My Secret Romance ep 2 summary


Yoo-mi wakes up and looks around, she is wearing no clothes and next to her is Jin-wook who is also naked. She swings her head back and forth in annoyance of what could potentially happen between them but this is no time to be blaming anyone or anything especially she sees a group of middle-aged women approaching their car. Yoo-mi gathers as many clothes as possible and sprints away before more people come.


Jin-wook is working hard, he even models the company’s underwear himself which has proven to be effective because it increased the sales greatly. One of the board members asks Jin-wook where he got his inspiration from. Jin-wook simply answers that a businessman should be able to turn a crisis into a virtue. Jin-wook’s father acknowledgedly claps which causes the whole room to start clapping. After the presentation the father praises Jin-wook again which Jin-wook informs his father about the next steps in their project. Out of the blue the father asks Jin-wook’s plan on having a baby. Jin-wook excuses himself claiming he’s busy but the father instructs him to not be a monk and get married already.

Yoo-mi has recently been qualified as a nutritionist and been allocated to Daebok company, her friends are envious of Yoo-mi because she can flirt with the guys there. Turns out her new work place is Jin-wook’s company. Their meeting cannot be any sooner, Jin-wook and Yoo-mi both gets on the lift (different lifts that are opposite of each other) but before the door closes Jin-wook sees a glimpse of Yoo-mi but the elevator door slowly closes before he gets a closer look whether it’s really Yoo-mi. He squeeze his eyes together trying to picture her face again but struggles. He turns toward his assistant and asks whether he saw the girl’s face however his secretary is completely confused and asks if Jin-wook is sick.

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Yoo-mi’s new colleagues aren’t exactly nice especially the team leader who seems to be really unfriendly. Nonetheless one of her colleague gives Yoo-mi a tour of their company. She warns Yoo-mi that the director of the company has very bad temper and never eats at the canteen. Note: The director is Jin-wook. 

Jin-wook seems to be still carry the 500 won that Yoo-mi gave him, he flicks it around until he reaches the meeting room and then gently places it down. He switches on the timer for the meeting, giving only 25 minutes for the workers to express their suggestions. None of the ideas are approvable, Jin-wook stands up in anger but suddenly his body sways and collapses on his chair. Jin-wook’s hardworking ethic has taken a toll on his body because he ends up hospitalised. Turns out Jin-wook has been overworking his body and it’s taken a toll on his health. Secretary comes up with a plan to make Jin-wook eat, he instructs Yoo-mi to personally prepare Jin-wook’s meal because she is the company’s nutritionist and it makes sense in terms of financially and locally to entrust her with such task. Without knowing the Director’s personality or even who he is Yoo-mi accepts the offer. However her newly found responsibility isn’t taken too kindly by Yoo-mi’s colleagues, the hospitality leader angrily shouts at Yoo-mi and says Director’s meals will be her own responsibility and not theirs so she shouldn’t get others involved.

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Yoo-mi hesitantly hands over her porridge to secretary so he can give it to the director. As expected Jin-wook rejects the horrible looking porridge immediately, secretary instructs Yoo-mi to cook again which she does but by the time the 2nd batch arrives to Jin-wook he has left for a business trip. Yoo-mi is tired out and before she goes home she stops by the restaurant downstair. Her friend Jung Hyun-Tae (Kim Jae-Young) joins her, he is a famous writer and the owner of a bookstore. She complains about having to work hard which he suggests to drink with him because she might feel better but Yoo-mi declines explaining she should not drink. He asks her the reason why, and suggests she reads erotic books when she is drunk. Yoo-mi is offended by his suggestion and violently grabs his head into a headlock.

Yoo-mi oversees Jin-wook’s secretary throwing out the lunch she made. She confronts the secretary and asks her to pass on a message to Jin-wook- to not waste any food. Jin-wook happens to be walking along the corridor but the moment he sees Yoo-mi he immediately runs into the wall he just passed by and hides. He continues watching the whole conversation from afar.

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Jin-wook looks at Yoo-mi’s resume whilst crushing the note she left for him. The next day the secretary hands Yoo-mi a large folder containing all of Jin-wook’s personal preferences towards food. Secretary instructs Yoo-mi to cook the food according to the information in the folder. Yoo-mi stammers in shock at the amount of information that is related to Jin-wook’s dietary requirement. Secretary states if she has any issues then she should call Jin-wook’s number instead, he hands over Jin-wook’s business card to Yoo-mi.

Jin-wook thinks back to the day Yoo-mi abandoned him, leaving him embarrassed and humiliated by the group of middle aged women. Yoo-mi’s job as Jin-wook’s personal meal coordinator isn’t exactly going smoothly as Jin-wook continues refusing the food she gives him. To not waste the food, Yoo-mi has to eats all the meals he has refused so basically all because he hasn’t consumed any. Yoo-mi carefully looks at Jin-wook’s profile picture however the photo is not clear enough so she cannot identify him, but the outline of his face is enough to make Yoo-mi think the director could potentially be Jin-wook.

Yoo-mi rants to Hyun-Tae about Jin-wook through texts but gets carried away and accidentally sends a hate text to Jin-wook. Yoo-mi finally realises what she has done and sprints to the director’s office to apologise for her sin. Secretary stops Yoo-mi from entering but Jin-wook shouts from inside his room the let Yoo-mi in. Slowly she steps in without knowing who the evil director is all along.

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Jin-wook has his back facing Yoo-mi and continues staying in this posture even when Yoo-mi introduces herself. Yoo-mi makes up a lie claiming the text was for her friend however Jin-wook is not buying anything she is saying, he sarcastically states he never knew Yoo-mi is so busy to be cooking for her friends too. Yoo-mi apologises again and begs for forgiveness. Jin-wook turns around and Yoo-mi gasps in shock. The man that she had a one-night stand with, the man she had abandoned, the man that had tormented her with cooking responsibilities is the one and only Jin-wook.

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