Suspicious Partner ep 5 summary


Bong-hee voices over:

“Some love begins without the owner of the heart realising the one’s love has begun. Just like the spring breeze and moist rain drops, our hearts slowly get soaked with love whether we realise or not. Love gets into our heart. When I realised it, he took a corner of my heart all of a sudden. Some say for one to fall in love, 0.2 second is more than enough. The time I needed to fall in love was 0.2 seconds. It’s the love you fall in love at first sight”

Bong-hee reassures herself that she’ll confess to Ji-wook. Like Jin-wook can read her mind he states they’re fated, however it’s an ill-fated encounter. Bong-hee’s smiles slowly disappears. Ji-wook requests they never cross paths again and walks away. Bong-hee runs after Ji-wook and gives him a gift- it’s tea for insomnia. Ji-wook is annoyed at her comment and asks how she knows about this. Bong-hee defends herself and explains she know a lot about him because she was once his trainee. As creepy as it sounds Bong-hee corrects her statement and claims she’s very observant. Ji-wook replies that she can continue rambling but this will be their last conversation. Bong-hee declares she has a lot to thank him for, and also a lot to apologise for. In her mind she also tells him that she likes him. Bong-hee starts babbling because Ji-wook is not showing any interest in her topics, she tells him that she saw the culprit. Ji-wook angrily shouts at her for not saying earlier. Bong-hee feels ashamed and explains she wasn’t sure. Bong-hee explains they met through a song; there was a whistle on the night of the murder and also when she was leaving the court. Bong-hee believes the murderer came to the trial. Ji-wook asks Bong-hee for the tune but confuses Ji-wook instead. Despite that Ji-wook requests to hear it again as he’s a hardworking person and won’t leave out any traces. Ji-wook asks Bong-hee whether she saw his face however Bong-hee refuses to tell him and insists to take care of this by herself.

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Bong-hee has a nightmare- the murderer follows her to her flat. However the reality isn’t any better, Bong-hee wakes up and gets an uninvited visit from Hee-joon’s father. He angrily brands Bong-hee as oblivious; she is eating and sleeping well in a place his son was murdered. Hee-joon’s father asks how Bong-hee has the confidence to be alive. Bong-hee apologetically explains she’s also heartbroken but she never murdered Hee-joon. Hee-joon’s father replies there is evidence that she murdered his son but Ji-wook messed up the trial. Bong-hee stands her ground and explains the evidence was fabricated. Bong-hee informs him that she’ll prove her innocence; for herself, for Ji-wook, and also for him and Hee-joon. Hee-joon’s father is angered by her words and is about to hit her but holds back his fist. He promises her that he’ll catch her no matter what, as long they’re both alive he will catch her.

Bong-hee returns to the crime scene, where the murderer chucked the weapon. She suddenly hears footsteps, she prepares herself to attack the culprit but turns out to be Ji-wook. She demands to know why he came to such a shady place and did not tell her that he’s approaching her. Ji-wook defends himself it would be weird if he introduced who he is when no one even asked, plus she’s here at this shady place as well. Bong-hee exclaims she’s here to search for clues, she asks whether he’s worried about her however Jin-wook immediately replies no. As Bong-hee gets back up she loses balance and Ji-wook grabs onto her to prevent her from falling. They share an awkward moment together and Ji-wook chucks away Bong-hee’s hand causing her to stumble.

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Ji-wook tells Bong-hee to watch the CCTV footages and notify him the criminal’s face however Bong-hee corrects him that she never actually saw the criminal and only know the criminal is around her due to a melody. Ji-wook laughs in disbelief like a maniac. However the next second he shouts at her; he came here to see her because he was curious what clues she had; consequently he lost his pride. He continues venting his anger and asks what clue does she even have to go to such a dangerous location, at night too no less. Bong-hee asks whether he is worried and Ji-wook quietly admits he’s worried about her. Bong-hee is happy at his reply because he once said they have an ill-fated relationship. Ji-wook corrects here that he was worried because he was once her mentor but not anymore, he does not care about her and wishes her to not cause trouble. With that said Ji-wook walks away. Bong-hee shouts after him, she’ll find the culprit and prove him wrong, she’ll become successful, she will repay him for sure.


“I lived a diligent life and sometimes, when I had a tough time. From time to time I thought life suffocated me. It took a little break by peeking at you”

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Ji-wook is not adapting the attorney life at all, instead of acting like an attorney he is interrogating the clients instead like a prosecutor. Young-hee shouts at him for causing yet another trouble, he pleads Ji-wook to change because it’s been 2 years already since he’s moved from being a prosecutor to an attorney. Ji-wook visits his ex-secretary because he has no new friends at his firm. His ex-secretary tells him that he complains wherever he goes, when he was a prosecutor he hated prosecutor and now he’s a attorney he hates attorney.

Bong-hee meets Ji-hye outside the courtroom, they share a hostile greeting before battling it out at the courtroom. Ji-hye is the prosecutor and Bong-hee is the defence lawyer. Bong-hee’s presents herself well and her statement is flowing perfectly until Ji-wook walks into the courtroom and is watching her from the audience seat.

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