My Secret Romance ep 3 summary


Yoo-mi cannot believe her eyes, but after digesting the truth she quickly excuses herself without another word said. Jin-wook smirks at her reaction whilst watching her leave his room in the fastest manner possible. The idea of the director being Jin-wook cannot leave Yoo-mi’s mind, she reassures herself that the possibility of this being true is 0% so she should not worry. As she is reassuring herself aloud Jin-wook appears in front of her. Yoo-mi escapes immediately despite her own reassurance. Jin-wook comments on how Yoo-mi has not changed at all. Jin-wook asks whether she recognises him and Yoo-mi tries her best to pretend she does not know him. Jin-wook grabs onto Yoo-mi’s hand insisting she gets in his car but Yoo-mi abruptly pulls her hand back claiming she is not the type of girl to get on a man’s car.

Yoo-mi thinks about her past mistakes- to mistaken the chairman’s son as a bellboy and then kissing him too. She sighs in disbelief. Jin-wook thinks back to Yoo-mi’s reaction, he angrily crushes the can while wondering how long Yoo-mi will continue playing dumb for.

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Secretary announces a change of task for Yoo-mi; she must prepare Jin-wook 3 meals a day however Yoo-mi rejects the idea explaining she is very busy and barely even has the time to rest. Secretary threatens her she can refuse it but it will also mean she will turn jobless. Without much choice left Yoo-mi can only cheer herself on and wish this responsibility will not turn her crazy.

As per usual Yoo-mi goes and deliver food to Jin-wook. Jin-wook purposely styles his hair like 3 years ago and sticks photos of the hotel she visited on a large piece of board. Yoo-mi stares at it but pretends to not recognise it. She quickly hands him over the food she cooked to change the topic but Jin-wook’s teasing has not ended yet. He intensely stares at Yoo-mi to the point it’s makes her uncomfortable. After all that staring he simply states he will enjoy the food, Yoo-mi takes that as a dismissal and quickly runs to the bathroom questioning her life- being a personal dietary assistant to Jin-wook.

Jin-wook asks his secretary whether it’s easy to forget his face but before the secretary even replies, Jin-wook answers it for him. Jin-wook claims his face is not easily forgotten. The secretary praises Jin-wook stating his face ranks in the top 5% in the world. Jin-wook corrects him that his face ranks in the top 1% and no one will ever forget his face unless they’re a goldfish.

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Jin-wook purposely works overtime so Yoo-mi has to prepare his dinner, he even texts Yoo-mi to remind her of her responsibility. Yoo-mi angrily reads the message and heads back inside the kitchen to cook Jin-wook’s dinner, which he requests it to be seafood pasta with mussels and shrimp. Once Yoo-mi delivers the seafood pasta Jin-wook gives her some money claiming it’s for petrol money and other interests. Yoo-mi knows he is referring to their one-night stand and immediately pretends to be clueless. Jin-wook grabs Yoo-mi’s hand and forces the money onto her hand, he approaches until they’re are centimetres away and asks her to return his beige overcoat. Yoo-mi continues playing clueless. Jin-wook questions why she came to see him after all these years which she simply replies she was allocated to this company and had no choice to decide whatsoever. He pulls her closer to her again with only few inches between them. Yoo-mi distances herself away from him again but Jin-wook pulls her even closer to him this time.


“You can’t be trusted. I can’t trust your words or your cooking. You’re pretending like you don’t know anything. How could I trust your food? Who knows what you did to my food?”

Jin-wook gestures Yoo-mi to try her own food but Yoo-mi thinks back to the amount of chilli flakes she inserted into the pasta but to prove her innocence she eats it. After proving her ‘innocence’, she storms away in annoyance of Jin-wook’s rudeness.

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Secretary overhears Yoo-mi asking her job coordinator to change her rota to somewhere else, he then passes the discovery to Jin-wook. Jin-wook confronts Yoo-mi about it and brands her being irresponsible. Yoo-mi has had enough and confronts him back for his real intention- he wants to get back at her for playing clueless about their one-night stand. Yoo-mi angrily admits she remembers everything, from the wine to what they did on the beach. Yoo-mi continues ranting about how much he annoys her, she explains she feels like a dog more than a nutritionist.


“I’m a nutritionist, and you’re a director with a vitamin deficiency! Eat whatever I make you!”

Before Yoo-mi leaves Jin-wook asks why she had to leave him, he stares at her intensely wanting to know the answer that he’s been waiting for. Yoo-mi answers because it was a one-nigh stand therefore there’s no greater significance, but deep inside she was scared as it was her first time. For the rest of the day Jin-wook cannot forget about what Yoo-mi said and how she simply branded him as a one-night stand.

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Yoo-mi lifelessly walks into her workplace and is ready to accept her termination letter but something unexpected has happened. Jin-wook asked his secretary to praise Yoo-mi for her delicious meal. Secretary goes to Yoo-mi’s kitchen and reports back to Yoo-mi and then hands her over the empty lunchbox. Instead of being happy Yoo-mi is shocked and scared as to why the lunch box is empty as she’s scared he’s plotting something. Secretary reports back to Jin-wook and Jin-wook asks how did Yoo-mi’s reacted to the empty lunch box, he asks whether she looked happy. Secretary quotes Yoo-mi’s reaction- her cursing Jin-wook. Jin-wook looks slightly upset about Yoo-mi’s reaction because it’s not what Jin-wook expected at all.

Joo Hye-Ri (Jeong Da-Sol) visits Jin-wook and expresses her concern for his health, she asks why he never told her that he was discharged from the hospital. Hyeri continues talking about her love for Jin-wook and how she liked him ever since high school. Yoo-mi is off to deliver the Korean pancakes to Jin-wook but happens to see Hyeri embracing Jin-wook. She leaves immediately to not intrude but Jin-wook calls her back to asks why she is here, Yoo-mi explains she’s here to deliver food which she quickly places it down and leaves. Hyeri stares at Yoo-mi and is sizing her up with an authoritative attitude. Yoo-mi stands outside Jin-wook’s room trying to digest what just happened, she recognises Hyeri as the famous announcer. Not only that she also overhears Hyeri requesting Jin-wook to not eat the pancake because it looks disgusting. Yoo-mi sighs in annoyance and leaves, unable to do anything.

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Things are going from bad to worse. Yoo-mi’s mother and her 3 year-old son (Yoo-mi’ half brother) is here to live with her, Yoo-mi refuses and insists she really cannot let them stay with her. Yoo-mi’s mother explains she has to take them in because it’s too late already and she cannot take a child and wander around at this hour. Yoo-mi angrily shouts at her mother stating she always did what she wanted without considering others’ feelings, plus no one ever asked her to get re-married.

Hyeri visits Daebok group again and bringing tons of stuff along too; food and a new set of cutlery. She instructs Yoo-mi to use these ingredients and cutlery for Jin-wook from now on. Yoo-mi is curious as to why she is giving these stuff to her because she’s doing fine in taking care of Jin-wook. Hyeri snorts at her claim and disses the awful looking pancake, plus she’s heard Yoo-mi has been making dishes that does not suit Jin-wook’s taste. Hyeri also requests Yoo-mi to send photos of her dishes to her but Yoo-mi laughs in disbelief as to why she needs to. Hyeri answers she wants to be get married to Jin-wook and needs to know how to be a good wife, Jin-wook walks into the kitchen at this moment and overhears Hyeri’s claim. He angrily asks who’s permission she has to make such a decision. With that said he also grabs onto Yoo-mi and pulls her next to him, he then declares the only food he will eat is from Yoo-mi because she’s his personal nutritionist.


“That’s why no one can tell her what to do, except me”

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