My Secret Romance ep 8 summary


Jin-Wook passes a towel to Yoo-mi and comments on how much she enjoys pouring wine over herself. Yoo-mi sulks and gives him an annoyed look. Jin-Wook suddenly says “it’s beautiful” but by beautiful he means the dress because it was expensive. Yoo-mi becomes flustered and asks if she needs to pay for the dress too and Jin-Wook explains how even 10 meals does not equal the dress. An employee approaches Yoo-mi and Jin-wook, she’s here to apologise for her colleagues mistake but because Jin-Wook has previously suffered hardship from this manager he arrogantly ensures that they’re okay. However the employee corrects Jin-Wook that the person who should apologise is Jin-Wook because he is the CEO and he should take responsibility when an employee makes mistake. Yoo-mi looks at him expectedly, Jin-Wook without a choice apologises to Yoo-mi. The employee gives Yoo-mi a bottle of wine to apologise, before the employee leaves she and Jin-wook exchanges a cheeky glance. Jin-Wook insists they drink it together and grabs the box from Yoo-mi. Yoo-mi tries to snatch it back and chases after Jin-Wook. The box is within arm reach and Yoo-mi reaches for it but Jin-Wool pulls it back last minute causing Yoo-mi to wrap her arms around Jin-Wook. He leans down and whispers in her ears- meet him upstairs later and he’ll bring the wine glass.

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Hyeri visits Hyun-tae at his restaurant. She reassures him that she’s here for leisure and not for work. Hyeri comments on how Yoo-mi is not being home yet (how does she know?). Hyun-tae answers that Yoo-mi is on a business trip and Hyeri takes few moments before she digests his answer. She questions whether her job even requires a business trip and Hyun-tae cannot agree more. Hyeri shouts at Hyun-tae for letting her go, he should never let a woman spend the night with another man. Both of them imagine what could potentially happen between Jin-Wook and Yoo-mi. Hyun-tae quickly snaps himself back to reality and reassures Hyeri (and himself) that Yoo-mi is not that kind of girl. Hyeri is angered by his words and explains that innocent girls always shoves socks in their bra to make it look even bigger. After few drinks Hyeri is in a teary mess, she drunkenly claims she wasted 12 years of her life because she only liked Jin-Wook and rejected all the guys that were interested in her.  Hyun-tae corrects her because her thinking is cowardly, she made the decision herself and she shouldn’t blame anyone. Hyeri laughs back at him stating he’s more cowardly because he won’t even confess to the girl he likes.

Far from the imagination that Hyeri and Hyun-tae imagined, Yoo-mi and Jin-Wook are sitting by the beach and not doing anything x-rated. Jin-Wook explains how every time he’s at the beach, whenever he drinks wine, or sees a 500 won coin he always thinks about Yoo-mi. Yoo-mi quickly adds that she didn’t wanted to start a relationship in that way. Jin-Wook asks whether she dislikes him and Yoo-mi quickly says yes out of embarrassment. Jin-Wook stutters asking why she dislikes him and Yoo-mi nitpicks everything he’s done wrong. Jin-Wook asks if she regrets the one night stand and she quietly says yes.

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The next day Jin-Wook forces Yoo-mi to watch him swim because he’s worried he may suddenly have a leg cramp or suffer a cardiac arrest. Without a choice Yoo-mi watches him swim, once Jin-Wook is done he approaches Yoo-mi and asks whether she still regrets their one night stand. Yoo-mi is startled because the question is so random. Jin-Wook wishes her to not think of it as an embarrassing memory as he was always true to his feelings therefore does not regret it. He requests her to pull him out of the pool which Yoo-mi agrees but Jin-Wool pulls her into the pool instead. He raises her up and laughs, Yoo-mi shouts at him that he shouldn’t play around because she doesn’t know how to swim. With such a close distance Yoo-mi begins to feel awkward, she swims away and leaves the pool. Yoo-mi senses something is wrong and looks back, Jin-wook’s body is floating in the pool. She immediately goes back inside to drag him out, she screams for help and 2 safeguards comes running inside. They immediately goes over to Jin-Wook to help him but Jin-wook whispers into the safeguard’s ear that they should leave. With much confusion the 2 safeguard leaves and explains to Yoo-mi they’re off to get help. Yoo-mi panics thinking Jin-Wool is dying; she exclaims that she does not regret the night they spent together, she’s glad it was him and also she saw her bra pad in his treasure box. Jin-Wook shoots up immediately and coughs, he asks whether she really saw it. Yoo-mi looks at his with disbelief, she splashes him with water as he scared her.

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Jin-Wook brings the treasure box and gives it back to Yoo-mi. She teases him and calls him a pervet however he defends himself as this was the only thing she left behind and he didn’t have a choice but keep it. He teases her back by calling her a ‘paderella’. Jin-Wook explains he’s unsure why he kept it either but is glad he did because he would have forgotten all their memories together. Yoo-mi thanks him for treasuring it. Jin-Wook smiles at her reply. Yoo-mi pulls Jin-Wook and kisses him on his cheek. Jin-Wook is surprised but asks her to kiss him again if she is really thankful. Yoo-mi reaches for his cheeks again but Jin-Wook turns his face so her lips land on his lips.

The walk through the corridor together while holding hands. Yoo-mi opens her bedroom door and wishes him goodnight however Jin-wook is reluctant to let her go, he makes lots of small talks and suggestions, however, Yoo-mi insists he sleeps. She closes the door behind her and smiles.

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Jin-Wook arrives to Hyun-tae’s restaurant because Yoo-mi previously rejected dinner as it’s her ‘dog’s’ birthday today. However once he arrives he’s completely confused because there are no dogs in sight at all. Yoo-mi’s mother happily greets Jin-wook and explains the birthday party is for Dong Goo, she is about to address Dong Goo as her son but Yoo-mi interrupts. She urges both her mother and Dong Goo to go upstairs which they do but without much choice as Yoo-mi is carrying Dong Goo and is heading upstairs. After pushing her mother and Dong Goo back to her apartment, Yoo-mi goes back downstairs and sees Hyun-tae and Jin-Wook having a staring contest with few hostile exchanges, it soon escalates to a drinking contest.

Jin-Wook wakes up and find Dong Goo next to him, and the next thing he knows is he’s sporting a tied up fringe. Yoo-mi’s mother approaches him to let him know his breakfast is upstairs, Jin-Wook jumps up to get up but discovers he’s only wearing his boxer. He quickly hides his lower half with a blanket. Yoo-mi’s mother explains she’s going out soon and requests him to look after Dong Goo. Jin-Wook asks why he should do this. Yoo-mi’s mother answers if he wants to impress Yoo-mi then he should treat Dong Goo well. With that said Yoo-mi’s mother takes her leave and Jin-Wook is completely by himself and with the responsibility of looking after Dong Goo (Yoo-mi has something to do so she’s not here). 

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Jin-Wook takes Dong Goo to the park because Jin-Wook thinks kids his age should be running around instead of playing on the phone. However the presence of Jin-Wook is too much, he stands out from the crowd and the other mothers stares at him in. complete awe. Not only that but he’s very popular with the other children.

Jin-wook’s father finds out about Yoo-mi and goes to her neighbourhood because he believes he should “pull out the roots before it sprouts”. He also disses Jin-wook’s taste but something catches his attention, he sees his son in the park and is carrying a child in his arm. Jin-Wook is carrying Dong Goo and both of them are carrying a bubble machine and is playing happily. Jin-wook’s father’s watches in shock and disbelief.

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