My Secret Romance ep 1 summary


Cha Jin-Wook (Sung Hoon) is your main dude of this drama. He enters the night club and seemingly seems popular with the girls as they cannot help but look at him. He shortly joins his friend and comments on the bad music, he states he learnt how to be a DJ during his time in Spain; hinting he will replace the DJ. On the other hand Lee Yoo-Mi (Song Ji-eun) seems to be new to the unfamiliar environment as her outfit choice is too similar to a working outfit. Even her friends cannot help but comment on it too. Yoo-mi explains she had an interview today therefore had no choice but to dress formally for this outing. Jin-wook changes the song which seems to be pleasing the crowd, except for Yoo-mi whom is quietly sitting by herself while her friends are dancing.


“Gosh, I shouldn’t have come here. I shouldn’t be clubbing right now. No, it’s okay. I’m sure I passed my interview today. The vibe is good. There’s lots of hotties here. The alcohol tastes good too. Everything is good except me”

She downs her drink and aggressively places the empty glass on the table. She takes off her bauble to loosen her hair and joins the dance floor. However her dancing does not match what she intended it to be. Yoo-mi is joined by a weird dude who aggressive dances opposite of her. She escapes quickly, well the quickest manner for a drunk person that is.

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On her way to the toilet she sees Jin-wook caressing a lady’s face while blocking the toiler’s door. Yoo-mi wittinesses the scene whilst squealing as she is guessing what Jin-wook is saying to the lady. Instead of saying something romantic like what Yoo-mi is picturing he comments on the lady’s feature and how she got plastic surgery for them. Yoo-mi can no longer hold her bladder and runs into the toilet pushing Jin-wook out of the way.  Jin-wook also uses this chance to say bye to the lady but the lady aggressively pulls him back towards her. He whispers in her ear that he needs to feed his cat. Haha what an excuse. 

Jin-wook’s small affair last night has turned into a full-on news report. His father of course isn’t happy with his son’s behaviour hence he sends him to one of their resorts so he can learn more about the company. Turns out that Yoo-mi and Jin-wook are taking the same bus (Jin-wook is being sent to the resort and is not allowed to ride on his car, Yoo-mi has a wedding to attend). She accidentally hits Jin-wook with her suitcase which he grunts angrily at her, she looks over and sees a seat next to him which she assumes he was trying to gesture her the availability of the seat. Yoo-mi thanks him and squeezes pass him but as the bus starts to move she falls onto his lap. She pauses in shock and Jin-wook angrily asks her to remove herself from him. The bus arrives to the destination which all the passengers gets off apart from Yoo-mi and Jin-wook, they’re in totally deep sleep.

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What better way to learn about the company than to be the bellboy. With much hesitation and complains Jin-wook cooperates in the end, cooperating with wearing the bellboy outfit but not the tasks that are involved. One of his colleagues, assuming someone superior, orders Jin-wook to start working because they have a wedding to serve today or she will report back to the Chairman. Jin-wook gets up and reluctantly agrees to work.

Turns out the wedding that Yoo-mi is attending belongs to her mother’s. Yoo-mi pleads her mother to make this her last wedding however her mother is more concern with Yoo-mi’s outfit choice and how she does not have a date. Yoo-mi speaks back claiming her mother is simply re-marrying and it’s not something to be bragging about either. Without any more exchanges her mother instructs someone to give Yoo-mi a full makeover. Yoo-mi complains the dress being too tight and seems to be hating every second of it.

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The ceremony starts and Yoo-mi is paying more attention to the food than the exchange of vows however her attention slowly drifts to the guests who are whispering about her mother’s past career; how she was an actress for erotic movies. Yoo-mi thinks back to how her classmates were gossiping about her, Yoo-mi leaves the wedding whilst fighting back her tears. She runs along the hallway and nearly crashes into the cart but quickly reflexes back grabbing the cloth on top of the cart however it does not support her weight therefore she consequently falls back. Jin-wook automatically catches her to prevents her from falling down. They share a long stare between them until the cake falls right on top of Yoo-mi’s head and some on Jin-wook’s clothes. Yoo-mi quickly runs away to escape the embarrassment.

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Jin-wook walks into You-mi’s room and even pours her a glass of wine. Yoo-mi refuses  and demands him to leave instead he explains he’s here to apologise. Ji-eun hurries him to say it quickly but Jin-wook somehow does not understand what apologising means, he steps closer and closer to Yoo-mi He looks into Yoo-mi’s eyes from a close distance which makes Yoo-mi uncomfortable. He is annoyed at her oblivious comment and declares the person who should apologise is her; she was the one who ran into him causing the cake to fall and also she fell on him during the bus ride too. With that said he angrily leaves but accidentally drops his car keys in her room.

Yoo-mi is flustered and declares Jin-wook is annoying and to make matter worst Jin-wook is good-looking too which makes Yoo-mi even more flustered. Nonetheless she helps herself to the wine he leaves behind whilst snorting at his comment about the wine’s price. Yoo-mi happily drinks the wine while getting ready to hop into the bath tub. However because the floor is slippery she consequently falls down while spilling the red wine on herself.

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Jin-wook returns to get his dropped car key but before he even steps inside he hears Yoo-mi crying for help. He immediately grabs the master key from his colleague and rushes in to save the damsel in distress. Yoo-mi hears Jin-wook coming in and pretends to be unconscious as she’s in such an embarrassing state however it simply makes the scene more scary because she looks like someone who’s just been stabbed. Jin-wook runs down the corridor whilst carrying the ‘unconscious’ You-mi, even the ambulances arrives to the scene. The paramedics asks Yoo-mi whether she is conscious and can hear them, she continues pretending to be unconscious but one of the paramedic senses something is off and tickles Yoo-mi. She can’t hide her laughter anymore and even kicks the paramedic. Things gets a bit awkward…

Jin-wook angrily screams at her asking what she was doing pretending to be injured. Yoo-mi tries to explain the whole situation but he snaps again. Yoo-mi snaps back asking why he came into her room without permission. Jin-wook simply states she called for help. Yoo-mi suddenly turns teary while thinking about all her misfortunes. Jin-wook wraps his his bellboy jacket around her and says she should enjoy her holiday without being moody.

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Jin-wook leaves a bouquet outside someone’s house with a card saying “Happy Birthday” however quickly leaves when the owner returns (Jin-wook’s mother). The lady reads the card and immediately looks around almost like she is searching for someone important. Jin-wook watches her reaction from afar and leaves. However while driving away he sees Yoo-mi again; just as miserable as the last time he said bye to her, she is eating seaweed rice ball by herself. He laughs at her for looking miserable and she fights back claiming he stole somebody’s car. She has no idea he’s a rich heir. Jin-wook explains he is not a normal person and is the chairman’s son but Yoo-mi only manages to hear “chairman” and jumps to the conclusion that he stole the chairman’s car. Jin-wook is gobsmacked at her comment but brushes it off and offers her ride.

Jin-wook drives to the seaside and states he’s going to be staying here for a while therefore she can go back first or join him. He also informs her that he’s not hitting on her therefore she shouldn’t get her hopes up. Yoo-mi even grabs the wine bottle from him and states she doesn’t care what he thinks about her because they will never meet again. She finds a 500 won coin next to her with the year she is born in- 1989, she gives the coin to Jin-wook and tries to cheer him up stating he looks like a sad kitten that lost his mother. With just one sip of the wine Yoo-mi starts behaving drunkenly.

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Yoo-mi and Jin-wook hangs out for the whole day. Yoo-mi says Jin-wook was the first person to ask whether she is okay, even if it’s such a simple question it was enough to soothe her. Jin-wook admits he is quite charming and also praises Yoo-mi to be the only girl who looks pretty when she cries. Yoo-mi starts to feel awkward and gets up but trips again, Jin-wook catches her in time and they share an awkward glance before Jin-wook aggressively kisses her. Yoo-mi pushes him away which he looks away in embarrassment however Yoo-mi grabs onto him and kisses him back. Jin-wook takes her action as a yes and they share a passionate kiss together which slowly progressives into a make out session and the rest is up to your imagination. *cough cough*

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