My Secret Romance ep 4 summary



After saying what he wants Jin-wook leaves but of course he takes Yoo-mi with him too. Yoo-mi angrily snatches her own arm back claiming she’s busy but Jin-wook is not budging at all and states he’s busier than her yet has time to spare for her. Hyeri is left on her own and in complete shock. Once they reach the entrance of the company Jin-wook finally realises that Yoo-mi is holding a bamboo mat and still in her work clothes. Jin-wook comments on the bamboo mat and her coat, he instructs her to take it off because they’re going out. Jin-wook walks away expecting Yoo-mi to follow him which she does but with many questions.

Jin-wook takes her to a restaurant which confuses Yoo-mi, he requests her to think about it first before asking. He is the busiest person in the company yet has time to dine with her. Yoo-mi stays quiet as she’s unsure on how to answer the question. Jin-wook answers for her, the restaurant has good food and it suits his taste bud therefore she should use it as reference for cooking his meals, that is all so she shouldn’t get the wrong idea. Yoo-mi stutters insisting she never got the wrong idea, Yoo-mi gathers her courage to ask a question- whether he is dating Hyeri. Jin-wook is already showing annoyance to the question, he asks whether it always means ‘dating’ if a man and woman hangs out together. Yoo-mi explains the reason she thought that is because he behaved ‘out of the ordinary’ with Hyeri hence caused her to think they’re dating. Jin-wook snorts at her imagination but remembers Yoo-mi’s taste in book and concludes her wild imagination blossomed from her taste in books. Yoo-mi stammers in embarrassment and denial. Jin-wook quickly adds Hyeri is simply his high school teacher’s daughter and Yoo-mi should not misunderstand. Yoo-mi also asks what he means by his declaration earlier but Jin-wook answers that it simply means by what he said and there’s nothing more to it.

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“Lee Yoo-mi. Let’s clear up our situation. Let’s differentiate our personal lives from work. The past is in the past. Don’t have any useless feelings for me, just because you prepare my meals. It’s just like you said. It was…just a one-night stand”

However Jin-wook may sound nasty his actions says otherwise. Yoo-mi is about to walk into the door but Jin-woo grabs her back to prevent her from injuring herself.

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Something is bothering Jin-wook, he cannot stop thinking about Director Maeng’s claim- he will get rid of all the kitchen staffs by next month. Jin-wook states to himself that he will not let this happen. He reaches for a small treasure box and inside the box is a push up bra pad. The drama skips back the day when Jin-wook was abandoned by Yoo-mi and he discovers her bra pad inside his car. All this time he kept this pad and is even preciously caring for it. He reassures himself that he’s not a pervert. Yeah continue telling yourself that. 

After bickering with her mother Yoo-mi goes for a stroll and happens to see Hyun-tae getting ready to leave on his motorbike. She approaches him and asks whether she can ride with him but he refuses, Yoo-mi doesn’t take it as a no and hops on. They rests at the top of a hill watching over the city. Yoo-mi complains she does not want to go home. Hyun-tae asks whether she wants to stay with him because he has a spare bed. Yoo-mi replies that he can take in her mother instead. As they are talking a lady approaches Hyun-tae and states she’s a regular customer to his restaurant and would like his number. Hyun-tae declines claiming he’s on a date while gesturing to Yoo-mi. Yoo-mi corrects him and is not playing along at all however Hyun-tae runs up to her and hugs her to prove his point. The lady actually believes Hyun-tae and leaves. Yoo-mi angrily hits Hyun-tae and states the lady was pretty however Hyun-tae replies that Yoo-mi is prettier which Yoo-mi does not believe at all.

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Despite being on a business trip and it’s the weekend too Jin-wook is missing Yoo-mi’s meals. Even after eating a large meal he declares to his secretary that something is missing which his secretary replies with all the possibilities on what his emptiness can be. Secretary finally asks whether it’s Yoo-mi’s meals and Jin-wook instantly agrees and calls her. However it is not Yoo-mi that answers the call but her 3-year old brother instead, he answers with a “mummy”. Yoo-mi exits the bathroom and sees her younger brother playing on her phone and instantly grabs it. Jin-wook is surprised at the sudden voice and asks whose voice it is, Yoo-mi quickly makes up a lie claiming it was her and she was half-asleep when answering the call. Jin-wook states he has missed few meals and would like her to bring it to his address immediately. Yoo-mi explains it’s the weekend plus he’s on a business trip. Jin-wook threatens her by stating she’s been resting for the past few day. He ends the call and texts her that he will be back in 2 hours time. Yoo-mi looks at the phone clearly unpleased.

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Yoo-mi goes to Jin-wook’s house to cook for him, she brings along Dong Goo as her mother is not home therefore does not have much choice left. As she steps into Jin-wook’s house she sees a food dispenser filled with food outside of Jin-wook’s door. Yoo-mi helps herself to a tour of his house and notices that many rooms are empty and his house does not have much stuff. Suddenly she hears a loud noise and runs up stairs, she discovers Dong Goo sitting on Jin-wook’s chair and a treasure box on the floor. Yoo-mi panics as the treasure box is broken, she also starts to worry whether the content is broken but hesitates to open it because it belongs to someone else and she will be invading his privacy. She slyly places the treasure box back on the desk and gestures her younger brother Dong Goo to be quiet. Yoo-mi prays the content is not expensive however it must be since it’s inside a treasure box…

Jin-wook returns home and finds his meal on the table but Yoo-mi no is nowhere to be found. He states she’s like the snail bride and discovers something next to this feet. It’s a bag containing his beige coat, he smirks as she previously said she threw it away but yet it’s still here. He goes upstairs to change into something more comfortable and pauses as he looks at his desk, something is different but he can’t determine what it is. Jin-wook starts eating his lunch and seemingly seems unpleased about something, he continues eating but suddenly gets up and pours the extra cup of coffee down the drain; assuming he especially bought it for Yoo-mi.

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Yoo-mi prepares a very cute looking bento to Jin-wook but he does not appreciate it at all and asks whether she sees him as a child or whether she wants to go out with him. He bans ‘eyes, nose, lips and ears’ from his lunches from now on and wishes she just focus on her work. Yoo-mi explains her lunchbox does not have any ulterior motives but it does have a meaning behind it but does not say what it is- she feels bad for breaking the expensive looking treasure box. He asks why she kept the coat despite claiming she threw it away, Yoo-mi explains the jacket looks too expensive to throw it away. Jin-wook asks whether there’s no other meaning in keeping the jacket which Yoo-mi insists there really is no other meaning. Jin-wook suddenly informs Yoo-mi that she gets to keep her job thanks to him which confuses Yoo-mi. He explains that the executives came to the canteen to see who they can fire but thanks to him Yoo-mi gets to keep her job. Yoo-mi is suddenly overwhelmed with guilt and apologises, Jin-wook looks at her and Yoo-mi quickly corrects herself and says thank you immediately. Jin-wook is not buying any of it and insists she looks like she’s done something wrong. Yoo-mi insists she will work hard from now on and quickly disappears.

Hyeri starts planning other ways to Jin-wook’s heart, she starts attending cooking lessons/ cooking shows. She also packs a lunch box for Jin-wook’s father so he will approve her, but after tasting the lunch box Jin-wook’s father cannot hide the disgust towards the food. Hyeri also informs Jin-wook’s father that Jin-wook has been eating packed lunches that is prepared by the nutritionist. Jin-wook happens to walk in at this moment and his father confronts him about it. Jin-wook instantly knows it’s Hyeri who informed his father. Jin-wook admits he’s been eating packed lunches but he’s doing it for health reasons. Jin-wook’s father is unpleased and instructs Jin-wook to get married already. Jin-wook rejects the idea and insists he does not want to get married just so he has someone to cook for him.

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Hyeri asks Jin-wook whether he’s having a fling with Yoo-mi which he denies it but Hyeri insists there’s something going on between them because she can sense it. Hyeri grabs him and states she cannot play hard to get because she can’t do it, plus she is completely into him and everyone can tell that he belongs to her. She gently strokes Jin-wook’s chest before walking away, Jin-wook watches the leaving Hyeri and mumbles a question- when will she grow up.

Hyeri and Yoo-mi happens to see each other as Hyeri leaves. Yoo-mi tries avoiding her but Hyeri refuses and purposefully blocks her way. Hyeri asks if Yoo-mi is still giving Jin-wook packed lunches. Yoo-mi defends herself insisting it’s her job to do so. Hyeri warns her to not cross the line because Jin-wook is only “Three Meals A Day” to her.

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Jin-wook notices that the treasure box’s hinge is broken, he flaps it around and is about to brush it off until he realises Yoo-mi’s strange behaviour could be related to the treasure box, but more importantly she saw what is inside it. Jin-wook cannot concentrate for the rest of the day knowing Yoo-mi might have saw what is inside the box. On the other hand Yoo-mi senses that Jin-wook is annoyed at her, due to her guilt she concludes it’s regarding the broken treasure box. As per usual she sends food to Jin-wook but is scared to confront him, she requests Jin-wook’s secretary to deliver the steak. Yoo-mi even leaves a note for Jin-wook however instead of writing “steak” she writes “mistake” and even kindly enough gives the definition of the word. Jin-wook is angered by her note and cannot stop thinking about the word “mistake” for the rest of the day; thinking she is hinting about the jewellery box’s content.

Jin-wook paces back and forth fretting about Yoo-mi’s impression on him now, he finally decides to gather his courage and shrugs it off. He is about to throw the jewellery box into the trash bin but freezes as he notices a rabbit plushie on the floor. Jin-wook picks it up and analyses the situation. Somehow Jin-wook is enraged and calls Yoo-mi immediately to meet up. However Yoo-mi states she is at home and cannot go over to his house. Jin-wook insists he will go over to hers and hangs up.

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Yoo-mi’s face completely changes because in her mind Jin-wook is enraged at her for breaking his expensive treasure box. Jin-wook arrives outside her apartment and angrily asks if the plushie belongs to her but Yoo-mi insists it’s not her sibling but her dog, Yoo-mi replies in such a wishy-washy answer that Jin-woo does not understand what she’s trying to say. Jin-wook directly asks is she went into his study and if she did, did she saw that ‘something’. Yoo-mi apologises and gives him a new jewellery box explaining it’s similar to his, although his old one will be expensive but she hopes he will accept this and forgive her. Jin-wook demands to know if she saw the inside of the jewellery box, he continuously repeats it and seems to be be really worried. Yoo-mi is confused and explains she can tell what the content is by judging the jewellery box size. Jin-wook is bewildered by her statement and starts shouting at her, he is completely offended by her lack of interest towards the object. He declares the item (breast pad) is so insignificant he doesn’t care if she saw it. Yoo-mi explains that a person’s neck will hurt if they wear something so big (she thinks it’s a necklace). The conversation is a completely misunderstanding but Jin-woo is very worked-up.

As Jin-wook raises his voice Hyun-tae authoritatively joins them. Jin-woo angrily asks him to leave but Hyun-tae refuses while placing his arm around Yoo-mi. Yoo-mi looks up at Hyun-tae with her eyes wide open. Fight fight fight!

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