Cheese in the Trap ep 11 summary


Seol reassures herself that there’s nothing between Jung and In-ha before deleting the photo of them. Young-gon is thinking about his new plan- he should confront Seol about the photo of In-ha and Jung because this can cause Seol to break up with Jung, if not, then at least it can embarrass Jung in front of the whole class. Seol and her gang quickly leaves before Young-on bothers them.

Da-young confronts Young-gon’s obsession with Seol which he aggressively replies and is about to hit her too. In-ha happens to be waiting for them outside the classroom and puts on a whole act in front of the class. She slaps Young-gon and demands to know why he is cheating on her. However her show does not end, she continues beating him up. Even Young-gon’s aggressive behaviour is no match for In-ha’s crazy act. To even embarrass Young-on more In-ha takes out a photo of naked Young-gon and shows it to the class. Da-young is enraged and actually believes Young-gon is cheating on her with In-ha. She slaps him across the face but Young-gon wants to prove his innocence and takes out a photo of Jung and In-ha together. Everyone stares at the drama, and this includes Seol. However instead of being upset about the photo Seol defends Jung instead.


“Without realising it, I felt a surge of anger in that moment. People would think poorly of Senior and insult him because of a guy like that”

Seol confronts Young-gon demanding to know what he is trying to pull. She states she knows In-ha, she’s simply Jung’s childhood friend. Seol brushes it off claiming the photo is no big deal. Young-gon is not buying into Seol’s lies at all, he states she never knew about In-ha before. Seol screams that the person who should stop lying is him. The drama soon comes to an end and the whole class is laughing and turning their back against Young-gon.

seol defends in ha.png

After the whole drama Seol is even brave enough to confront In-ha, she asks whether she really dated Young-gon but In-ha gives her wishy-washy answer in return. Seol asks whether the drama today is related to Jung but In-ha demands her to ask Jung instead but quickly corrects her own speech, Seol will not ask Jung herself because she is afraid of the real truth. In-ha states there are 2 types of girls that are around Jung: those that cling onto him and those that run away after discovering his true personality. However there hasn’t been someone like Seol yet. In-ha warns Seol to leave soon or she will get rid of her.

In-ha goes back to report the incident to Jung. He tries to hold in his anger and state he warned her to not caused a scene however she did the opposite, worst is to show herself in front of Seol too. In-ha defends herself that it’s impossible to not show up in front of Seol because Jung has instructed her to follow Young-gon but the problem is that Young-gon is stalking Seol hence it’s sooner or later they will meet. In-ha tries to change the topic and states she discovers something whilst showing a photo of In-ho and Seol together- Seol and In-ho has been getting along really well recently. Jung stays quiet and looks down angrily, completely believing In-ha’s words.

in ha shows pic of in ho and seol.png

Seol returns home and discovers her father is angrily hitting Jun, he shouts at Jun for quitting University and warns him to stay in America and not return until he has graduated. Jun bursts into tears and exclaims he is not happy in America especially he knows that his family is not financially coping yet paying such large amount for his studies. The father states they will manage it somehow, perhaps Seol can take a semester off. Seol steps in and asks why she needs to drop out.


“I even left my apartment last semester because of his tuition. I commuted back and forth for four hours. I work and got a scholarship. I did everything on my own. But now…to take care of Jun I have to take a semester off?”

Seol’s father tries to explain his reasoning, he states Seol’s life will be sorted if she gets married however Jun has to support the entire family. Seol emphasis that she is also his child and has been earning her own tuition from the start, everyday she is worried about money to the point her head might burst.

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She has been working hard every single day and wants to know why her father is treating her like that. Seol simply wants to be praised and comforted too. Seol’s mother tries to calm Seol down but Seol shouts at her as well, claiming she is simply the same- always relying on her if things go wrong. Seol’s mother attempts to reason it out stating that Seol is very responsible that’s why she goes to her. Seol asks her family whom can she rely on then. Silence fills the air. Seol runs out of the house. Jun runs after his sister but Seol is nowhere to be found, he sees a passerby In-ho and asks whether he’s seen Seol which he answers no. Jun explains Seol had an argument with their dad and she’s not picking up her phone either. In-ho states he will also go and search for Seol and if Jun discovers anything then let him know.

Seol calls Bora but because Bora is having dinner with her dad, Seol feels bad to intrude therefore covers up her pained voice and quickly says goodbye. Seol continues walking and walking whilst thinking about how she always had been alone but in the end she does want someone on her side too. Suddenly Jung appears in front of her. Seol cannot hold back her tears anymore, almost like Jung can sense her feelings he asks whether she was looking for him. Seol sobs whilst running up to hug Jung. She continues to sob and sob. In-ho arrives to the scene and witnesses Seol hugging Jung. Poor In-ho was too late.

jung on seol side.png


“Even with Senior I have so many questions, but the fact that he is with me right now and that I can see his face and hear his voice. That I can feel his warmth. Those things alone are reason enough that we cannot break up”

Seol and Jung decides to go for a drive before heading back because Seol doesn’t want to return home yet. However her night with Jung does not end there, Seol wakes up and finds herself sleeping on Jung’s bed. He approaches her and teases Seol saying that she must have been very tired hinting she snored very loudly through the whole night. He passes Seol her phone and says she had many calls last night. Seol goes through her messages which all of them are from her worried parents.

Jung hugs Seol and pushes her onto the bed saying he couldn’t sleep very well because of her. He continues hugging Seol whilst trying to sleep but Seol is too busy wrestling away from him but after a while she gives up in total. Jung asks whether he can contact her from now on which Seol does not respond. Jung kisses Seol and asks whether he can go see her from now on, Seol does not answer again but as she lets Jung kisses her Jung takes it as a yes. He happily exclaims their reconcile.

jung can i come see you now.png

Someone has also posted all the photos of Young-gon stalking Seol on their University’s forum. Young-gon comforts himself that no one can see the photos and even if they can it’s impossible to identify it as him. However his own comforting is soon ruined when Sang-chul approaches him and asks whether the photos are of him. Young-gon tries to figure out the person who posted the photo which he concludes is In-ho.

In-ho joins Seol for their studying session but instead of sitting next to her, he places himself a seat away and is seemingly reluctant to interact with her, yet is seeking her attention. Seol moves next to him which In-ho swivels away to keep a distance. However Seol manages to grab a hold of him and pulls him towards her, she starts marking his work whilst giving him advice. However In-ho is not listening and seems to be absorbed into his own world, his heartbeat starts beating rapidly. He urges Seol to end the lesson here for today which causes Seol to be concern because In-ho is acting unusual.

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In-ho takes Seol to a place where her father hands out leaflets about their noodle shop. Seol finally realise why her father is not at the store; he is working hard somewhere else. Seol states she knows nothing about Jun or her dad and all this time she thought she was the only one who was suffering. Seol drags her brother and mother to show how hardworking the father is. Seol’s parents awkwardly exchanges looks to each other as they are still in an argument but despite that Seol’s mother quickly wrap her scarf around her husband as she’s scared he is cold.

The whole family decides to go out to eat which includes In-ho as well. Seems like they have accepted the fact that Jun has dropped out from the America university as because they are laughing and talking about his future. Seol’s parents seems to favour In-ho, even if they do not say it their actions convey their affection towards him, they repeatedly gives In-ho more food claiming his exams are hard. This has affected In-ho’s mood which he consequently shows it through his piano playing. The piano teacher even comments on it and praises him.

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Jung visits Seol on campus to have lunch with her, he asks whether anything interesting has been happening. Seol is about to tell him about Young-gon but is reluctant because she is worried that the topic might ruin the mood. Jung asks whether her studying is going smoothly however Seol brushes it off as well; she should tell him that she’s helping In-ho to study but she thinks it’s not worthwhile to say since it’s simply studying together. Their lunch date is then interrupted by In-ho and his piano teacher which they helps themselves to the seats next to Jung and Seol. In-ho and the piano teacher starts bickering about In-ho’s academic progress however In-ho tries to defend himself and says he’s been studying well and asks for Seol’s confirmation. Seol chokes on her food in shock at his sudden comment because she hasn’t told Jung about helping In-ho. Seol continues to cough and cough.

In-ho’s teacher asks whether Jung is In-ho’s friend which Jung admits he is but In-ho angrily deny it. In-ho’s teacher states In-ho’s piano skills are impeccable but he needs to control his anger, recently his piano sound has a lot of emotion. He adds that In-ho could be dating recently and he coughs in shock at the sudden question. Jung stares at In-ho in annoyance.

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Piano teacher leaves first and In-ho is about to exit too but answers the call made by Jun first. Jun asks In-ho to buy kitchen towel and bowls which he agrees but Seol quickly interrupt the conversation because the bowl they’re been buying has issues. Jung watches them in jealousy at how close they are; In-ho knows everything about Seol’s family.

The drama skips back to when Jung is a high school student and has returned home. He discovered In-ha, In-ho and his father talking happily about In-ho’s crush. Everyone seems to be getting along well without him. The current Jung stares into the air and his facial expression changes to a cold-hearted and scared face. Jung abruptly excuses himself and Seol chases after him asking whether he is okay. Jung states she has gotten closer to In-ho. Seol stutters trying to explain the situation; In-ho works at their store and she also helps him study hence it’s unavoidable that they’re close. With that said Jung leaves immediately, Seol grabs onto his arm to explain more but Jung grabs his arm back and leaves.

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