My Secret Romance ep 9 summary



One of the mother comments on how Dong Goo looks like his father, Jin-Wook turns around to correct her however seeing their expectant eyes he simply accepts the comment. However Jin-wook’s day with Dong Goo has not ended, he even bathes and dresses Dong Goo. Something comes into Jin-wook’s mind, he asks Dong Goo for his age. He pauses in his thoughts because there is something strange about it; Dong Goo is 3 years old and if he calculates the day he had a one-night stand with Yoo-mi then Dong Goo can potentially be his son.

Yoo-mi finally returns home after a day at a food centre to learn about bacterias. She’s curious as to why Jin-Wook is caring for Dong Goo. Jin-Wook simply replies that her mother asked him to babysit and he had nothing else to do anyways. Jin-Wook asks Yoo-mi who Dong Goo really is however Yoo-mi does not tell him the truth and explains Dong Goo is simply someone who her mother looks after and since then he’s been staying with them. Jin-Wook takes that as an answer and leaves it as it is.

Jin-Wook hears a lot of meowing and goes outside, he discovers not only Blackey but kittens. Blackey and her kittens tries to go inside the house but instead Jin-Wook gives them a blanket. He gently strokes Blackey while asking where her husband is.

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Jin-Wook’s father calls his son to his office. He asks Jin-Wook how long he’s planning to hide the fact he has a son with the nutritionist (Yoo-mi).¬†Jin-wook’s father throws a photo of Jin-wook and Yoo-mi together on the table. Jin-Wook is confused and looks at the photos that his father threw on the table. He asks whether his father stalked him, the father insists his question is not the problem right now, the problem is Dong Goo as he’s born out of wedlock. Jin-wook’s father explains that Yoo-mi is raising Dong Goo all by herself. Jin-Wook is confused and repeats what his father said, he asks if Dong Goo is really his child. Jin-wook’s father is shocked and questions whether he really did not know. Jin-Wook thinks back to all the suspicious interactions he’s had with Yoo-mi, all those suspicious interactions actually does support the idea of Dong Goo being his son.

Jin-Wook requests to meet Yoo-mi after work. He asks her inside the car whether she has anything to say, Yoo-mi is confused because he’s the person who requested to meet her. Jin-Wook pulls over and demands her to tell him everything, everything that happened after their one-night stand and she should not miss anything out. Yoo-mi is annoyed and leaves the car. Jin-Wook follows her and grabs her hand to stop her from leaving. Jin-Wook explains he works so hard because of Yoo-mi, he couldn’t eat or sleep because she left so suddenly. Jin-Wook never forget about her for a single second and he wants to know what happened after their one night stand, Yoo-mi stays quiet but decides to speak, she was scared and she didn’t wanted to look easy. Yoo-mi continues that he was the only person she’s done it with. Jin-Wook stays quiet, he gathers his thoughts and hugs Yoo-mi to a tight embrace.

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Hyeri is about to intrude Jin-Wook and Yoo-mi however she is grabbed back by Hyun-tae. He instructs her to not bother them and let them develop their relationship. However Hyeri is beyond annoyed, she snatches her arm back and gets in her car. Hyun-tae is just as disappointed as he witnessed the whole scene too but hides his pain.

Jin-wook is lost in his own thoughts while playing with Blackey and her kittens, he compliments them being lucky; they have a warm blanket and their mother is by their side. The drama skips to a scene of Jin-wook’s mother leaving him and he is standing there wailing and calling his mother but she does not appear.

Jin-wook voices over:

“Cha Jin-wook, stop hesitating. A family is nothing to be worried about. All you have to do is to be together. That’s all it takes”

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Jin-wook’s father visits the canteen which gathers everyones’ attention. Yoo-mi immediately runs out to greet him, she asks whether there is anything he would like to eat because she can prepare it. However Jin-wook’s father immediately rejects her offer and insists he will eat what the employees are eating. Yoo-mi brings a tray of food to him and Jin-wook’s father instructs her to sit down. He explains how she should know why he’s here. Yoo-mi looks disheartened and replies yes.

Yoo-mi still meets up with Jin-wook the next day because she did agree to go on a date with him, she also brings Dong Goo as Jin-wook requested. However Yoo-mi does not seem to be herself, she cannot stop thinking about what Jin-wook’s father said- he wants Jin-wook to break up with her but he will wait for this day instead. Jin-wook foolishly believes Dong Goo is really his son and is acting completely like a father to Dong-goo which causes Yoo-mi to sulk. She feels like the third wheel.

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Jin-wook apologises to Yoo-mi about his father, he asks whether his father said anything nasty to but Yoo-mi lies, claiming he only ate and did nothing else. Jin-wook reassures her that she’s not alone. Their date soon comes to an end and Jin-wook hands Yoo-mi a bag of gifts. He explains he was inspired by Dong Goo’s poor quality underwear, therefore, their company is releasing a new line of underwear that is based on the bond between a father and son. Yoo-mi defends Dong Goo’s underwear and explains that children grow out of their clothes quickly. Before Yoo-mi leaves with Dong Goo, Jin-wook invites her to his house next week but she must bring Dong Goo. Yoo-mi reluctantly agrees knowing Dong Goo is going to be their third wheel again, more like she will be the third wheel again.

After the date Yoo-mi is lost in her own thoughts, she cannot stop thinking about how Jin-wook is treating her. Hyun-tae senses something is wrong and approaches her to ask. Yoo-mi insensitively explains that Jin-wook is treating her in a manner that confuses her; he is nice to her but there’s something more to it. Hyun-tae can only compliment on how nice Jin-wook is to her. He asks whether she’ll be okay ’cause Jin-wook is not your normal person. Yoo-mi hesitantly replies yes. She tells Hyun-tae that she’ll follow her heart from now on. Hyun-tae smiles at her reply but hides his pained expression.

The drama skips to Jin-wook asking whether Yoo-mi is feeling suffocated because she’s hiding under all her clothes. Yoo-mi becomes flustered. Jin-wook explains how he never once thought she was easy, in fact she is the most difficult woman in his life. Jin-wook asks her to let loose, well at least in front of him anyways. Yoo-mi is touched by his words and smiles at Jin-wook.

Yoo-mi voice over:

“I feel that way too. There’s only one man like you. For now… I’ll like you with all my heart. It feels like a dream. And I don’t know when I’ll wake up”

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