My Secret Romance synopsis

So I have finished “Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon” and I am quite clueless with what to watch next, I wanted to watch the “The Liar and his Lover” but turned against the idea because it doesn’t seem as entertaining as this; we all love a bit of humour. Also the drama has already progressed quite far and I don’t really like catching up with so many episodes and summaries to write, you get me? But yes… this is how I came across this drama and I’ve noticed there aren’t many synopsis or summary about this drama so I couldn’t really get an idea about this drama before I started watching, but after watching the first 2 episode I have got a rough idea on what this drama is about. I think…

This drama is really the typical rich-boy, poor-girl and all the dynamics between it. All drama fans you will know what I’m saying, it’s basically the recycled versions of Cinderella. As much as it sounds like I am dissing it, I am not. I actually enjoy the simplicity of the drama, it has a very crisp and clean feel. It’s not too heavy on the heart and soul and emotion. It won’t make you stay up all night and be like ‘must watch’ and make you stay at your same spot for the next 6 hours while holding your 6 litre filled-up bladder. It’s not that, this drama flows pretty well; it has memorable scenes and light humour. It won’t be a life-changing drama but it does fill up your time nicely, especially each episode is pretty short as well so don’t worry, your eyes can rest.


Without further blabbing here is the summary of this drama (how I would write the summary anyways >.<): 

1 girl. 1 Boy. 1 Destiny. NOT. Just kidding haha. Actually maybe I am not joking after all, the drama is really about 1 girl, 1 boy and their destiny together. Cha Jin-Wook (Sung Hoon) is your typical Korean rich-boy that has more than enough money to feed the nation and Lee Yoo-mi (Song Ji-eun) is your typical girl doing a modest job- Nutritionist. But their encounter is far from the normal. Yoo-mi attends her mother’s 3rd wedding (something like that) and Jin-wook is helping out at the wedding (he was banished from his kingdom to work at the hotel because his father was not happy with the news regarding him). So blah blah blah they encountered each other and due to some circumstances they do not get along and the usual arguing between main characters comes along, but their own problems worked to their advantage and played a little dose of magic on their romance. Jin-wook was upset about not being able to celebrate his mother’s birthday and Yoo-mi was troubled by her mother’s embarrassing lifestyle. Although there wasn’t any comforting exchanges between them but they used their body to express their comfort instead. *Cough cough*. Oh and with the help of alcohol and knowing they’re miles away from their hometown, also the possibility of not seeing the person again.

BUT Yoo-mi is a very reserved lady despite her one-night stand saying otherwise, she abandoned Jin-wook after the night they spent with each other and did not contact each other for the next 3 years (yes, the drama did an interesting time skip even in the first 2 episodes), well not exactly they can anyways because they don’t have each others’ number, or even know anything about each other apart from how they look like. However their fate does not end there. Yoo-mi successfully became a Nutritionist and been allocated to work at Jin-wook’s company, however as Jin-wook is a workaholic he seldom skips his meal causing his body to pay the price. One day he faints and his secretary arranges their company’s nutritionist to sort out Jin-wook’s meal, and that nutritionist is the one and only Yoo-mi. Jin-wook secretly cannot forgive/ forget Yoo-mi for abandoning him after the one-night stand and is holding a grudge against her for the humiliation she caused. Jin-wook’s abuses his position as director and will torment the girl who embarrassed him, however only if he can stop himself from loving her.