Cheese in the Trap ep 12 summary


Seol is lost in her thoughts because of Jung’s sudden change in attitude. As she walks home she senses that someone is following her, she says aloud to the person who is following  to come out. Turns out the person who is following her is Young-gon. She steps back and warns him to not come any closer. Young-gon gets on his knees and apologises. Young-gon apologises for everything he has done to wrong her, he promises to never bother her again. He pleads Seol to persuade In-ho to stop uploading videos of him. Seol is confused and Young-gon explains that some someone has been uploading videos of him and he would like whoever is doing it to stop. Seol angrily asks whether he is even normal. Young-on defends himself claiming Seol ignored his sincere feelings first, he also asks Seol if she ever considered him. Seol does not reply. Young-gon raises his voice and describes how disgusting Seol is, once she sees rich guys like Jung she’ll be all over them just like all the other girls. Seol shouts back at him that he can never compare himself to Jung. Young-gon is not taking any of it and reminds Seol that Jung is the weird one, he made the whole class isolated him and he did that to her as well.

Young-gon cannot control his anger anymore and raises his voice. He steps closer and closer to Seol threatening her that he will terrorise everyday. Young-gon warns her to take the video off the internet or he will kill her and In-ho. Seol defends In-ho, she insists she was the person who uploaded those videos. Young-gon threateningly steps towards Seol, Seol manages to use the pepper spray on him and takes advantage of this situation to escape. The whole scene was captured by In-ha, she quickly saves the video and declares it mission success.

in ha spying on seol.png

In-ha sends the video to Jung. Jung watches the video with a blank face and instructs her to keep the video safe. On the other hand Seol is sprinting down the road with Young-gon running after her. She manages to get back to her family’s restaurant in time and her father is standing outside, Seol quickly runs next to her father and without even telling her dad that Young-gon is threatening her, Seol’s dad manages to deduct it and chases Young-gon down the street.

Somehow Young-gon’s personal site has been hacked/ found out, and all his posts has been released onto the school website. The posts mostly consists of rants about his classmates. The classmates emphasis their displeasure in Young-gon, he senses it and quickly leaves the restaurant. He curses at Seol, thinking she was the person who uploaded more information about him. Suddenly he gets a texts from In-ha declaring she saw everything that happened between him and Seol. He immediately calls her but In-ha does not pick up. He texts In-ha to ask whether she plotted this with Jung and Seol, he threatens to sue them all. In-ha threatens him back by listing all the crimes he’s committed, she even sends him the photos of him stalking Seol. Young-gon starts panicking and frantically texts on the phone.

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Suddenly there is a change of tone in the texts that Young-gon is receiving- “You talk a lot for a guy who can’t even tell when someone’s being fake”. Young-gon notices the text is from Jung and thinks back to the day he claimed Jung is fake in front of the whole class. Jung texts him again stating he is returning the phrase back. He calls In-ha but Jung picks up instead, he warns Young-gon to behave from now or he will put the videos on the school’s website. Jung warns him to not appear in front of him again. Young-gon screams in anger and frantically throws his body around like a madman. After the call Jung heartlessly places the dismantled phone back into the delivery box, almost like he’s ready to dispose it.

Seol has a meeting with Bora and Eun-taek to plan their next step. Seol informs them that she removed the post but somehow it appeared on the school site. Eun-taek interrupts her speech declaring he was the person who did it because he wanted to end it for Seol. Bora lectures Eun-taek for her recklessness and asks Seol whether she is going to tell Jung about this. Seol explains she does not want to trouble Jung and it’s better if they keep quiet about it. Eun-taek stutters that he told Jung the whole situation involving Young-gon and was instructed by Jung to put the videos on the website as well. Bora shouts at Eun-taek for saying this now. Bora states Jung is not normal, his girlfriend was stalked and harassed yet he didn’t do anything.

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Seol visits Jung at his apartment, Jung is withdrawn from Seol and reluctant to make any kinds of conversation. Seol asks Jung whether he is annoyed at her for getting too close to In-ho, Jung denies it stating he was simply busy. Seol explains she has gotten closer to In-ho, she wants to help him pass his GED and helps him play piano again but thats all. Seol states Jung also knew everything about Young-gon and Jung explains he thought Seol didn’t want him to know so he pretended he didn’t. He quickly adds the problem with Young-gon is over now so they should stop talking about it. Seol interrupts that it’s not over.


“Right now I’m trying hard in saying all this to you. Now, I want to hear your answer. Your honest answer”


“Do you think I am hiding something?”


“That’s the answer you always give- “I didn’t intended for it to go that far” These are not the answers that I want”


“Then what? What is it that you want me to say? Let’s stop talking about Oh Young-gon”

Jung gets up and Seol grabs onto him stating it’s not about Young-gon, the issue is their relationship. Seol raises her voice and declares the answers that she wants to hear: “I sent Young-gon to you because I disliked you so much”, “I was mad at you because you were close to In-ho”. Jung is taken aback by her words and asks why she wants to hear these answers. Seol looks at him and replies she asked him to be honest with her many times before. She always thought it was his fault but then she realised she’s wrong too, she never told him about her feelings first. She promises him to never hide anything anymore and she pleads him to do the same. She wants to see him just the way he is. Jung is touched by her words and fights back his tears but nonetheless he suggests taking her back home. He pulls his arms away from Seol and walks off.

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After seeing In-ha’s new bags In-ho quickly interrogates her to see what she has done to deserve these. In-ha is forced to tell the truth and In-ho shouts at her for not having any pride. In-ho thinks back to his high school days with Jung when they were like brothers and were living happily together.

The drama skips back to the past. In-ho says to Jung that he will not attend his own concours because he needs to meet this famous pianist and get his signature. However the idea is banned by Jung’s father. In the end In-ho has to preform at his concours but turns out Jung went to meet the famous pianist and even got his signature. Turns out the signed CD is not for In-ho but their classmate- Yong-soo (he also plays the piano). In-ho wittinesses the whole scene and asks whether Jung is mad about his father adding him and In-ha onto their family register. Jung replies the adoption is his father’s decision and it makes no difference to him. Hurt by what he said In-ho is startled by his reply and asks again if it really makes no difference to him. Jung reconfirms his statements and walks away.

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From that day on Jung only hung out with Yong-soo and In-ho is completely isolated. One day In-ho sees Jung talking to Yong-soo about a nightclub they should go together. In-ho awkwardly walks over to Jung to let him know that the students going will be up to no good hence he shouldn’t join them. Jung brushes In-ho off. The students that went to the nightclub are all captured by the police almost like someone tattled on them (Jung did not go in the end). One of the gangster states someone ratted them out. Yong-soo thinks back to In-ho’s presence during his conversation with Jung, he quickly declares In-ho was the person who tattled on them. After their punishment the gang runs up to In-ho and starts beating him up. Jung walks pass the scene and watches In-ho in agony without interfering or saying anything. He heartlessly watches In-ho and then walks away like he saw nothing.

After the hospital treatment In-ho runs to find Jung, he demands answers- did he instructed the gangster to beat him up. Jung heartlessly asks what he should say to put In-ho’s mind in ease. In-ho asks again whether he was the culprit and he simply wants to know the truth.


“Of course not. You’re the one who did it, not me. Give it some thought”


“You son of a bitch. Why on earth did you do that to me? Why on earth did you do it?”


“Why is it that people covet what doesn’t belong to them? They mistakenly think that what actually belongs to someone else is theirs and ultimately lose what belongs to them”


“Did you do this to me because you hated the idea of us being adopted into your family? Just because of that?”


“Think whatever you want”

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Drama skips back to present time. In-ho texts Jung to meet up which Jung agrees. In-ho suggest they have a one-to-one fight and Jung agrees again. They exchange blows to each other and both are seemingly exhausted. In-ho grabs onto Jung’s collar and declares that he knows he is a two-faced person but he never knew he would be two-face to Seol too, all this time he thought he was sincere to Seol. Jung angrily shout back at his accusation and asks why does it bother him if he’s fake to Seol. In-ho takes few heavy inhales before declaring he likes Seol, he likes Seol a lot that’s why it bothers him that Jung is using Seol. Jung punches him knocking him down while declaring In-ho is best at acting like a friend then backstabbing them later. In-ho laughs at his comment and asks whether breaking someone’s arm is considered “stabbing back” too.

Both are tired out. They lay on the floor while regaining their breathing. In-ho asks whether he can promise he will treat Seol nicely and never hurt her. In-ho adds that a person like him will betray Seol in the end, plus Seol will discover his true colours sooner or later.


“You’re the one who should truly stay away from Dog fur. It isn’t me, but you, you bastard”

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After the fight Jung messages Seol requesting her to meet up with him. Seol discovers an injured Jung and worriedly asks what happened however Jung does not answer and hugs Seol. Seol takes Jung back to her house to tend his wounds. Seol asks if he fought with In-ho, like a child Jung replies that In-ho was the person who started it. Seol sighs exclaiming she does not get why they fight especially for something that happened years ago. Seol asks Jung why he hates In-ho so much.

The drama skips back to the day of In-ho’s concours performance and Jung went to meet the famous pianist. The pianist hands Jung his signed CD and Jung asks whether he can sign the music score as well. The pianist admires Jung’s dedication and asks for his name. Jung replies “In-ho Baek”. Jung smiles in delight of getting the music score and quickly heads back to In-ho’s concours.

In-ho gets off the stage and brags about his performance to Yong-soo. Yong-soo asks In-ho how did In-ho get to be such good friends with Jung. In-ho replies that Yong-soo should dream on because Jung may smile at you, but on the inside he hates people like him. Yong-soo states Jung came from a wealthy family and has good grades, everyone is envious of him. In-ho laughs at his statement and says it’s nothing to be envious about, Yong-soo will not know about this but if he hangs out with Jung he will discover that Jung is pitiful. He has no dreams and cannot do anything that he wants. Jung happens to hear everything and looks down at the CD and music score he got for In-ho.

 jung gets sign music score.png

After the adoption proposal Jung happens to hear his father speaking to someone on the phone about the adoption plan. Jung’s father insists this will be a good step because Jung will have problems if he grows up by himself, so by having In-ho and In-ha by his side it will help Jung become ‘normal’. Jung is hurt by his fathers words and listens to the conversation quietly.

Jung tells the whole story to Seol and explains he could accept the idea of adopting In-ho and In-ha, he was shocked but will accept it. The people he thought were his friends were keeping tabs on him, even his father knew everything, almost like he was constantly being watched. Jung asks Seol whether he is really that strange.

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“Senior, we really didn’t get along in the beginning didn’t we? We hated each other and treated one another like weird people. But if I think about that now we weren’t weird but I think we were different. You were like this and I was like that. Just… different people. I used to frequently hear that I was sensitive and frustrating to be around. So I worried a lot about that but my convulsion was “that’s just who I am”. I might not be fully certain, but you, Senior. I don’t think you had many chances to be honest with people. It must’ve been really lonely for you. Don’t suffer it by yourself from now on, I really want to understand you”


“I was scared. That you might leave me if you found out who I truly am”


“I… like you a lot, senior. Much more than before”


“Seol, you were different from everyone else to begin with. You’ve always observed me and it was always obvious whenever you didn’t like something. This may sound funny, but I always found that helpful. No matter how minor they may have seemed to you. It might have been because you were scared of me. Scared that you might provoke me. I don’t like that, but it’s not like that now. Now… I’m scared you might leave me. I like you a lot too. Very much. I like you”

Everything is happy and sweet for Jung and Seol. However things are quite different on In-ho’s side, he stands outside the restaurant and looks at Jung’s car. Physically and emotionally hurt he walks away.

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