Cheese in the Trap ep 10 summary


As Jung hugs Seol he places a can of coffee into Seol’s pocket, without another word he leaves. After the exam Eun-taek leaves Bora and Seol as he claims he’s not hungry and does not need lunch which leaves Seol and Bora in confusion. Turns out Eun-taek is meeting Jung. Jung states Seol is going through hardship recently but he’s not at school due to his internships therefore was wondering if he is able to update him anything about Seol. Eun-taek hesitates but shows a video of Young-gon chasing after Soel. Jung calmly watches the video and asks whether he knows what Seol is going to do with the video, Eun-taek replies that she is collecting these videos and then reporting it to the police. Jung requests him to send him these videos and Eun-taek agrees but unsure what he wants to do with the videos but nonetheless brushes it off.

Jung places his arms around Min-soo which causes her to step back in shock. He apologises because from the back she looks like Seol. He then compliments the lion keyring and asks whether her boyfriend also has one. Min-soo stutters a yes. Jung approaches her and gently removes her hair from her face, he states that no matter how hard she tries she can never be Seol. Min-soo is confused and asks him to elaborate but he simply walks away with an emotionless face. Min-soo is shocked at Jung’s sudden coldheartedness and thinks back to how he helped her to find the slides. Min-soo is confused, she starts to questions his motives and finally decides that Seol was the person who directed him to do it so Min-soo can get into trouble.

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Min-soo wittinesses her new arch-enemy is hanging out with her crush. Seol is curious why her brother is on campus which he answers that he’s having lunch with Jung. He also invites Seol but she quickly declines it, claiming she has tests to study for. Ah-young joins them and everyone is having a nice time. Min-soo angrily watches them claiming life is unfair because Seol has stolen everything away from her. She violently presses on the lion keyring as she watches Seol. Later on she aggressively bumps into Seol claiming she never saw her. Min-soo throws the lion keyring on the floor then stamps on it before kicking it back to Seol. Seol is shocked and disgusted at her behaviour but decides to how it back because she has a test soon and does not want it affecting her results. Jung sees the whole scene but does not say anything, he also enters the classroom to sit the test.

Jung decides to sit in front of Min-soo and calls over his friend to join him. Jung’s friend praises Min-soo for looking pretty recently which Da-young jumps in stating Min-soo has a boyfriend but she refuses to show a photo. Jung adds that she has a photo of her boyfriend on her phone, Min-soo refuses claiming she does not have her phone with her but Da-young notices it on the table and quickly grabs it so she can show their classmates.

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Seol confronts Min-soo after the test. Min-soo defends herself claiming Seol has a victim mind-set; when someone has the same item as you it does not mean they stole it. Their argument starts getting heated and everyone is staring at them. Seol asks again whether she really has nothing to be sorry about. Min-soo demands she really does not. Jun walks in and walks over to Seol, Da-young notices and asks whether Jun is Min-soo’s boyfriend. Seol figures out what has happened- Jung purposely called Jun over just so he can embarrass Min-soo in front of the whole class. Jun angrily defends himself claiming he isn’t dating Min-soo, he likes Ah-young and is completely baffled at the situation. Min-soo becomes speechless and insists her boyfriend looks like Jun, that is all. Seol grabs the phone from Min-soo and confirms the photo is really is Jun. Seol demands to know why she has a photo of her brother and what is she doing with it. Everyone starts mumbling about Min-soo’s stalkerish behaviour.

Min-soo gathers herself together and confronts Seol- she knew it from the beginning but wanted to embarrass her in front of the class. Min-soo grabs Seol and demands to know when will Seol stop harassing her. Seol is triggered by her words and pushes Min-soo onto the floor.

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“Everything I wanted you have it all. Good grades, friends and a boyfriend. You have them all. You… What’s s unfair to you?”


“I don’t know why you would say those things. But my grades, my friends and everything else. It didn’t came easily to me. Get it? Min-soo you weren’t like this before. What made you change this way?”

Min-soo starts sobbing claiming she was a nobody before and Seol questions whether she likes it now, especially she is remembered as the ‘Liar Min-soo’. Min-soo continues to sob and sob.

Seol confronts Jung whether he was the one who called Jun over. Jung answers that she was holding in for too long but now it’s better. He comforts Seol that Min-soo has a victim mentality and this is what happens to people like her so Seol shouldn’t let this affect her too much. Seol thinks about how Jung must have been surrounded by people that wanted to use him and how she only has Min-soo yet it affected her so much.

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“I won’t rush. If you can understand me more and come closer to me… I can keep waiting. As long as you come”


“So stay where you are. And I just need to go toward you? Then everything will be okay?”


“At first I thought we were similar. But now, I realise we are just as different. I’m working on it too. On why you are frustrated with me and why you can’t get closer to me”

Jung gently fixes Seol’s fringe before leaving. Seol stays quiet the whole time to fight back her tears.

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In-ho sees Seol walking back lifelessly, he instantly goes up to her to initiate conversation but Seol avoids looking due to her injury from her fight with Min-soo. In-ho finally grabs her hood and notices the injury, he leads Seol to a park and tends her wounds by making. In-ho asks whether she won the fight because the least she can do is to win it especially if the fight is unavoidable. Seol sighs claiming there’s nothing worth fighting for. She elaborates that there are times when you’re envious of someone else but you cannot do anything. She uses herself as an example- if only she accepted Min-soo as a friend then none of the problems would have happened. Seol states she understands how Min-soo feels and relates it back to her situation with Jung- she only listened to what she wanted to hear but never actually properly listened to the truth.

Seol voices over:

“Min-soo didn’t return to school. I think she may take time off after this. That’s what everyone expects. No one is worried about her and as for me…I became a star in many things. But even that kind of interests passes in a moment. The incident between Min-soo and I became old gossip. School moved on as usual”

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In-ho is having his own issues regarding piano but with Seol’s words it seems to have soothed him. She declares his way of playing piano is different to hers because it gives off a different vibe compared to hers, In-ho starts to think the real reason why he plays piano. He asks Seol for advice regarding whether he should go back to school to study his GED, Seol happily exclaims that he should and grips on to his hand in happiness. In-ho does not seem to be even listening to her and looks at his hand, his face turns bright red and brushes it off. Seol approaches him stating his face is bright red, she asks whether he is sick and In-ho quickly insists he’s sick and leaves.

In-ha unexpectedly visits In-ho and finally meets the ‘real Seol’. She apologises to Seol that she keeps getting weird calls from Young-gon hence why she talked nonsense, she reassures Seol that she’s simply childhood friends with Jung and she should not misunderstand. In-ho quickly drags her away before she causes anymore misunderstandings. In-ha asks In-ho his real reason for hanging out with Seol, she asks whether he is doing it to annoy Jung. In-ho awkwardly says yes but In-ha snorts at his reply claiming he needs to work on his lying. In-ha asks if he likes Seol but In-ho angrily shouts at her.

Seol prepares a stack of grade 9 books for In-ho to study from. As In-ho starts studying he tests his feelings for Seol, reassuringly his heart beat is normal. He sighs in relief. However their study session soon comes to an end when Seol has to lure Young-gon out again to record more evidence, but yet again In-ho chases away Young-on as he does not know about Seol’s plan.

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Jung’s father asks Jung whether he is coping with his internship and Jung answers that it’s busy but it’s good because there is many stuff to learn. Jung’s father continues elaborating what he initially wanted to say- many people are watching him and he should be careful with his actions. Jung is displeased with his sudden statement and declares he’s unsure what his father has been hearing to be saying such stuff. Jung states he always feels like he’s doing everything his father wanted yet he is not happy with him. Jung asks whether his father is scared of him and if his behaviour makes him nervous. Jung’s father is completely stunned at Jung’s sudden confrontation.

Thanks to Young-on, Seol’s life is a mess. She is fired from working as a library assistant because of his complaint towards the library, and now he is sending photos of In-ha and Jung to make Seol misunderstand their relationship. Seol spaces out at the library and In-ho joins her so they can study together. He takes out a book about English literature so Seol can teach him however Seol excuses herself but she promises to teach him tomorrow. In-ho senses something is off with Seol and decides to leave studying for tomorrow.

She continues to space out from thinking about Jung and In-ha’s true relationship. In-ho walks her home and gives her bag of weapon (pepper spray, taser and tactical baton) so she can use it to defend herself from Young-gon. He also pressurises Seol to tell him what’s on her mind so he can help him but Seol refuses claiming it won’t help anyways.


“I guess she can’t turn to me for support. Well, I suppose I wouldn’t rely on someone like me either. Ah that’s frustrating”

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