Suspicious Partner ep 6 summary


After Bong-hee finishes the case she uses her briefcase to hide her face and runs out the courtroom because she made a mistake during it (Ji-wook distracted her too much). However Bong-hee will also use this chance to spy on Ji-wook, she watches him not in the audience but from a window. Eun-hyuk notices her weird posture and approaches her to see what she’s watching. She turns around and jolts in shock. Eun-hyuk asks if she is watching Ji-wook and Bong-hee corrects him that she’s simply peeking. Eun-hyuk teases her that Ji-wook is exiting, Bong-hee immediately runs away, well the quickest she can in her broken heels.

After running away Bong-hee goes to a shoe repair shop to fix her heels, suddenly she gets a call from a possible client. She reassures her client that she’ll meet him/her in 30 minutes however there is an issue her shoe is in the middle of being fixed. She notices Ji-hye sitting few metres away from her and goes over to steal her shoes. Ji-hye is completely confused. Bong-hee walks off and tells the repairman to give her fixed shoes to Ji-hye, she also informs the repairman that Ji-hye will be paying as well.

ji hye shoes stolen.png

Bong-hee returns back to her office and quickly does some last-minute cleaning before the client arrives. She prays to herself that the client is normal as the ones before were all slightly weird. The client is a man with a broken arm, he has received restraining order and has not seen the woman he loves for more than 1 1/2 years. Suddenly yesterday he bumped into her at the bus, although it was awkward he thought he can greet her. However once he greets her she pushes him off the bus causing him to break his arm (the woman was getting off when he greeted her). Coincidentally the woman who pushed Bong-hee’s client has Ji-wook as her lawyer.

Bong-hee and Ji-wook meets again at the courtroom, Bong-hee is taken aback by Ji-wook’s presence and nearly stumbles on her chair but Ji-wook is kind enough to hold the chair to prevent it from sliding back. Bong-hee presents her client’s case and how he seeks compensation due to the injury he’s suffered. Ji-wook defends the woman claiming the man went against his restraining order therefore the injury was caused by himself. Bong-hee defends the man, the encounter was coincidental. Ji-wook corrects Bong-hee, even if it’s a coincidence, the fact is he approached the woman. Bong-hee elaborates the attack was unnecessary however Ji-wook insists the woman reacted in such an excessive manner due to trauma from previous stalking. Bong-hee speaks back that stalking is not an abuse because he did not touch her. Ji-wook looks at Bong-hee and explains stalking is still an abuse because it can still traumatise someone. Ji-wook uses himself as an example, if someone whom he does not like observes and tails him from afar he will feel scared and anxious. Bong-hee stays quiet unsure whether his comeback is directed at her. The case comes to a conclusion: they will further discuss with their clients whether they want to settle it with a sincere apology.

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Ji-wook brings his client and so does Bong-hee. Ji-wook sums up what’s going to happen, the defendant will not press any charges, or file, or lawsuit, and the man has to withdraw his charges. Bong-hee asks if they agree to the rules and the man immediately says yes. The woman is about to agree but gets a phone-call, the man insensibly stares at the woman while she is talking on her phone. Before Ji-wook sends his client off he asks whether she’ll be okay, she reassures him that she’ll be fine. Bong-hee also sends off her client, the man gets on but the next second he instructs the driver to make a u-turn and follow the woman’s taxi. Bong-hee hopes she has mistaken but she has a feeling he isn’t going to leave the woman alone because he has a face that does not seem like he’s saying goodbye to his loved one.

Bong-hee senses something is off and calls her client however he does not pick up. She calls Ji-wook so she can go to the woman’s address however Ji-wook refuses because it’s dangerous so he wants to go with her, although he does not say it directly, he refuses to let Bong-hee go by herself.

The man chases the woman back to her flat (how can he run so quickly with an injured leg?!). He sees the woman’s dropped mobile outside her flat and smiles eerily knowing she is inside and cannot run anymore (don’t get why she can’t just stay in the main street where there’s people and he won’t do anything too crazy…). Bong-hee and Jin-wook also arrives outside the apartment, Bong-hee heads up first because Ji-wook needs to park. Ji-wook shouts after Bong-hee to not do anything crazy and don’t get involved. Once Bong-hee arrives to the scene she sees her client holding a bat trying to get inside the woman’s room. He frantically waves it around to ward off Bong-hee. Ji-wook arrives in time and manages to overthrow the man. Bong-hee stares at him in admiration.

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The police takes the man away. Bong-hee is regretting her decision and her mistake, she shouldn’t have sided with the man. Ji-wook approaches her and Bong-hee immediately asks if the woman is okay. Ji-wook reassures her that the client is happy; she’s glad that it turned out like that.

Bong-hee voices over:

“Not being loved by the one you love is torture. But in a way being loved by someone you don’t want to be with can be tortured too. How much of it can be love? Where does obsession begin?” And I, at this moment, where do I stand in the scale of obsession and love? I would like to give myself restraining order”

Ji-wook gives Bong-hee a lift back to her office, throughout the whole ride she’s lost in her thoughts. She gets off the car and quickly runs back to tell Ji-wook something. She reassures him, other than work-related things and bumping into him, she will stay at least 100 metres from him. Ji-wook asks what she means by it. Bong-hee emphasis she means by what she said and will do it, she quickly adds that she does not like him, even though she may seem like she does, she hopes he does not get the wrong idea. Bong-hee quickly runs back upstairs. Ji-wook shouts after her  but Bong-hee does not look back, he sighs. Bong-hee cannot hide her tears anymore, her eyes soon becomes wet, she goes back inside her office and cries on her sofa. She gets up and goes over to her desk, she finds a box on her desk with brand new shoes inside. However there is an eerie note saying “if you keep on looking for me, I’l find you first”. 

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