Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon ep 15 summary


Voldemort sees the firework in the air and realises that his plan has failed completely. Bong-soon is in a weepy mess, she hugs Min-hyuk in fear and happiness. Min-hyuk reassures her that everything is okay now. Min-hyuk hesitates to let Bong-soon go back home as he wants to spend the night with her, but after receiving a call from Bong-soon’s father he immediately agrees sending Bong-soon home. They’ve arrived outside Bong-soon’s house and before she says bye, she tells Min-hyuk today was one of her happiest days in her life.

Min-hyuk returns home and looks at his inured hand, he thinks back to Bong-soon’s plead during the bomb incident. He finally realises that Bong-soon was trying to save him all along. Bong-soon is sitting on her bed and thinks back to Min-hyuk’s declaration- how he will save and protect her no matter what.

Bong-soon arrives to Min-hyuk’s house, seemingly out of breath, she declares she simply misses him. Min-hyuk kisses Bong-soon immediately almost like they’ve been separated for years.

bong soon min hyuk unable to sleep.png

Gook-du visits Bong-soon at her workplace, he asks whether she is okay and also he heard that she lost her powers. Bong-soon informs him that she regained her powers meaning she was the one who threw the bomb into the sky. Gook-du is curious why she is able to get her powers back and Bong-soon answers because she wished to save Min-hyuk. Gook-du asks whether Min-hyuk stayed by her side throughout the whole time, Bong-soon nods. He changes the topic and insists he cannot write a report using her statement. Gook-du hugs Bong-soon, he is glad that she is safe and well, and he will support her no matter what she does. Their hug is witnessed by Secretary Gong, whom is staring in shock.

Min-hyuk instructs Secretary Gong to put a pop-up on their games, this pop-up would be a photo of Voldemort and a notice of an award if someone manages to find him. Secretary Gong agrees but before he heads off to do his job, he informs Min-hyuk that Gook-du came in and hugged Bong-soon. Min-hyuk jumps up in anger and asks again whether it really is true, he also requests to know how he hugged her and where he hugged her. He demands Secretary Gong to demonstrate how Gook-du hugged Bong-soon.

min-hyuk simulation scretary gong.png

Bong-soon’s father has left a note stating he has gone to find his own life. Bong-soon’s mother stares in shock at the letter. Bong-soon’s father is camping at a forest, he even manages to cook noodles and smiles at his newly found freedom.

Min-hyuk drags Bong-soon into a corner to asks her about Gook-du’s hug. Before he begins she asks whether she can address him as Min-hyuk, he begins to sway at her words. He tries to go back into the topic but Bong-soon asks whether she can call him ‘Min Min’ and then kisses him on his cheek. Min-hyuk instantly loses and Bong-soon has won thanks to her cuteness. Min-hyuk completely forgets about Gook-du hugging Bong-soon, his happiness is shown through his huge grin.

Gook-du and Min-hyuk finally meets up, they both seem to have something to say about Bong-soon but before they start the main topic they start bickering first. Gook-du asks whether Min-hyuk likes Bong-soon, Min-hyuk repeats his question in disbelief and is annoyed that he even asked this question. Min-hyuk warns Gook-du to stay away from Bong-soon from now on and gets up but Gook-du grips onto his collar to stop him from leaving. Luckily Bong-soon arrives to the scene and is shocked to see them fighting. Gook-du updates Min-hyuk that Bong-soon is here to meet him which angers Min-hyuk more. She ends the fight by pushing both of them back to their seats.

Bong-soon’s main reason in meeting Gook-du was to ask him for his help in capturing Voldemort. She also helps herself to alcohol which causes them to argue again but in the end Min-hyuk and Gook-du are the ones in a drunken mess. Bong-soon’s strength has come handy again, she carries the 2 drunk men back to Min-hyuk’s house.

bong soon ends fight.png

Bong-soon brings up the topic again- capturing the culprit. Both Gook-du and Min-hyuk are reluctant in cooperating with each other but has no other choice because Bong-soon will act on her on. Bong-soon suggests they take a different approach, she knows the culprit will aim for her again because he’s obsessive. Gook-du states that the police are searching for him everywhere and he has no where to hide. Gook-du adds that everyone knows his face now so it will be hard for the culprit to even get a fake passport, which means he will escape by traveling on a boat. Min-hyuk seems to have an idea, he calls Baek-tak and reminds him that he has not paid him back yet hence he needs to do him a favour, Baek-tak must look into the trends of escaping by boats. Baek-tak instructs his subordinates to research about brokers because this will prevent the culprit from leaving.

Bong-soon suggests they do something to make the culprit move, she calls the teenage gang and requests them a favour. The teenage boy earnestly informs Bong-soon they will listen to her request. He request is to upload a photo of the culprit on their blog so younger children can identify him too. Seems like the tactic is working because the civilians are able to identify him but Voldemort senses their attention and leaves immediately.

culprit strong woman do bong soon .png

Culprit goes into a dodgy corner shop and buys a strong-looking rifle. Once he leaves the owner informs someone that the man Baek-tak is looking for just came in. The news arrives to Baek-tak- 6 men are going to leave the country on the 15th, one deposited their money too, however this man also bought a rifle. He passes on the message to Min-hyuk- culprit will travel on a cargo boat to Shandong on the 15th at 11pm, and also he bought a rifle too.

Bong-soon documenting the information in her diary:

“I, Do Bong Soon, rescued three women and my friend Gyeong Sim on my own. This time, I will catch the perpetrator responsible with my own hands”

bong soon declaration.png

As Bong-soon is walking to work she receives a call from the culprit. He states that she is still alive, Bong-soon asks whether they should meet up but he declares she will simply capture him since her powers have returned. Bong-soon taunts him back that he is scared of a little girl which angers him, Bong-soon states he is no match for her but she will take back her words if he decides to meet her at the construction site tonight.

Bong-soon goes to meet the culprit at the construction site, Min-hyuk and Gook-du are on standby. Over the headset, Min-hyuk informs Bong-soon that Voldemort will snipe from a hidden place and Bong-soon needs to be careful. Bong-soon looks around for any signs of the culprit. Culprit aims from the upper building and with one shot Bong-soon collapses to the floor. Gook-du immediately chases after the culprit, Min-hyuk checks on Bong-soon first and then joins Gook-du on his search for the culprit.

Culprit quickly leaves the construction site and goes directly to the location where he is supposed to board the ship. Min-hyuk and Gook-du also arrives to the site and quickly discovers the culprit, Gook-du chases after the culprit and thanks to Min-hyuk’s instruction he is able to follow the culprit well without losing track of him (Min-hyuk is using a drone to follow the culprit). Bong-soon uses her strength to push the metal cargo box to prevent culprit from escaping. He runs to the opposite side but the other side is also closed off thanks to Bong-soon.

bong soon trap culprit.png

Culprit is startled to see Bong-soon alive and states she was shot. Bong-soon answers that she is the type to be satisfied after it being complete. The drama shows Min-hyuk giving Bong-soon a bulletproof vest and how it saved her from the bullet. Bong-soon takes out walnuts from her pocket and starts hurling it at him, every throw is enough to cause injury that makes him scream with agony.


“I told you, you’re no match for me”

Min-hyuk and Gook-du are watching from sidelines, clearly enjoying the scene. Bong-soon throws a wooden crate over the culprit.


“Kim Jang Hyun, get a taste of what imprisonment feels like. You will have to get used to it for the rest of your life”

culprit captured strong woman.png


Finally the culprit has been captured and the drama is coming to an end. Somehow the last scene of this episode was not as epic as I thought it would be, I know they combined their powers to capture this culprit- Gook-du being the endurance, Min-hyuk is the wit and Bong-soon is the strength. They cornered the culprit together and well done for that but honestly it would be sooner or later they capture him anyways because everyone knew what he looked like. It was nice how their strengths merged together but it just feels forced. Maybe because the drama is about Bong-soon being a superhero and how we all expected her to save the day. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice that she has the acceptance of other people despite her monstrous strength, but the drama is about Bong-soon using her powers to do what she was destined to do, she didn’t needed the help of others. I don’t know, just made the drama slightly less interesting and epic too.

One thing I did like is how she hurled walnuts at the culprit because it’s so innocent yet the walnuts are so deadly, I completely loved the contradiction and how she carried walnuts around gives Bong-soon an even cuter character. I like how she is so proud of her family heritage; both her walnut shop and her powers.

But anyways since there is only one more episode left I have few more things I wanna know: 1. Who is going to inherit Min-hyuk’s father’s company, it was originally Min-hyuk but the whole issue regarding the brother and stuff, I am not sure whether it would still be Min-hyuk. 2. Is Gook-du going to have a pairing since Hee-ji is off the market with Bong-ki, not like he needs to have someone but just curious. 3. Why did the culprit even started having this obsession towards the play to the point it lead him committing crimes. 4. Is Bong-soon’s father going to return home? It’s okay if he does not cause Bong-soon’s mother is too much but it would be nice to see they reconcile. 5. I want to know why Bong-soon’s power returned, yes, she begged to have her powers back but as if things are that simple that you can just wish for it and it appears.