Cheese in the Trap ep 13 summary


Seol is helping In-ho with studying, however Seol is not fully concentrating and is busy sending texts to Jung. Jung asks Seol what she is doing and she goes to call Jung, she explains she’s helping In-ho but that’s it, there’s nothing more to it. In-ho happens to leave and overhears Seol saying this, he looks at her sadly and walks away.

Seol meets up with Bora and Eun-taek, they exclaim their freedom is nice because Young-gon is finally gone. They start talking about the fourth years graduation exam which Bora insists Seol to take it because she has high chance of passing. Eun-taek is too busy secretly filming Bora than to join the conversation. Bora catches on that Eun-taek is having fun on his phone and tries to grab it from him but Eun-taek insists it’s his privacy and she shouldn’t invade it. With that said he gets up to leave. Bora consults Seol, asking whether she thinks he’s weird too, he’s been busy lately and doesn’t answer her calls. Seol suggests Eun-taek might be seeing a girl however Bora quickly rejects the idea because Eun-taek is like a baby.

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In-ho hears from his ex-collague that his ex-boss is looking for him. In-ho calms himself down that the boss will not be able to find him, especially he never left his address at the academy. The next day Seol sees In-ho and follows him asking whether he is avoiding her, In-ho awkwardly walks away from Seol claiming he’s not. However once he turns the opposite direction he notice his ex-boss, he instantly grabs Seol and hides. He places his hand around Seol’s mouth to keep her mouth shut. Seol was already suffering from abdominal pain, she clutches her stomach trying to hold it in. Once the ex-boss leave In-ho removes his hand and notices that Seol is sweating buckets. He carries the unconscious Seol to the hospital and panics, asking whether he suffocated her. In-ho watches the asleep Seol and is about to hold her hand but Seol’s family joins them. Once they know Seol fainted to due stress they sigh in relief. Jin states In-ho looks sick too ’cause his face looks really worried. Seol’s mother thanks In-ho for being there for Seol, he shyly brushes it off. Seol’s dad urges Seol to call Jung however she insists not to because it may bother him. The whole conversation topic shifts to Jung and In-ho takes his leave knowing he’s not part of this conversation.

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In-ho starts to fret knowing his ex-boss may bother Seol’s family, he meets up with the ex-boss. The ex-boss repeatedly hits In-ho and declares he will only do this today as he turned himself in, plus In-ho was one of his favourite. In-ho explains he will somehow pay him back the 5 million won that he stole however his boss rejects his offer because he is going to take interest, therefore In-ho has to pay back 10 million won in a week’s time. He taunts In-ho that he can ruin everything around him and there must be a girl he likes since he’s been hanging around Seoul for too long.

Seol finally decides to let Jung know she’s at the hospital, Jung immediately calls Seol and suggests heading over to see her. However as Jung is leaving one of his colleagues refuses to let him go as a meeting will take place soon, and she want him to check over few things in preparation of the meeting. Jung apologises to Seol and explain he will visit her once the meeting is over. Seol looks through her phone and sees In-ho’s contact, she hesitates to contact him as it will make Jung unhappy. Seol brushes it off and comforts herself that it’s the right thing to do, but at the same time In-ho is a friend she can always count on. Seol rests on her bed thinking what to do.

In-ho goes home and finds his house in a complete mess, he searches for his savings but it’s already gone. He curses at In-ha and then looks at his saving account, there’s barely anything in his bank. In-ho plans his next step, he could sell his house however In-ha has no where to live. He receives a text from Seol saying thank you, she also asks whether he’s okay. In-ho replies she should take care of herself before worrying about others, however realising what he is saying he does not send the message.

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Eun-taek and Bora runs up to Seol and asks whether she is okay, Seol reassures them that it’s nothing serious because she gets gastritis whenever she’s stressed. Bora lectures Seol to stop holding things in. Eun-taek gives Seol date tea because cold water is bad for gastritis. Bora asks Eun-taek whether she has date tea too however Eun-taek coldheartedly asks if Bora is sick. Eun-taek excuses himself because he needs to go to his job, he says bye to Seol but completely ignores Bora. Bora sulks and Seol asks if they’re in an argument however Bora is unsure why he’s behaving like this. Seol is not giving any sympathy and states Bora should have accepted Eun-taek’s confession. Bora explains that she never accepted it because she doesn’t want to break up with him. Sooner or later they will break up and she’ll never see him again, Bora does not want to lose Seol or Eun-taek and wants to forever stay like this.

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Seol is studying hard for the graduation exam and Sang-chul approaches her, he grabs the notes from Seol and notices the notes are made by Jung. He comments on how Seol is sorted for the graduation exam and he wonders whether he can borrow it too. Seol stays quiet because Jung worked hard for these notes. Sang-chul asks if she does not want to lend it and Seol replies she needs to asks Jung first because the notes belongs to him. Sang-chul snaps at her, branding her as greedy. He loudly asks the class whether they want Jung’s note which causes everyone to raise their hand. Everyone is eyeing on Seol’s notes and they’re extra nice to her. They offer their notes and food to Seol however Seol does not fall for their trap and avoids interacting with them.

While Soel is eating her dinner she tries to make conversation with In-ho however he keeps his answer short and is very hostile towards her. Seol is taken aback and asks why he’s speaking to her like that. In-ho leaves the restaurant to throw away the bag of garbage, he uses this as an excuse to avoid Seol. His ex-boss calls him but is also secretly watching In-ho from few metres away. In-ho picks up the phone and hears his ex-boss’ voice, he looks back and discover his ex-boss is actually watching him from a close distance. The ex-boss taunts him; he threatens to disturb the noodle shop and will bother his sister. Seol coincidentally walks out and In-ho abruptly pushes her back inside. He looks back and his ex-boss is gone but he leves a text message for In-ho- he trusts In-ho to be ‘good’ and won’t make him come again.

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In-ho tries various ways in gathering the 10 million won, he tries getting a loan but his loan credit is not approved as he does not have a proper job, he also asks if In-ha has any money but obviously she will not have any. Without any choice left In-ho asks Jung’s father for help. However Jung’s father does not listen to In-ho’s requests and questions when he will stop doing this. Both him and Jung are adults now yet they’re still fighting. Jung’s father continues explaining how he tried his best to get In-ho into the best path yet he continues to resent Jung. Both him and Jung wholeheartedly apologised to In-ho and all these years provided them with care, yet he is not satisfied and neither is In-ha. In-ho is in disbelief and laughs, he comments on how Jung and his father are really from the same bloodline. In-ho comments that he always knew he brought him and In-ha to the family so they can watch over Jung. In-ho takes his leave and Jung’s father is completely speechless. In-ho wanders the street and looks at his surrounding fondly, his eyes soon become wet thinking he may have to leave Seoul soon.

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Even after Jung advising Seol to not help their classmates Seol ends up printing a copy of the notes for them. However she overhears Sang-chul and Da-young gossiping about her, claiming how she has changed and acting all it because she has Jung’s notes. They state no one will be her friend if it weren’t for her notes. Seol later sees her classmates who are acting all nice to her, Seol rejects their offer knowing they are fake. Sang-chul confronts Seol asking her for her notes. Seol thinks back to Jung’s comment on how he’s sick of people using him, in Seol’s mind she agrees with Jung. She stands up against Sang-chul which causes other classmates to get involved. Bora quickly grabs Seol and leaves because they’re impossible to talk to.

Jung meets up with In-ho after hearing his dad’s complaint on how he is not taking proper care of In-ha and In-ho yet. Jung asks if In-ho needs money, he will give him the money but there is a condition, he must stay away from Seol. Jung explains he does not care if he likes Seol but it’s a different if In-ho is going to put Seol and her family in danger. In-ho grabs Jung and asks whether he came here just to say these words. Jung replies that In-ho was the person who created the opportunity to say these words.


“Why didn’t you live your life better? You ran off arrogantly and I wondered how great of a life you lived. If you can’t pay back the money they either catch you or have you keep running. Do you want to live your life like that? Isn’t it better to organise things and leave on your own? Think it carefully, who is the real threat to Seol?”

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As instructed by her mother Seol takes the kimchi to In-ho, she sheepishly offers it to him and asks whether there is something wrong as he seems to be down recently. In-ho stays quiet and looks at Seol, he grabs the kimchi without saying a word and goes back to his apartment. Once he’s inside his apartment he stands completely still and seem to be in his own world. Suddenly In-ho grabs his scarf and runs up to Seol, he wraps the scarf around her and asks Seol to pass on a message to her mum- tell her he said thank you and he’ll enjoy eating it. Seol does not say anything as she’s completely confused why In-ho is behaving like this recently.

Bora calls Eun-taek asking where he is, he replies that he’s on the campus and he’s busy. Bora overhears a woman calling Eun-taek and then Eun-taek ending the call immediately. Bora quickly urges Seol to look for him together. Eun-taek is doing a photoshoot which Bora and Seol watches with admiration however admiration soon changes to jealousy, for Bora anyways, she watches Eun-taek’s boss being too cosy with Eun-taek. Bora stays quiet and Seol calls Eun-taek over to ease the mood, Eun-taek isn’t exactly happy to see them because they’re disturbing his work and he’s scared he’ll get fired. Bora hides her jealousy and insists they to leave.

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In-ho is completely loss in his own thoughts, he cannot concentrate playing piano and gets into trouble with his piano teacher. Even when he’s taking the subway he’s completely engrossed with his own little world and is about to miss his stop but luckily Seol is on the subway too, she grabs In-ho and gestures him to get off. They walk back together but In-ho does not say a single word. Seol asks if there is something bothering him but In-ho replies it’s not any of her business. Seol is not taking that as a reply and insists he must tell; he isn’t working or practising piano, what exactly has been doing recently. In-ho is about to leave again but Seol grabs him back. She asks whether he needs money because she heard he got paid in advance. In-ho shouts at Seol, even if he needs money or not it’s not her business so why should she care. Seol shouts back that she does not care but she can’t help but feel worried. In-ho replies that she shouldn’t worry about him because he’s a bad person. Seol rejects his statement, no matter what other people say she knows he’s a nice person. Seol promises him that her and her family will help him no matter what. She pleads him to tell her. In-ho grabs Seol and hugs her. Such a sweet scene. 

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