Suspicious Partner ep 1 summary


The drama starts with a lady voicing over (Bong-hee), she asks whether she needs to document it like a cover letter whilst writing something down. The drama skips back to the past. Noh Ji-Wook (Ji Chang Wook) is on the subway and is struggling to find a seat because of the ladies pushing him out the way. Eun-Bong-Hee (Nam Ji-hyun) is also on the subwayWithout much choice Ji-wook stands next to Bong-hee. Bong-hee senses something strange like someone is planing to grope her. She looks to her left and then to the right; the groper on her right and Ji-wook on her left. The subway suddenly breaks causing Ji-wook to lean on her, he apologises. Bong-hee confronts him asking whether he groped her, Ji-wook is confused and looks around. Bong-hee continues, it’s bound to meet perverts like him and because of perverts she now has a trauma. Ji-wook looks around and is slightly embarrassed because everyone is staring at him. He pleads he never touched her bum and he has no reason to either. Bong-hee is not listening at all, she states perverts can exists in all shapes and forms. She threatens him with the fine involved in sexual harassment. Ji-wook corrects her because she said the fine incorrectly, he is about to announce who he is but Bong-hee interrupts. This is her stop and she needs to get off, she asks the groper to report Ji-wook before she leaves. Ji-wook also needs to get off at this stop but as he is about to leave Bong-hee blocks his way causing him to stay on the train. Bong-hee looks at the map of the train station and forgets the real purpose of leaving the subway.


“Because of the subway pervert, I forgot why I came here”

subway pervert suspicious partner.png

Bong-hee catches her boyfriend- Hee Joon (Chansung 2pm) with another woman. Hee-Joon instructs his second woman to go first because he has something to do. He sits down with Bong-hee and reassures her that even if he cheats on her, she’s the one he loves the most. Bong-hee asks him whether he’s cheated before, he replies even if he said he didn’t she wouldn’t believe him and if he says many time before she will be hurt. Bong-hee voices in her mind that she knew he was cheating on her already (he was very distant, things around his car changed and his reply was late), but decided to pretend she never knew anything about it. Hee-joon apologises and is joking about the situation. Tears starts to form in Bong-hee’s eyes. He simply states he’s young and it’s hard to turn down beautiful women. Bong-hee repeats what he just said because it’s so ridiculous, she corrects him, he said he will never do it again but it simply means he will be more careful next time. Bong-hee leaves and Hee-joon grabs onto her apologising for his wrongdoing. Bong-hee grabs his arm and twists it back, she states she will decide when they break up. She quickly adds that she’s young as well so they will break up when she’s had a one-night stand. She warns him that she will do it with the first person who bumps into her. Avoiding an old man Bong-hee consequently falls onto the floor. Thinking about her pitiful state she starts tearing up and notices one of her contacts fell out. Suddenly Ji-wook bumps into her.

ji wook bumps into bong hee my suspicious partner.png

As Bong-hee cannot see who it is she asks whether Ji-wook wants to sleep with her, he agrees. She approaches Ji-wook closer as his voice is familiar, she shouts out “subway pervert”. Ji-wook smirks at her and grabs onto her arm leading her out. Hee-Joon demands Bong-hee to stop immediately because he will break up with her if she continues doing this. Bong-hee snorts at his threat and aggressively wraps Ji-wook’s arm around her shoulder and then lead him out.

As they reach outside Bong-hee quickly informs Ji-wook that she was only kidding about having a one-night stand. Ji-wook also informs Bong-hee that he is not a pervert. He continues that he’s never been so humiliated before in his life but he will let this slip since he’s a gentlemen. He pleads her to not accuse innocent people from now on and walks off but after few steps he returns to Bong-hee and begs her to not run into any man because there are many crazy people that would love to sleep with her. Bong-hee is taken a back and does not say anything. Hee-Joon calls out to Bong-hee causing her to quickly run to Ji-wook and board the taxi he is on. She gestures him to Hee-joon and asks whether he can help her again. Before he even responds Bong-hee instructs the taxi to leave, she smiles sweetly at Ji-wook and Ji-wook returns it with a scared expression.

ji wook and bong hee board taxi.png

Bong-hee thanks Ji-wook for his help, she also apologises to him but Ji-wook turns down her apology and her appreciation. She explains she normally does not sleep with strangers but Ji-wook does not care and states she doesn’t need to explain. Bong-hee asks whether he wants to drink with her because she wants to thank him which Ji-wook quickly rejects the offer. Bong-hee instructs the taxi to drop her off around the corner. Before she gets off she bows to Ji-wook and walks away. Ji-wook watches her leave and it’s obvious that Bong-hee is upset as she’s rubbing her eyes.

Bong-hee is drinking by herself and looks at her phone, no text or call. She sadly continues drinking by herself. Ji-wook approaches her and places her cosmetic on the table, he states she left this behind on purpose. Bong-hee replies she might have and gestures him to drink. She quickly pours him a drink to prevent him from leaving. Ji-wook accepts it and sits down.

bong hee and ji wook drinks together.png

Bong-hee wakes up and finds herself at Ji-wook’s house. She thinks back to her embarrassing behaviour and cringes, her last memory is her aggressively pushing Ji-wook on the couch and seducing him. Unsure whether to apologise or thank him, Bong-hee leaves a note saying sorry for Ji-wook and quickly runs for her life. Ji-wook helped Bong-hee because he was once cheated by his ex-girlfriend and he understood Bong-hee’s desperation. 

Ji-wook is not very popular in his firm. He is listed as one of Korea’s worst prosecutor. His colleagues laughs at him for being branded as one but Ji-wook is not bothered at all and insists it’s a good thing because it proves that he’s a good prosecutor if lawyer hates him. His colleague corrects him they hate him too, the other colleagues sniggers at his comment. They taunt him, asking whether he got new wallpapers because he does not have a single thank you note, yet, other prosectors receives many. Nonetheless Ji-wook does not let their opinion affect him and continues working like normal.

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