Suspicious Partner ep 2 summary


Bong-hee is receiving a lot of attention from her classmates because Hee-joon posted on the group chat that she cheated on him by having a one night stand. However one of her classmate (Na Ji Hye) seems to be the most bothered, she snidely comments about Bong-hee being embarrassing to the whole class. Bong-hee suggests her to mind her own business however Ji Hye insists she will do whatever she wants. After class Bong-hee happens to see Hee-joon, she approaches him angrily but Hee-joon remind her that he dumped her already at the hotel. Bong-hee stutters in shock and before she can say anything Hee-joon and his crew walks away.


Bong-hee is on a phone call with her mother, she notifies her mother that she’ll be interning under a prosecutor, judge and a lawyer for 2 months. Turns out the prosector that she’ll be interning under is Ji-wook, she gasps in shock and pretends to not know him. Ji-wook asks if she regularly take the line 6 on the subway, Bong-hee aggressively shakes her head from one side to the other. He asks whether she goes to a hotel, Bong-hee replies she goes to motels instead. Bong-hee asks why he’s asking her these questions because he knows the answer already. Ji-wook states he’s simply trying to measure her honesty, transparency, memory etc. Bong-hee asks whether he knows that he’s a subway pervert. Ji-wook questions whether she ever repays someone’s kindness which she states she wouldn’t really brand his action as kindness. He remind her that he will be her supervisor and she’s still on probation period. Bong-hee laughs knowing she’s doomed already and states she still has one more question. Ji-wook arrogantly replies that he has nothing to hide so she should say it loud and clear. She boldly asks whether they slept together, the colleagues stares in shock. Ji-wook quickly explains to his colleagues that her question isn’t about them and they should not misunderstand.

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Ji Eun-Hyuk (Choi Tae-Joon) visits Ji-wook and sees Ji-wook’s colleagues are standing outside his office talking about not spreading a gossip. Jun-hyuk tries to listen into the conversation but Bong-hee opens the door and accidentally hits him. She apologises immediately but Ji-wook grabs Bong-hee and informs her to not apologise. She should do as she is told because she’s a probationary officer. Ji-wook walks off and Bong-hee follows him like a puppy.

Bong-hee sarcastically thanks him that she’s already a crazy person in her classmates’ eye and now she’s seen as crazy in the prosecutors’ office too. Ji-wook also states that she caused him to be branded as a women slapper. She asks whether they really slept together and Ji-wook replies in an indefinite manner claiming a women hit on him but he also has eyes. He smiles at her and chucks another folder on top of the pile she is already carrying.

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Bong-hee is having a difficult life in the new office, all the clients are borderline crazy and refuses to cooperate. One day the grooper that she met on the tube comes in and admits his crime as he’s already captured by the police but he’s admitting another groping case. Bong-hee asks whether he also groped her, he admits. Bong-hee angrily declares she will put him to prison, the groper replies he will prefer prison because he witnessed a murder. Bong-hee does not bother listening and instructs the secretary to escort him out.

Bong-hee finally has the chance to rest, she sits on a bench by herself and unluckily Ji-hye and Hee-joon walks past. Bong-hee as per usually makes snide comments about them however Hye-ji had enough, she states Bong-hee ‘engaged’ in activities to suck up to the prosecutor. Hee-joon also pities Bong-hee as she’s in a pitiful state. Jin-Wook oversees everything and approaches them, Bong-hee quickly shoves the sandwich down her throat and reassures that she’ll be done soon. Ji-wook claims he had missed her even though she was gone for a short period of time. Bong-hee is in shock and stares at him. Ji-wook compliments her for being pretty despite having bad hygiene. She repeatedly says “pardon”, not knowing why he is doing/ saying this.


“Don’t you know this. That I fell for you at first sight?”

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She looks at him with a concerned face and he awkwardly reaches for her head and strokes it. Ji-wook cannot contain his disgusted face either. The moment Hye-ji and Hee-joon leaves, Ji-wook quickly removes his hand and states she’s dirty. He brushes his hands with a tissue and sniffs it afterwards to see whether the smell is still lingering on his hand. He explains to Bong-hee to simply ignore her ex and become a better person because that’s the best revenge. She stares at Ji-wook’s resting face and asks whether he has really fallen for her but quickly corrects her speech. He replies she should at least clean her face. After brushing the crumbs from her face Bong-hee intensely stares at him.

Bong-hee has fallen asleep, her dream is Ji-wook holding her face and comforting her. He comforts her to be stronger and not be affected by Hee-joon’s affair, she must never blame herself because it’s the person who cheated that is wrong. He has also been through it and understands her feelings. Bong-hee wakes up and realises he never slapped her that night but he comforted her instead.

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Ji-wook instructs Bong-hee to go home tonight because he wants her to shower so he has a cleaner working environment. Bong-hee is offended by his words but agrees. Before she leaves she suggests to buy him a meal if she has not killed him yet. Ji-wook replies he will compliment her if she does not kill anyone, and by anyone he is meaning her ex. He also adds that he’s a merciless prosecutor and will not show her any mercy. Bong-hee hesitates but thanks him for sticking up for her earlier however Ji-wook simply states she can repay him with good work instead.

Hee-joon appears in front of Bong-hee and asks whether she’s having a hard time, he knows she is purposely hanging out with Ji-wook to make him jealous. She grabs his hand and bends it back then pushes him away. She reminds him he still has stuff at her house and asks whether he wants her to throw it away or collect them. Hee-joon shouts at her, she should stop denying her feelings.

Bong-hee voices over:

“When I was little, I wanted to become a greater person. However…I don’t think I turned out too badly. Although, that will change soon enough. I paid in cash, which left no record of me. The CCTV cameras were off due to the blackout and the part-timer didn’t remember me. Everyone ends up forgetting about me. Therefore, my alibi was gone”

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A sudden blackout occurs at the neighbourhood however Bong-hee continues walking down her neighbourhood to the convenience store. She purchases something but as the staff is too busy gaming he does not even look at her. Bong-hee returns home and trips on something, turns out the ‘something’ is Hee-joon. She shakes him but soon realises her hand is covered in blood. Not just her hand but the area around Hee-joon is soaked in blood. Bong-hee panics and pushes herself back from the body, her own body is soaked in Hee-joon’s blood.

The drama skips back to the start of the drama where Bong-hee was voicing over and explaining how the situation happened. Bong-hee is at the interrogation room and writing something down. Ji-wook walks in and sits opposite Bong-hee, he remind her that he once reminded her to not appear in front of him as a suspect because he’s merciless.

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