Suspicious Partner ep 3 summary


The drama skips back to when the murder did not happen but soon will take place. Bong-hee is writing a letter to Ji-wook, thanking him for the past 3 months and how much he’s taught her. Because of him it gave her many courage and practical wisdom to fulfil the spirit of the law. However she stops writing and states there should be a limit to how much a person should lie. She rips the letter from the pad and flicks though her diary, she looks at her written statements “he is annoying” on majority of the days, she agrees with her own comment but thinks back to Ji-wook’s help. She unconsciously writes “but he is cool”. Once her daydream ends she looks down and notices her comment, she laughs at herself for being crazy and leans back and consequently falling down. She suddenly has a flashback of her trying to kiss Ji-wook and him placing his hands around her face but she cannot remember the rest. Bong-hee feeling hot about her memory she goes outside to cool down, opposite her flat is the murderer, he sees Bong-hee looking straight at him however Bong-hee cannot actually see the murderer as she’s not wearing her glasses.


“There is always cause and effect in every event. It’s a known truth to everyone, but the problem is. This is where the problems being. Something we cannot find the cause. Something is definitely happening but we can’t ever find out the reason why this is happening. Just like how I can’t find out now”

murder sees bong hee suspicious partner.png

Bong-hee’s hands are covered in blood, she is currently being interrogated by the police. She reassures herself to get herself together because the initial response is very important. She slaps her own face to straighten herself together. She asks whether she’s the suspect right now, the police answers they will investigate it without presumptions. She explains she may look like the suspect now especially if they consider the relationship and the state she’s in now however if they already pinpoint her as the suspect then the whole investigation will be a mess. They will lose the evidence and suspect just like that. Ji-hye enters the police station and starts crying, she demands to know why she killed Hee-joon. The whole class knows how much she hates Hee-joon. Bong-hee panics and looks around, she pleads people to believe her, she never murdered Hee-joon.

Ji-wook is resting in his office and falls asleep, he has a peculiar dream. A dream of the monk he met when he was a child telling him to be careful of a woman because if he crosses paths with her it will bring him lots of trouble. However he does not remember the details. Bong-hee calls Ji-wook which is unusual, he answers it. She tells Ji-wook that she’s been arrested without a warrant, Ji-wook asks the reason why and guesses it. Bong-hee hesitates but tells him that she’s been arrested for murder. Ji-wook stays silence, he starts laughing and Bong-hee starts laughing nervously. He continues laughing and pulls the the phone away from himself, looking very worried.

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Ji-wook angrily shouts at Bong-hee asking what she’s been thinking, he storms into the cell. Bong-hee nervously said she must have done something, Ji-wook is in disbelief and repeats her words. Bong-hee avoids Ji-wook’s eye contact, she tells him that something went wrong but she’s not sure what it was, she has no idea. Ji-wook demands to see her shameless face. She slowly lifts her face and says she never intended for it to happen but it did, she will admit that however all she did was to buy beer from the local convenience store. When she returned Hee-joon was already dead. She is scared and not sure what to do, she only has him to count on now. Ji-wook rejects her statement and tells her to not count on him however Bong-hee insists she will, she will definitely count on him because he’s the only person around her that has power and knows the law. Ji-wook sighs and instructs her to wash herself first because the clothes she’s wearing is evidence. As Bong-hee scrubs the blood from her hand the reality finally hit her- Hee-joon is dead.

Bong-hee voices over:

“Yes, I liked you a lot. Even though you betrayed me, dumped me and hurt me, I never actually wished you were wrong. Please rest in peace. I’ll sincerely pray for you. praying is one thing but why did you die in my place. Out of all the places in this whole wide world, why did you have to die at my place. Were you that determined to mess up my life? What have I done to you to deserve this. You Jerk”

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Ji-wook has been assigned to be Hee-joon’s prosecutor as he has the highest conviction rate and is always on the victim’s side. Hee-joon’s father requests Ji-wook to investigate it fairly. Ji-wook’s senior informs Ji-wook to get Bong-hee to confess ASAP and charge her with murder. If he fails to charge her and get the maximum penalty then he will fired, his dream to become an attorney will be ruined. On Ji-wook’s mind the worst circumstance has happened. Bong-hee is flocked by news reporters, they aggressively rips her glasses and surgical mask away from her face. Bong-hee tightens her tied up hands in complete fear.

Ji-wook starts interrogating Bong-hee, he states the convenience store worker remembered someone coming in to buy something but he never saw the person’s face, plus the whole area suffered a blackout so there’s no proof of her visit. Bong-hee replies she cannot hear him well, Ji-wook speaks louder however Bong-hee still insists she cannot hear him. She’s not allowed to wear her contacts and someone broke her glasses, she cannot see his face therefore it’s hard to know how he’s feeling or thinking. Ji-wook coldheartedly replies “so what?”.

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Ji-wook tries various methods to get Bong-hee to admit her crime however none of them are working on her because she’s seen him interrogated many suspects before. Bong-hee insists she really did not kill Hee-joon however Ji-wook replies it does not matter. In his mind he says “whether you’re guilty or not, you’re going to end up getting the maximum sentence allowed by law. That’s the only way I can save my career”. Bong-hee reminds Ji-wook that she really does trusts him and she knows he will help her, he’s on her side and he’s the only person she has right now. Ji-wook remembers what the monk said- a woman will appear in front of him and change his life. Ji-wook concluded the woman that the monk mentioned must be Bong-hee.

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Ji-wook calls Eun-Hyuk. Eun-hyuk can barely contain his happiness and instantly brags about it before answering. He clear this throat before answering the call. He changes his tone and pretends to be serious. Ji-wook requests Eun-hyuk to be Bong-hee’s lawyer which of course Eun-hyuk accepts because it’s a request from Ji-wook. Note: Whoever agrees to be Bong-hee’s lawyer will suffer as Hee-joon’s father is the district’s top attorney and every lawyer is scared to get on the wrong side of Hee-joon’s father. Eun-hyuk visits Bong-hee and notifies her that he’s been appointed as her attorney and she does not need a public defendant. Bong-hee thanks Eun-hyuk which he thanks her back, he says Ji-wook called him because of her. He asks Bong-hee about her relationship with Ji-wook which Bong-hee replies they’re simply in a mentor and student relationship but now he’s the prosecutor in charge of her case. Eun-hyuk asks whether there is anything else in their relationship and Bong-hee says no, she asks whether he has anything else to ask her. Eun-hyuk asks if she killed Hee-joon and she confidently says no. Eun-hyuk looks at her and smiles claiming he knows everything now.

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Ji-wook investigates around Bong-hee’s area to see whether there are other leads. His secretary asks why he’s trying so hard this time which Ji-wook answers that Bong-hee might be correct about there being anther suspect. His secretary comments on how the area is perfect for murder however Ji-wook replies he’s unsure about that but this place does suit Bong-hee. He enters her apartment and heads straight to the balcony, he remembers Bong-hee telling him that she went to get some fresh air but did not actually see anything because she was not wearing her glasses. Ji-wook brushes the statement off because the possibility of her seeing something important is slim. He looks at the chalk marking of Hee-joon and deducts the murderer walked into the apartment instead of already being inside.

Ji-wook’s attention slowly drifts to something else, he picks up a photograph of Bong-hee when she was a child. He looks at it and comments on how he might have seen her from somewhere because she has such a typical face. The secretary feels quite uncomfortable to be investigating the house of someone they know because they’re basically prying on her life. He flicks through her diary and notices the hate comments she has about Ji-wook. Ji-wook requests to see her diary too and reads all her comments about him, his eye widen in shock. The secretary laughs claiming she might have wanted to kill him instead of Hee-joon.

He places down the diary and sees something under the fridge, he goes over to it. Secretary also receives a call telling him that a civilian found a knife around 7km from here, the length is 13cm and width is 3.5cm. Ji-wook also picks up the knife he spotted underneath the fridge. He asks whether this is the knife they’re looking for.

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