Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon ep 16 summary


Culprit is finally captured and brought to the police station for interrogation. Gook-du questions his intention however he simply replies that he found it fun: the women begged for their lives and were so obedient. Gook-du cannot hold his anger any longer and makes his way to punch him but his senior quickly grabs him back because it’s out of line for a police officer to use violence during interrogation. The culprit laughs at Gook-du being scolded but the senior knocks him down as well for grinning, other polices gets involved to control the angry Gook-du and Senior police officer.

Bong-soon is back to her ordinary life and not a superhero anymore, she has her presentation to focus on- to win the business strategy department over. Min-hyuk practises the questions that the nitpicking team would ask which Bong-soon answers it eloquently without any mistakes. Secretary Gong asks what happens after they defeat the boss and Bong-soon states the main protagonist ‘Super Girl Bbong SSuni’ will rescue ‘Prince Min Min’ and live happily ever after. Secretary Gong continues asking whether they will have kids but Min-hyuk pushes him in embarrassment and happiness; fully knowing the game is based on them.

bong soon game.png

Bong-soon’s father has not returned yet and it’s affecting Bong-soon’s mother a lot, despite her claiming she does not care, her words and actions says otherwise. She angrily cuts up the walnut cake whilst listening to her neighbours advice. However she refuses to learn her mistake and claims that she prefer using words to abuse her husband instead of violence. On the other hand Min-hyuk manages to get in contact with Bong-soon’s father. Min-hyuk asks when he will return home but Bong-soon’s father replies that he will only go home once he has discovered his identity. Min-hyuk pleads him to return sooner and find his identity another time. Bong-soon’s father senses something suspicious is going on and asks why Min-hyuk is so adamant he must return. Min-hyuk confesses- he wants to marry Bong-soon. Bong-soon’s father spits out the water he’s drinking. Min-hyuk continues to plead that he cannot wait to marry Bong-soon and wants to wed ASAP; he cannot live without her and it’s driving him crazy. Bong-soon’s father asks Min-hyuk why he likes his daughter so much.


“Bong-soon is like me. You know, the feeling that I exist only when she does and I don’t if she doesn’t”

Min-hyuk laughs at his answer, claiming he likes Bong-soon too much. Bong-soon’s father silently agrees that he does like Bong-soon a lot. Min-hyuk thanks him for raising Bong-soon up to a beautiful and lovely person but from now on he will take care of her. Bong-soon’s father passively agrees with him and takes out his hand to gesture Min-hyuk to clink his glass.

min hyuk proposal .png

Hee-ji updates Bong-ki that she’s going to Vienna next month because she might get a chance to go into orchestra theatre there. Bong-ki states he already knew because Gook-du told him which surprises Hee-ji whom is silently nodding away at his reply. Bong-ki starts talking about fate and how he never believed it before until recently. He thinks fate exists in everyone, they are constantly attracted by someone then people moves on but if they’re lucky enough they will meet their destiny. Hee-ji states they must not be destine then and how do they know if they’re not destined. Bong-ki explains his sister tells him the feeling is very special, almost like having the person next to you is enough and you do not need anything else.

Min-hyuk helps escort drunk Bong-soon’s father home however Bong-soon’s mother will not let Min-hyuk leave before getting something to drink. She urges him to have a drink before leaving, but he must go to Bong-soon’s room to wait. He awkwardly enters the room but soon makes himself at home, Bong-soon also awkwardly tidies her already-clean room. He approaches Bong-soon ready to kiss her claiming her mother won’t bring tea anyways but Bong-soon’s mother enters immediately. Min-hyuk immediately removes himself from Bong-soon and stands politely. Once Bong-soon’s mother leave, Min-hyuk approaches Bong-soon again but this time Bong-ki enters. With so many disturbance Bong-soon has to walk Min-hyuk out so he can go home.

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It has been decided by the judge that the culprit will receive life imprisonment. Min-hyuk also claims the credit for capturing the culprit because Bong-soon cannot disclose her powers. Min-hyuk claims that he does not even want this award but Bong-soon doesn’t understand why and informs him that he will have to accept more awards in the replacement of her. Gook-du also updates them that he will be relocating to the Gangnam police station.

Bong-soon finally presents her presentation, the audience notices the similarity in the evil boss character and Secretary Gong and starts laughing. As Bong-soon starts talking about her game Min-hyuk goes into a daydream and thinks about all the things he’s gone through with Bong-soon- how she really did save him from his lonely kingdom. The presentation ends with a wave of clap acknowledging Bong-soon’s game.

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Gook-du and Bong-soon hangs out together, he reminds Bong-soon of the time she did a hip-hop dance in Grade 5 and with flowers in her hair. Bong-soon begs him to stop talking because it’s embarrassing but it just triggers Gook-du to tease her more. He asks if she remembers him saying that he likes girls that are like Cosmo. Bong-soon sighs claiming she cannot forget it because of what he said she pretended to be a fragile girl. Gook-du simply looks at her and calls her stupid, the Cosmo that he was referring to was her because she was small and delicate. He said is aloud so she can hear. Bong-soon smiles and states she never knew he said it for her to hear. Gook-du explains no matter what shape she is in, he would still like her just as much- he likes the odd and considerate Bong-soon.


“We are friends who won’t ever change, right?”

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Gook-du wishes her happiness before he leaves which Bong-soon does the same. Bong-soon goes back to her room and looks through the photos of Gook-du that she has on her phone. She thinks back to her past with Gook-du and how their friendship has never changed. She changes Gook-du’s contact name on her phone as “my friend, Gook-du”. On the other hand, Gook-du goes back to his car and holds back his tears. He takes out the box containing the necklace that he intended to give Bong-soon and laughs at his own stupidity. As he laughs he wipes a tear away from his eye.

Bong-ki apologises to Gook-du for dating Hee-ji and Gook-du asks whether they broke up because of him. Bong-ki does not reply and stays quiet. He asks whether he knew about him and Bong-soon and Bong-ki admits it. Gook-du becomes annoyed and demands to know why he never told him. Bong-ki question whether Gook-du really did not know that Bong-soon liked him despite being so obvious. Gook-du stays quiet but explains all this time he liked Bong-soon and was so overwhelmed by his own feelings towards her to even realise she liked him back. Bong-ki asks whether anything will change even if he realised it sooner. Gook-du stays quiet and seems to understand that even if his feelings are reciprocated nothing will change between him and Bong-soon.

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Team manager Oh has approved Bong-soon’s game hence she is finally accepted into the business strategy department. But before he leaves he has to flaunt his authority, Bong-soon will develop under his guidance and there are few parts in the game that needs improvement. But nonetheless it is a unique game and it definitely has a market for it. Secretary Gong congratulates Bong-soon and claims that the game will definitely succeed because TM Oh has an accuracy of 80% and he’s well known in the game department. Bong-soon squeals in delight at her newly found position and the future of her game.

Gook-du calls Min-hyuk out because he has few words for him- if he ever hurts Bong-soon he will kill him and he has his eyes on them so he better not make the wrong move. Min-hyuk sighs holding in his anger, he states his words are too rude to even laugh it off. Gook-du urges him to shut up because Bong-soon is his friend and if Min-hyuk fails to make her happy he will not be pleased. Min-hyuk snaps back and states if he’s this obsessive then of course he will not be happy. Before Gook-du leaves he wants Min-hyuk to know few facts about Bong-soon. She likes spicy food, she has peach allergies, she likes baseball, she also likes mountains instead of oceans and last but not least, if she ever struggles to sleep then he should read her a book. Min-hyuk shouts after him in disbelief claiming he knew these facts himself.

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Bong-soon is riding the bus and notices that the passengers on the bus is playing her game, she smiles in delight.

Bong-soon voices over:

“I finally achieved my dream to develop a game based on myself. I began to dream of this because I had to hide my powers and I could only use my strength in games. A lot of things happened, and a lot of things changed. I can’t live as Bong-soon in the game forever “

Bong-soon continues being the secret undercover hero, she helps push away the car that is on top of a man. She urges the bystanders to help to cover up her immense strength. This is not the only case that Bong-soon has helped with, she continues using her powers for good causes but due to her absence from work she gets scolded by team manager Oh. Soon she is removed from business strategy and has to work in Min-hyuk’s office again as an intern.

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Bong-soon’s father goes into his daughter’s room and informs her that he does like Min-hyuk and he has his full approval. If she likes him too then she can ‘fly’ away, he instructs her to be confident and do whatever she wants. Both of them starts crying at each other’s comforting words.

Min-hyuk invites Bong-soon on a date, a romantic stroll underneath the cherry blossom. As they watch the cherry blossom, Min-hyuk states the petals falls at ‘5cm per second’ and it makes him wonder how fast his heart can race towards her. Bong-soon becomes curious and asks Min-hyuk when did he actually started liking her. He states he liked her from the start, the moment they first met. Bong-soon wonders why he took so long to take action and Min-hyuk replies that he waited for her heart to completely turn towards him. Min-hyuk states he was happy waiting because he knew they are meant to be.

bong soon min hyuk cherry blossom.png

Min-hyuk continues, they must come back to this place every year even if 10 years has gone by. Bong-soon reminds him that during the rooftop incident he told her that he had something to say and she is curious as to what it is.


“I don’t think I can live a single moment without you. Let’s stay together forever”

Min-hyuk takes out a ring and places it on Bong-soon’s ring finger. She smiles at her new ring and Min-hyuk gently kisses her.

The drama skips to Bong-soon’s and Min-hyuk’s wedding. The guests ranges from close family members, colleagues, Baek-tak’s gang to Gook-du. As Bong-soon’s father walks his daughter down the aisle Min-hyuk stares in awe of his bride-to-be. With the exception of the slight disturbance from team leader Oh everything goes smoothly.

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However after the wedding everything changes… just not so smoothly anymore but just as happy. Bong-soon soon gives birth to 2 twin daughters and to Min-hyuk’s shock he needs a babysitter ASAP because there is no way he will be able to control 2 demonic strength babies. However even Baek-tak’s underling gives up the opportunity ASAP as the strength these babies hold are not something to be messed with. With not much choice left Min-hyuk has to tend his own daughters and cannot use babysitters, but with a bruised eye he has to call his wife for help. Bong-soon answers angrily claiming she warned him to not call her when she’s working. Min-hyuk informs her that the babysitters have quit again and he has no idea what to do. But Bong-soon has no intention of going home just now because she has the world to save, she looks around the city speculating any dangers that she can help with.


“The world still needs someone to fight evil. I want to make the world a little better for our children. I am strong woman Bong-soon”

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And that is the end of Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon my friends. I could go on and on about the drama but I think I will sum up few points…

 This drama has been a hit due to it’s cute scenes and comedic storyline but to top it all, it has the aspect of thriller in it too. I thought the drama would be similar to ‘Weightlifting Fairy’ but am I wrong, this drama focuses more on the society and how it operates all together. I like how this drama combines serious issues such as abduction and it ranges to neighbourhood arguments. Conflicts occur everywhere and danger is lurking without people realising, I feel like the message this drama wants to give is really deep. Despite the comedic aspects Bong-soon is your average girl (excluding her powers), but with her powers she has nothing to fear. Many things girl (or human in general) cannot do Bong-soon is able to. With such demonic strength Bong-soon does not use it for evil or to her advantage but she wants to convert this potentially dangerous strength to the society’s advantage. It’s almost like the drama is telling you that although you may be stronger, more beautiful, more rich etc the list goes on, you don’t have to use these traits or attributes to your own advantage because there’s more to life than just yourself. For example the future generation. Bong-soon was wary of the criminal but her desire to capture him never was triggered until he abducted Sim and I feel like this is what the drama wanted to tell us, if Bong-soon’s used her strength at an earlier stage she would have prevented future misfortunes and nonetheless to people close to her. However there is more to that than just realising that ‘hey I could capture the criminal and everyone will be safe’. This is when Min-hyuk enters, Bong-soon was never confident with her strength, she was unconsciously scared of her own strength and would use it as a last resort but with Min-hyuk’s training she soon became confident in her strength and it gave her the ability to control it. Min-hyuk gave the confidence and acceptance she needed, she was so scared to be turned away by other people but Min-hyuk accepted her and wanted her to realise her own ability too. There was this dynamic between Bong-soon’s self-esteem and her strength, she needed the connection and confidence to fully reach her potential. The game that Bong-soon wanted to design was her ideal world- her helping the world with her strength but the game had some alterations- she added Min-hyuk into the story. Although the game said Bong-soon saved Prince Min Min from the lonely castle, you can actually relate it to Bong-soon too. He also saved Bong-soon from her lonely castle, he gave her a reason to leave her insecurity and to embrace her powers, he helped turn her flaws into her strength. That’s why Gook-du lost against Min-hyuk… sobs.

Speaking of Gook-du, I love his character and I can honesty say he would be my favourite character. He is an honest and hardworking police man that is willing to do anything for his citizens. His confession in the end really broke up heart, his explanation why he didn’t realise Bong-soon’s affection was actually valid. Sometimes you focus on yourself too much that you cannot even realise others’ feelings and that’s what exactly happened to Gook-du. Gook-du probably liked Bong-soon from the start but did not realise it till too late, he was so adapted with liking her that his feelings towards her was something he just accepted and never thought of. The same applies to how he never realised Bong-soon liking him, they were friends and he probably thought Bong-soon’s behaviour towards him was because they’re friends. So it just went on and on, and to be honest they were too close and it could potentially ruin their friendship too. As Min-hyuk said there is a small line between friendship and relationship, someone has to take the first step but neither of them did. Bong-soon never once told him that she liked him, she behaved it but so did he. None of them actually realised the other person liked them back. As years go by the feelings they hold for each other became a norm that it felt comfortable and didn’t needed to be seek out.

I don’t know how I want to feel about Bong-ki and Hee-ji. After all that they’re not even together, Bong-ki basically stole Hee-ji away from Gook-du, well not quite but close enough. I understand what Bong-ki said, Hee-ji didn’t exactly like him enough and neither did her. Bong-ki said that if you found your destiny having that person by your side is enough however none of them did anything to keep the other person by their side. Bong-ki could have moved with Hee-ji but he didn’t and Hee-ji could have stayed but she didn’t. Why is that? Because secretly they know that they’re not each other’s ‘destiny’ and just having each other by their side is not enough.

Overall there are few parts that I don’t like about this drama, I think it started out great but soon it slowly went downhill. I didn’t really like how Bong-soon and Min-hyuk got married so ASAP but I guess they wanted to wrap up what happened with them afterwards so I can excuse that. I like how Bong-soon gave birth to 2 twin daughters that also possess the great powers and how Bong-soon is not your full-time mother instead she is out and saving lives. One thing I do wanna know is what happened to Min-hyuk’s inheritance, so did the evil brothers get the inheritance or not. It doesn’t matter cause Min-hyuk is capable and can support himself but I wanna know, just out of curiosity. Min-hyuk’s family did not even attend his wedding either but Baek-tak’s crew was there?! What in the world.

To sum it all, Strong woman was a pleasure to watch but when I think about it in the end the drama doesn’t really leave a memorable scene nor something I will remember in the long term. But if you do want a comedic and cute drama, this is the one for you but if you’re weak-hearted and hate thriller stay far from this drama because some scene will scare you. Or some scenes are too sweet that you might die from diabetes.