Suspicious Partner synopsis

I don’t know whether I am biased or what, but I always loved Ji Chang Wook’s acting, I think his acting is always professional and he can portray any character perfectly. It’s my first time watching a drama featuring Nam Ji-hyun but I am pleasantly pleased with her acting too, I’ve read that some people don’t like her because she’s ‘too much’ and ‘excessive’, but I think it’s her character in this drama and she’s doing a good job in portraying it well, not too sure about her in other roles though. So let’s start talking more about the characters rather than the actress and actors themselves.

No Ji-wook (Ji Chang Wook) is your definition of an excellent prosecutor, he will do anything to get justice for the victims. He is headstrong and very intelligent, he idolises his late father who passed away due to a hate crime from a criminal, and from that day onwards Ji-wook’s dream is to become a prosecutor just like his dad whom is filled with great sense of justice. Bong-hee (Nam Ji-hyun) is a mediocre trainee lawyer, not very smart but hardworking to the core. One day she’s been placed as an intern that works under Ji-wook. However their encounter did not start there. Bong-hee first met Ji-wook in a subway where she brutally accused him as a pervert without proof, despite that Ji-wook did not hold a grudge and even helped Bong-hee when she was cheated by her boyfriend. Ji-wook stepped in and pretended to be interested in her to regain Bong-hee’s confidence, just like Bong-hee, Ji-wook has also been betrayed by his ex-girlfriend- Cha Yoo-Jung (Nara from Hello Venus). Despite Ji-wook’s generous acts he seldom bickers with Bong-hee, but going pass these exterior interactions they hold deep care for each other.

One day, Bong-hee’s ex-boyfriend’s dead body is found in Bong-hee’s house meaning Bong-hee is the main suspect. With everyone turning their back against Bong-hee and with little evidence to prove her innocence Bong-hee turns to her mentor- Ji-wook. Despite his aspiration to become a flawless prosecutor Ji-wook withdrew his charges meaning Bong-hee is innocent, however his action did not only cause Bong-hee to fall in love with him but it greatly impacted his career too. Ji-wook sees Bong-hee as an “ill-fated encounter” and avoids her at all costs but time is ticking, the murderer is amnesiac, he repeatedly commits the same murder, Bong-hee is in danger and so is Ji-wook, they only have each other to rely on. With comedic bickers, sweet moments and a dose of thriller, what more can you ask for.