My Secret Romance ep 7 summary


Jin-Wook instructs Yoo-mi to not make his meals anymore because it’s difficult as it is to get her to eat with him. He instructs her to clear her schedule for tonight because he is going to make reservations for them tonight. Yoo-mi corrects him that he should have asked whether she’s free first, she also excuses herself claiming she’s busy today. Jin-Wool pretends to not be interested but clearly is. Yoo-mi makes up a lie claiming her dog needs to be walked. Jin-Wook plays along, complimenting she cares a lot about her dog. Yoo-mi suggests him to book her in advance if he ever wants to hang out with her because she also has a schedule.

Yoo-mi overhears Jin-Wook telling his secretary to cancel the appointment for tonight. The secretary complains because the booking was hard to reserve, for future reference he suggests Jin-Wook to ask Yoo-mi first before booking anything because it’s basic courtesy when it comes to dating. Jin-Wook angrily corrects his secretary that it’s not a date and they’re simply on a business trip. Yoo-mi cannot stop thinking about Jin-wook’s date invite and his declaration about it simply being a business outing. She suddenly texts him to meet later for dinner. Jin-Wook looks at his phone with a shocked expression but the next second is acting all smug because Yoo-mi accepted his date invitation.

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Before getting on Jin-wook’s car Yoo-mi looks around first to see whether anyone is spying on them. Jin-Wook asks Yoo-mi what made her change her mind, Yoo-mi answers that she simply wants to repay her debt before the interests rises. Yoo-mi asks whether they are still going to the restaurant he reserved and Jin-wook replies they can no longer go to their reservation because he cancelled it however, instead they can go to his house.

Once they arrive to Jin-wook’s house Yoo-mi’s face turns bright red and states she does not feel comfortable to be at a man’s house so late at night. Jin-Wook instructs her to go inside already and not get the wrong idea. However before they step in Blackey (Jin-wook’s cat greets them), Yoo-mi grips onto Jin-wook’s arm and stutters in shock while pointing at the cat. He explains to Yoo-mi to be careful because Blackey is expecting and will be slightly cranky. Yoo-mi continues gripping onto Jin-wook’s arm until he comments about it. Yoo-mi immediately lets go. Chill lady, it’s only a cat.

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Jin-Wook explains he will cook because Yoo-mi is his guest. Yoo-mi compliments his knife skills and asks why he never told her that he can cook. Jin-wook answers she never asked him before hence why he never said it. Yoo-mi snidely comments on how many girls he must have cooked for but Jin-Wook corrects her it’s the first time he’s had a girl over, plus she was all moody a second ago and now she’s jealous. Yoo-mi quickly defends herself claiming she is not jealous.

Yoo-mi can’t help but want to assist Jin-Wook as she’s too used to cooking and cannot help but get involved. Although Jin-Wook insists he does not need her help he still instructs her around to do light tasks. However with no task left to do Jin-Wool dips his pinky in the sauce and gestures her to try it, without any hesitation Yoo-mi licks the sauce off. Jin-Wook awkwardly looks away and tries the sauce himself.

The food is ready and Jin-Wook instructs Yoo-mi to switch off the light which she hesitates but nonetheless does so because Jin-Wook states he prefers soft lighting when he eats. Yoo-mi struggles with switching the light off and Jin-Wook goes over to help her. As he approaches closer to Yoo-mi, she feels extremely uncomfortable/ shy to the extent she closes her eyes. Or was she waiting Jin-Wook to kiss her. Jin-Wool looks at her blankly then switch off the light, and walks off. He picks up 2 plates and hands it over to her, he instructs her to not drop it because the plates are expensive. Yoo-mi reassures him that she won’t drop it for sure. Jin-Wook kisses her on the lips and declares the kiss is her appetiser. Yoo-mi stares in surprise and Jin-Wook kisses her again but this time she is prepared. He slowly ends the kiss and takes back the plates too. Yoo-mi is still standing in the same position with both her arms stretched out.

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Before they can start eating or even talk, Jin-wook’s father does a surprise visits and Yoo-mi quickly goes and hide. Jin-Wook also quickly hides Yoo-mi’s handbag and gestures his father to eat Yoo-mi’s portion. Jin-wook’s father asks whether he was expecting someone but Jin-Wook replies that he normally eats like that. He slyly tries to blow the candle out but it just increases suspicion. Yoo-mi is inside Jin-wook’s room and places herself on the floor, she discovers the treasure box on the floor and thinks back to what Jin-Wook said- the lead is someone else. She hesitates but opens it up anyways, there it is, her previously used bra pad sitting comfortably inside the treasure box. In shock of her discovery she drops it. Jin-wook’s father is curious what the sound is and follows Jin-Wook upstairs. Once they open the room they discover Blackey standing there meowing at them, Jin-wook’s father brushes if off believing the noise is from Blackey.

After finding her other bra pad Yoo-mi can really confirm the bra pad she found in the treasure box belongs to her. She cannot act normal around Jin-Wook and it’s apparent she saw something she’s not supposed to. Nonetheless Jin-Wook allocates her with a new responsibility- they will have a buyer who will be in Korea for few days and Yoo-mi has to be the buyer’s personal nutritionist. She asks whether this can count towards the debt she owes him but he instantly rejects the idea.

Hyeri visits Hyun-tae to appear on their show. Hyun-tae does not seem interested until Hyeri tries to tempt him by listing all the famous celebrities that appear on the show, she mentions Jin-Wook which instantly grabs Hyun-tae’s attention. As Hyun-tae walks out and hands Hyeri her car keys, he sees Hyeri and Yoo-mi’s mother sharing a hostile conversation, well mostly Yoo-mi’s mother being hostile and Hyeri wanting to avoid her at all cost.

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Yoo-mi asks Hyun-tae why Hyeri visited him and he answers Hyeri wanted to cast him for her show. Yoo-mi encourages him to accept it because only successful people appear on it, plus he will be famous and popular with girls to the point they will line up for him. Hyun-tae asks Yoo-mi what her opinion will be if he becomes too popular with girls to the point he has no time for her anymore. Yoo-mi replies she will be happy for him because if he meets a nice girl he should date her. Abruptly, Hyun-tae hugs Yoo-mi and asks how does she feel about the hug. Yoo-mi is not taking his words seriously and touches his chest, she states his muscles has gotten smaller. Hyun-tae is discouraged by Yoo-mi’s reply and brushes it off, including his own feelings.

Turns out their business trip meeting is at the resort where Jin-wook and Yoo-mi first met. Yoo-mi instantly wants to leave but Jin-Wook tightly grabs onto her hand and drags her inside. Jin-Wook introduces himself and Yoo-mi to the buyers. Everything seems to be going smoothly and the buyers are willing to invest after seeing the high quality innerwear. Even the meals that Yoo-mi has prepared is well received by the buyer.

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Yoo-mi is exhausted and is resting on her bed, she hears knocking on her room door and goes to see who it is. No one is there but a box that is laid on the floor. Yoo-mi picks it up and opens it. The box contains a letter, a dress and a pair of heels. The letter instructs Yoo-mi to wear the dress and heels then come outside; he especially chose it for her. Knowing how demanding and weird Jin-Wook is, it can be deducted the letter can only be from one person.

Yoo-mi does exactly she is told and meets up with Jin-Wook. Jin-Wook is earnestly waiting for Yoo-mi, the moment he sees her it’s like the world stopped moving around him apart from Yoo-mi. His gaze does not move away from her. As Yoo-mi shyly steps closer to Jin-Wook the waiter accidentally spills 2 glasses of wine on Yoo-mi. Due to the sudden movement Yoo-mi leans back and consequently slips. Jin-Wook catches Yoo-mi in time and prevents her from falling.


“I can’t take my eyes of off you for a single moment”

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