My Secret Romance ep 6 summary


Jin-wook is sent to the hospital for eating too much sandwiches. Yoo-mi immediately feels bad because she was the one who made the sandwiches. Yoo-mi asks whether he really ate those sandwiches, she tells him that he should have just thrown it away. Jin-wook replies that she will be furious if he threw her food in the bin without touching it. Jin-wook asks whether she has a date with her boyfriend today and Yoo-mi corrects him that she’s not actually dating Hyun-tae but they’re simply close friends. Jin-wook immediately looks interested but plays along to get more information by stating there’s no such things as friendship between males and females. Yoo-mi insists Hyun-tae is not a guy but simply Hyun-tae. Jin-wook says Yoo-mi misunderstood him too, he is not dating Hyeri and the jewellery box has nothing to do with her.


“The female lead is someone else”

Yoo-mi is curious who the female lead is but Jin-wook slowly drifts off to sleep. As Yoo-mi pulls the blanket over Jin-wook he grabs onto her hand and tightly clutches it. Yoo-mi starts hiccuping. Yoo-mi stays with Jin-wook till late and gently strokes his head while earnestly saying “don’t be sick”. 

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Secretary informs Jin-wook that Yoo-mi stayed with him all night. Jin-wook thinks thinks back to his dream- blurry vision of Yoo-mi stroking his head and kissing him on the lips. Jin-wook is unsure whether it was really a dream or the reality. However his trail of thought has been interrupted by Yoo-mi who is here to deliver his breakfast. Jin-wook wanders behind Yoo-mi and states she has to take responsibility for all her actions- breaking the jewellery box, causing him to be sick etc. Yoo-mi is taken aback by his words and stutters in reply on how to pay him back. Jin-wook looks at her and whispers in her ears, if she is sorry then eat with him. Jin-wook corrects her thinking, he explains he does not trust her cooking hence wants her to eat with him to demonstrate the food has not been poisoned. Yoo-mi looks at him blankly and Jin-wook starts calculating how much she owes him if he starts charging her for each incident. Yoo-mi hesitates but agrees to eat with him. The deal is- she must eat with him for 10 times.

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Jin-wook picks Yoo-mi up with his car and asks what she wants to eat because he’s made many reservations at different restaurant. Yoo-mi hesitates to state her preference because she initially agreed because she’s his nutritionist but never knew it would be like a date. Nonetheless Yoo-mi finally decides where to eat, she instructs Jin-wook to turn right which he does but causes Yoo-mi to fall on his lap. She gets up immediately and fixes herself back on her seat in an awkward manner. Turns out the restaurant that Yoo-mi has suggested is just your family restaurant. Jin-wook is reluctant to enter but Yoo-mi is already walking towards it, Jin-wook immediately follows after her.

Yoo-mi takes Jin-wook to eat loach soup which he initially rejects due to the appearance but after the first taste he takes a liking to it. Yoo-mi also buys a loach soup to takeaway which Jin-wook immediately comments asking whether she is buying it for Hyun-tae. Yoo-mi replies she is getting this for her mother. Jin-wook asks whether she is staying with her mother and Yoo-mi replies yes. Jin-wook whispers under his breath that he is relieved.

As the topic is about ‘mother’, Yoo-mi asks Jin-wook back about his mother. Jin-wook replies that he does not remember much about his mother because his parents divorced quite early on his life. Jin-wook starts talking about his mother, he states she likes eating and making abalone porridge. Yoo-mi suggests they eat it next time however he instantly rejects it claiming it will never match his mother’s.

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Jin-wook tries to reserve a table for himself and Yoo-mi but as the restaurant is very busy he needs to be placed on the waiting list. Jin-wook is not taking any of that and hands the waiter his business card and repeatedly says his name however the waiter does not know who he is and is not willing to budge. Jin-wook directly asks whether the waiter wants tips but waiter snaps at him and states if he wants a table he needs to wait. Yoo-mi happens to see Jin-wook causing a commotion, she immediately drags him away and explains his actions is childish. She points at the queue and explains there are many people waiting so if he skips it they will be annoyed. Yoo-mi also drops the hint to Jin-wook that he bothering her; just like those people who are waiting she simply wants to rest on the weekend too with someone she likes. Jin-wook mumbles under his breath that she can consider this as a date too. Yoo-mi snorts at the idea of this being a date, she’s simply spending time with him so she can pay back his ‘debt’. Jin-wook mumbles under his breath again claiming he wants to spend time with her because he does not want to eat by himself.

He looks at Yoo-mi’s outfit and comments on how well-dressed she is for someone who does not think today is a date. Yoo-mi stammers in embarrassment and claims she always dresses like this on her days off. The waiter calls Jin-wook’s name as their table is ready, he grabs onto Yoo-mi’s hand and leads her inside the restaurant. Their sweet ‘date’ soon comes to an end because Hyeri has to take care of Dong-Goo.

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Hyeri has a meeting with the writer and PD, they suggests recruiting Hyun-tae because he is very popular right now however the issue is that Hyun-tae does not accept broadcast offers easily. They asks whether Hyeri can help recruit Hyun-tae. Hyeri does not waste any time and contacts Hyun-tae (finding his contact information first of course), she invites him to their talk show but he instantly rejects it. Hyun-tae’s friends are interested who he is talking to and instantly searches her up on the web, they show Hyun-tae this mysterious Hyeri. Turns out she was the woman who Hyun-tae encountered this morning, the woman who gave him money to run an errand.

Yoo-mi returns back from her date all happy and smiley. Hyun-tae asks bitterly whether anything happened between her and Jin-wook since she looks so happy. Yoo-mi quickly erases her smile and explains she’s simply happy because she’s in the process of paying off her debt. Hyun-tae angrily asks why she needs to eat with him to erase a debt and states Jin-wook is abusing his powers. Yoo-mi defends Jin-wook explaining she also likes to eat with Jin-wook but quickly corrects her speech, she enjoys it because she gets to eat delicious meals.

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Yoo-mi goes and deliver eggs benedict to Jin-wook but refuses to leave which confuses Jin-wook. Yoo-mi reminds him that he once said: he does not like eating by himself. Jin-wook asks whether she is going to count this as a meal with him which Yoo-mi nods (Yoo-mi made a deal with Jin-wook to eat 10 times with him to pay off her ‘debt’). Jin-wook cannot contain his happiness whilst eating, he instructs her to eat with him because he feels awkward eating by himself. Yoo-mi refuses because she has already ate something. Suddenly Jin-wook suggests something quite unexpected.


“You can stop now. You can stop making my meals”

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