My Secret Romance ep 5 summary


Hyun-tae states his relationship with Yoo-mi is obvious and Jin-wook looks shocked at the sudden declaration, he asks Yoo-mi whether it’s true. Yoo-mi is about to decline the idea but Hyun-tae grabs onto her hand. Hyun-tae addresses Jin-wook as Yoo-mi’s boss and suggests him to leave things to say at work and not bother Yoo-mi so late at night. Hyun-tae quickly drags Yoo-mi away.

Yoo-mi and Hyun-tae goes back inside the restaurant and she asks why he acted like that. Hyun-tae hesitates to say something but quickly covers up what he actually wants to say- he asks whether he looked cool earlier like a main character of a drama. Yoo-mi punches him on his arm as he’s not being serious. Hyun-tae suggests Yoo-mi to use him as a fake boyfriend to ward off Jin-wook however she refuses because Jin-woo is not interested in her so there’s no need to put on such act.

Jin-wook cannot stop thinking about Hyun-tae’s declaration, he tries to comfort himself that Yoo-mi has no reason to stay single all these years so it’s normal for her to have a boyfriend. Yoo-mi also can’t stop thinking about Jin-wook’s exaggerated reaction, the only way to explain his reaction is that the jewellery box contains something expensive. Yoo-mi huffs at the thought of them together and wishes them happiness.

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Yoo-mi brings the jewellery box she bought for Jin-wook to work so she can offer it to Jin-wook again. Jin-woo angrily grabs her hand and instructs her to never mention anything related to jewellery box again. Before she leaves he asks Yoo-mi about Hyun-tae and her relationship with him. Yoo-mi pauses and thinks back to Hyun-tae’s suggestion- pretending they’re dating to get rid of Jin-wook. Yoo-mi replies that she has no obligation to report her personal life to him. Jin-wook does not stop asking her question and asks whether they are living together. Yoo-mi repeats that she has no obligation to answer. Jin-wook is clearly annoyed and repeats her statement, he states Yoo-mi has low standards when it comes to men. Yoo-mi defends Hyun-tae stating he’s very popular in the neighbourhood and he also has a kind heart too unlike someone, with that said Yoo-mi leaves the room. Jin-wook clearly knows Yoo-mi is referring to him and paces back and forth his room in anger. However despite being angry he looks at the lunch she prepared for him and comments on how cute it is, he even takes photos of it.

To prevent Yoo-mi meeting up with Hyun-tae, Jin-wook stays back for overtime so Yoo-mi will cook his meals. After finishing his dinner he instructs her to cook more just so Yoo-mi cannot go home. Yoo-mi calls Hyun-tae to let him know she’s still at work and she will have to cancel their plans, Hyun-tae offers to pick her up from work but their whole conversation is watched by Jin-wook… who is peeping behind a pillar.

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Jin-wook instructs Yoo-mi to cook him ramen without much choice Yoo-mi does as she is told but shows displeasure of course. Yoo-mi is about to place the ramen down but realises she does not have a trivet. Jin-wook insists her to place it down because he brought a trivet with him which turns out to be Hyun-tae’s book, he pulls the pan from Yoo-mi and places it on the book. He instructs her to sit down, not eat with him but watch him eat. Yoo-mi looks at her watch and Jin-wook asks whether she has plans tonight and if he happened to ruin it. Yoo-mi asks whether he kept her back today because of Hyun–tae, Jin-wook coughs in surprise. He angrily looks at Yoo-mi and asks whether she really thinks he has nothing else to do.

Jin-wook states he has something to check and gets up, he approaches Yoo-mi. Yoo-mi awkwardly looks around and starts hiccuping, she quickly excuses herself claiming she needs water. Jin-wook grabs her back and states in an arrogant attitude on what her hiccups mean. He slowly approaches her again.


“Those hiccups are only or me, right?”

He laughs at Yoo-mi and asks if he makes her nervous. Yoo-mi pushes his hands away and states her hiccups are a form of simple physical reaction when her diaphragm contracts. She gets hiccups when she’s uncomfortable not because she’s nervous. Jin-wook stutters in shock that he makes her feel uncomfortable. Yoo-mi agrees and explains every time she sees him she cannot stop thinking about her past memories.

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Yoo-mi returns home and discovers her mother is watching her own erotic movies, Yoo-mi angrily demands her mother to switch it off but her mother refuses claiming this was her best era. Yoo-mi goes outside to calm her mind and is shortly joined by Hyun-tae. He tries to comfort Yoo-mi claiming her mother is a fantastic woman but Yoo-mi is not listening at all. She explains her mother always appear and screws up everything. The drama skips back to Yoo-mi’s high school days, Yoo-mi and her friends are watching an erotic movie together. Yoo-mi and her friends discovers that Yoo-mi’s mother was an erotic actress and from that day she was constantly teased and bullied by her classmates.

Yoo-mi voices over:

“That’s when it started. I couldn’t dress the way I wanted or date freely. And it was all because of my mum”

Yoo-mi drunkenly declares her mother ruined her life and because of her she did ‘it’ with Jin-wook, not anywhere nice either, it was in the middle of the night at a beach inside a car. Hyun-tae does not understand a single word and suggests they go home. Yoo-mi falls asleep on Hyun-tae’s shoulder and Hyun-tae affectionately looks at Yoo-mi and gently strokes her hair.

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Jin-wook overhears Yoo-mi’s phone conversation with Hyun-tae- he is going to pick her up after work. Jin-wook immediately instructs his secretary to pass on a message to Yoo-mi- to make lunch for the broadcasting team. Yoo-mi is confused as to why she needs to which secretary quotes Jin-wook- “just because I want you to”. She is also responsible for making their dinner. Yoo-mi’s mouth drops in surprise at the number of people she is responsible cooking for.

Jin-wook is the chosen guest for the talkshow and Hyeri is the interviewer. She asks the typical questions such as inspirations and aims etc, but suddenly asks him questions regarding his dating life and when his ideal marriage age is. Jin-wook glares at Hyeri and is annoyed at her questions. Hyeri asks Jin-wook for his thoughts on her but before he gets to reply the interview comes to an end. Yoo-mi watches over the whole scene because she’s here to deliver the broadcasting team their lunch. Jin-wook looks over at Yoo-mi almost like he’s caught cheating.

Yoo-mi lays out the lunches she has prepared but Hyeri has a trick up her sleeve. She has ordered someone to deliver lunch for the broadcasting team as well. Yoo-mi’s lunch consists of a simple sandwiches and Hyeri’s is an extravagant-looking bento box. Everyone chooses the bento box over the sandwiches. Yoo-mi sadly watches her untouched sandwiches and leaves.

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Jin-wook catches up to Yoo-mi and explains it was an accident and not intentional. Yoo-mi bows to him and apologises, Jin-wook is confused and asks why she is sorry. Yoo-mi explains she ruined his proposal which even confuses him more. Yoo-mi states the jewellery box was for Hyeri yet she accidentally broke it hence ruined his proposal. She apologises again while bowing. Yoo-mi leaves and heads to the restroom.


“Don’t cry. Don’t be sad, Lee Yoo Mi. If you cry, it looks like you have feelings for that jerk. I don’t have feelings for him. Not even a little bit”

Yoo-mi spaces out while planning the week’s meal plan. Suddenly she gets a call from secretary instructing Yoo-mi to head over to the hospital. Yoo-mi shouts out in shock “Director Cha?!”. Dun dun dun seems like something happened to Jin-wook. 

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