

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Hee-joon’s father is not happy about Ji-wook’s visit at all, he asks his subordinate to spread a gossip- Ji-wook caused trouble at his office. He hopes whenever an attorney at Ji-wook’s office loses a case he will blame it on Ji-wook. Slowly but surely everyone will turn their back against Ji-wook. However it does not seem to be affecting Ji-wook at all as he’s so immersed into solving the crime. He asks his ex-secretary whether there are other CCTV footages in the shops near Bong-hee’s office. Ex-secretary is annoyed at his lack of care in the trouble he caused and asks what made him to suddenly change his tune; first he avoided Bong-hee, now, he’s sacrificing everything to help Bong-hee. Ji-wook replies he was once the prosecutor for Bong-hee’s case and feels responsible, he is strict with other but even more strict on himself. He keeps getting the feeling that he should protect Bong-hee like her guardian, he quickly adds he feels annoyed. Ex-secretary comments on how he does not look annoyed. Ji-wook insists he is annoyed, ex-secretary smiles at Ji-wook with a knowing look.

Ji-wook voices over:

“The last 2 years that Bong-hee wasn’t present. During those 2 years I felt safe and calm. The line between today and yesterday, today will become tomorrow. The days were mundane. No one ever invaded my life. They were peaceful days on which I also didn’t invade other’s lives. After I met Bong-hee, everything got messed up. I met a stalker. The real culprit resurfaced. My space was invaded. It’s dangerous and tiring, but it’s never boring. That’s a day with Bong-hee”

Ji-wook sees Bong-hee waiting outside his house, she is prep talking on how to persuade him to let her stay in his house until the forensic results are out. Ji-wook slowly tip-toes behind her to hear her her words clearly, he suddenly adds his comment which startles Bong-hee. Before Bong-hee can even settle down at this surprise, Ji-wook suddenly declares he’s drunk which causes Bong-hee to say “eh?”. Me too Bong-hee, what does he mean?

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