Suspicious Partner ep 4 summary


Ji-wook thinks back to his conversation with Hee-joon’s father. Hee-joon’s father angrily shouts at Ji-wook for not convicting Bong-hee already. Ji-wook replies there isn’t enough solid evidence plus she has not admitted her crimes either. Hee-joon’s father replies that the evidence will appear soon, what needs to turn up will turn up. The drama goes back to present time. Ji-wook asks his secretary whether this place has been searched, his secretary replies they’ve searched it numerous times however the weapon was no where to be found. Ji-wook brings both knives to the forensic centre and requests to find out whether the blood on the knife matches Hee-joon. He also instruct the forensic staff to keep this investigation confidential. The one found in the scene does not need to be confidential but the one found elsewhere has to.

Bong-hee randomly asks Eun-hyuk’s his IQ and he replies 143. She tells him that her IQ is 101 but she managed to pass the bar exam. She worked hard everyday, she wasn’t confident she will pass it but continues. Studying was hard but watching her mother having to support her was even harder. She came this far but all her time and effort are about to go down the drain. She requests him to not defend her thinking it’s a joke. Her own life is at stake and so is her family.

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Eun-hyuk meets up with Ji-wook which Ji-wook agrees but does not sit at the same table as Eun-hyuk, instead he sits at the table in front of him but they still exchange conversation. Eun-hyuk emphasises he only accepted this case because Ji-wook requested him to. Eun-hyuk states he will try and beat him however Ji-wook replies he can try to. Eun-hyuk is surprised and asks whether he’s going to give in however Ji-wook replies no prosecutor will give in their case. He gets up and leave which Eun-hyuk follows and asks whether Jin-Wook is still angry at him. Eun-hyuk explains that Ji-Wook is the most precious person in his life and he cannot live without him. Ji-wook continues walking like he does not hear anything.

Today is the day of the court session. Ji-wook enters and he glances at Bong-hee before starting. He continues like normal and eloquently explains what crime he is charging her with. Eun-hyuk stands up explains both him and Bong-hee are pleading innocent. Ji-wook invites Ji-hye to the stage where she presents her verdict- many times Bong-hee claimed to kill Hee-joon. Eun-hyuk defends Bong-hee again, people uses expression like “I am so hungry I will die” every day but do they actually die. Ji-hye replies Bong-hee must have meant it when she said it however Eun-hyuk replies that Ji-hye also said the same thing at the police station. Eun-hyuk asks whether it means she’s a potential murderer too. Ji-hye stays quiet. Bong-hee’s friend appears and presents his evidence- Bong-hee always sang a song of threat to Hee-joon. Eun-hyuk defends Bong-hee, explaining Bong-hee’s friend asked Bong-hee out in total of 3 times ever since she broke up with Hee-joon and if he really thought she was cruel enough to murder someone, would he have asked her out. Bong-hee’s friend stays quiet. Eun-hyuk asks whether he is giving false statement just because he has a grudge against Bong-hee.

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Bong-hee defends herself as a witness, she describe that a person experience many thoughts and emotion every single day, whether they put these thoughts into action is another question. Everything is going smoothly and Bong-hee is winning the audience however she suddenly states that every girlfriend has once in their life wanted to kill their boyfriend. The whole room forms a sea of murmurs. Her statement at the court became such a controversy topic that it’s appearing on every news platform.

The next day. Ji-wook requests to submit another evidence to prove that Bong-hee did murder Hee-joon. Eun-hyuk interrupts claiming an additional evidence is not necessary because Bong-hee’s house has been throughly searched many times and there is no way new evidence will appear. Eun-hyuk also suggests the blood on the knife can be fabricated, although he has no proof it can still happen. The judge requests Ji-wook to present his closing statement.


“The defendant, Eun Bong-hee is charged with first-degree murder after luring the victim, Jang Hee Jun to her apartment located in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province on May 11, 2015. Hence, I demand a penalty. She premeditated the murder, she didn’t repent her crime as she lied during the whole trial, and the victim’s family is asking for a serious punishment. Taking these into account according to Article 250 of the Criminal Code, I ask that she be sentenced to 15 years in prison for the first-degree murder”

Ji-wook voices over. He wants to be a prosecutor that fight against criminals, just like his dad, he wants to live as a prosecutor and die as one. His father lost his sister to a criminal therefore he became a prosecutor that only accepted cases that fought against criminals and he avoided corrupted lawyers. However his father also died in the hands of a murderer.

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Bong-hee stares right at Ji-wook, he also stares right back at her then looks down. Ji-wook crunches his eyes together and thinks back to his senior telling him to succeed in this case and Bong-hee earnestly telling Ji-wook that she trusts him. He suddenly stands up interrupting Eun-hyuk’s closing statement. Ji-wook asks whether he can submit an additional evidence- 2 weapons were actually found, not just one. Hee-joon’s blood is found on both knives. He requests the judge to look at the presentation where he has circled the areas where the knives are found. Considering the time of death and the response time of the ambulance, it’s impossible for the accused to travel this far after killing the victim in order to conceal the murder weapon. Ji-wook suggests she may have an accomplice who helped her dispose the weapon or she is a super human who can teleport. The judge asks Ji-wook why he is presenting this now. Ji-wook hesitates but declares he hid the evidence on purpose because he found winning the case to be more important than the truth.


“Having 2 weapons means one is fabricated. Which means the weapons are not admissible evidence. Ergo, according to Article 255 of the Criminal Procedure Law, the prosecution moves to dismiss the charge”

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Ji-wook basically dugged his own grave. The trail comes to an end and Ji-wook leaves the building with reporters flocking around him. Bong-hee is escorted out by police officers and Eun-hyuk. The reporters flocks around them. Bong-hee’s gaze fixes on the leaving Ji-wook and only on Ji-wook, she completely blocks out the reporters around her. Suddenly,  a weird feeling overtakes her, almost like the night of the murder when a mysterious man walked past her, she looks around searching for the same feeling, the same man, but nothing. Eun-hyuk urges her to get on the transport which she does but she takes one final glance before getting on. Ji-wook is repeatedly slapped by Hee-joon’s father, Ji-wook does not fight back and takes the hit.

Byeon Young-Hee (Lee Deok Hwa) tells Ji-wook that the prosecutor will appeal even if the case is acquitted. He asks Ji-wook what relationship he has with Bong-hee which he simply answers that it’s fate. Bong-hee looks through her diary and notice that someone has been writing on her diary, next to her statement declaring Ji-wook is cool, he has written back “likewise”. She hugs the diary and smiles sweetly.


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Ji-wook is packing up and his secretary hands him over his name sign while declaring his conscience disappointed him, he should have disregarded the truth. Ji-wook replies he’s even more disappointed than him. He looks around once more before leaving.

Bong-hee voices over:

“Burnt and hurt by men, I thought I’d never be able to fully trust anyone again. But I’ve come to trust and like someone again. It’s that guy. The man who saved me”

Bong-hee sees Ji-wook walking and she approaches him happily however his expression is not quite the same.


“I think we met by fate”


“I also think you’re my destiny”


“An ill-fated encounter. So let’s never cross paths again”

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