Cheese in the Trap ep 9 summary



“The small problems in life flows at me like ripples. But they are merely ripples. Like everyone has done, I can endure it”

Young-gon is just as obsessed with Seol despite having a girlfriend- Da-young. Not only that but school work is not going well with Seol either, Sang-chul does not send his part for the group assignment. Seol confronts him about it but Sang-chul requests an extension as per usual.


“However, if the ripples continue crashing on you, one cannot hold it any longer”

Seol decides to delete Sang-chul’s part in their presentation. Without knowing Sang-chul tries to be the leech he always is and insists he will memorise the presentation script. However looking at the student number on the front of the booklet he notices that he’s not there. Seol simply states that she removed him because she warned him before but he never changed. Sang-chul snaps and declares he had reasons; he tries to use the sympathy card. Seol answers him that his personal issues has nothing to do with them just because he has personal issues it does not mean they need to suffer too.

seol get rid of sang chul name.png

Jung notices Min-soo’s phone wallpaper is a photo of Jun, he pretends to ask for the time just to confirm. Turns out it really is Jun. Professor enters the classroom and gestures the first group to present (Seol’s group). She notices that Sang-chul is missing from the slides but brushes it off; fully knowing that it will be hard for Sang chul to change into a new leaf.

Jung’s group presents next, everything is going smoothly until Seol and Bora notices the similarity in the slides as to the one they presented last year. Soel brushes it off because similarity is no big issue however the slides are identical; the present slide has the same spelling error that Seol made last year meaning Min-soo stole her slides and is re-using it. Seol hesitates to speak because it will draw the classmates’ attention, but after reconsidering she does not want to lose more of herself. Seol raises her hand ready to declare war against Min-soo.

seol realises the slode is stole min soo.png

Seol asks whether Min-soo made the presentation because last year she made something similar. Min-soo becomes flustered and insists she never copied anyone, she also implies Seol is speaking out due to personal reasons. Seol explains there is a spelling mistake on the slide, a mistake that she made last year. Bora adds that Min-soo did not even bother proofreading and only changed the font and name. Professor interrupts and states Jung’s group has a very good analysis but this only applies if the presentation is really written by them. Professor invites Min-soo, Seol and Bora to her office after this lesson. Everyone starts packing up and Seol overhears Min-soo claiming Jung was the one who helped her prepare the slide and was the one who chose the slide too. Jung denies it and claims he only gave her the reference site, but he never had expected her to copy straight from it.

Young-gon finally gets a chance to show Seol the text that Jung sent him. She hesitates to waste any time on him but nonetheless stops and read it. Seol senses something strange about it and grabs the phone to dial the number. In-ha picks up the phone and demands to know who’s calling. Seol asks who she is and whether the phone belongs to Jung. In-ha asks for Seol’s identity which Seol introduces herself and also how she wants to know whether the phone belongs to Jung or not. In-ha comments that she finally has met the ‘Seol’ . In-ha introduces herself as Jung’s girlfriend and then angrily shouts at Seol before hanging up. Seol becomes automatically quiet and loosens her grip on the door and the phone. Young-gon snatches his phone back immediately.

seol calls in ha.png

Seol walks back home unable to stop thinking about her conversation with In-ha, she recognises the voice and is able to deduct the person who answered the phone being In-ha. She comforts herself declaring how she will ask Jung about it first. At this moment Jung is waiting for her, he explains he’s worried about her because she did not answer the call when he called earlier. Seol stares at Jung contemplating whether to ask or not.


“Last year I questioned you about Oh Young-gon. Do you remember? And what I had to go through last year because of Oh Young-gon. You know about it too, right? Today, Oh Young-gon showed me the texts that you supposedly sent to him last year. Those texts… Are they really from you? The texts that said that I like Oh Young-gon was it really you?”

Jung does not answer and hesitates to answer, he weakly nods. Seol stares at him in shock, she fights back her tears. She demands to know why In-ha was the one who answered the phone, plus she even claimed she was Jung’s girlfriend. Jung explains In-ha  only said those stuff because she has a grudge against him. Seol tries to believe his words but something is not right: why did he give her the phone if she has a grudge against him. Seol leaves the issue with In-ha behind but wants to know why he told Young-gon to go after her but when she asked about it last year he denied it completely by claiming he only went with the flow. Seol concludes it and throws it at Jung’s face- he was the one who led Young-gon to her and he ‘wasn’t just going with the flow’. Jung can apologise, he admit he’s wrong and explains he never knew it would go to such an extent. Seol asks whether he really never knew how Young-gon would react to such texts. Jung insists he really didn’t know. Seol asks again and again, doubting his every words.

seol confront jung with young gon.png

Jung suggests Young-gon simply wants to cause them to argue and if they really do it then they will fall into his trap. Soel stays quiet to gather her thoughts and assess the situation. Seol simply answers that Jung has not changed at all, from the incident with TA Heo till now, he’s never changed.


“Have you really told me the whole honest truth?”

Jung is clearly hurt by Seol’s interrogation and asks what she wants to hear. In Seol’s mind she simply wants to know one thing: who exactly is he. Seol cannot get her mind together and requests they take a break from their relationship. Jung is confused and asks what she means by it. Seol explains every time something like this happens she has no idea what to do; she wants to get closer to him yet she has no idea how to approach him.

seol leaves jung.png

 Thanks to Young-gon advice Min-soo decides to apologise to Soel, Seol is about to accept her apology until she sees the lion keyring. She explains that she’s not sure whether to forgive her yet because they have more issues to resolve. Min-soo starts speaking louder and approaches Da-young for agreement which gathers the whole class’ attention. Bora snaps back at them to defend Seol but is shortly dragged out by Eun-taek to end the argument. Da-young asks Young-gon where he wants to eat for lunch but he seems to be in a rush and runs out. Da-young angrily leaves with Min-soo and their other classmates. Min-soo comments that it’s nice to have a boyfriend and Da-young claims she has a boyfriend too- the one on her phone’s wallpaper. Min-soo hesitates to admit Jun is her boyfriend but after several persuasion from her classmates she declares Jun is indeed her boyfriend.

Young-gon has followed Seol to the library and secretly takes a photo of her. Seol gets up and leave her belongings on the table. Young-gon approaches it immediately and searches for her timetable so he can take a photo of it. Seol returns and quickly packs up and leave, she heads outside and finally decides to listen to what Young-gon has to say. Turns out Bora and Eun-taek are recording their conversation.

bora and eun taek record conversatio.png

Young-gon tries to persuade Seol to break up with Jung. He emphasis that he’s not bad himself and he was planning to break up with Da-young soon anyways. Seol tries to make him angry by declaring how pathetic he is. In-ho sees Seol and Young-gon talking and is about to interfere but Eun-taek quickly holds him back. However holding In-ho back is difficult when he is triggered by every word that comes out from Young-gon’s mouth. Young-gon hugs Seol which In-ho can no longer hold back and chases Young-gon away from Seol.

Seol explains to In-ho about her plans which he does not agree and declare it’s very dangerous for her to use herself as a bait. Seol urges him to go home first but he refuses because it means she will have to walk back home by herself and Young-gon might appear.

In-ha is kicked out of her apartment and with not much choice left she has to live in In-ho’s apartment. However she will not accept her new living condition without complaining first. She sees In-ho’s piano books and pretends to spill her noodles on it. In-ha asks In-ho to snap out of his dream and stop wishing to be a world-famous pianist.

in ha spills noodles on in-ho book.png

Jung thinks back to what Seol said to him- how she cannot understand him and wants to take a break from their relationship. Jung switches on and off the light. “At first, you were like me” he says this with the lights on and then switches it off, “that’s why I liked you” he switches it back on. “But we are very different” he says it as he turns off the lights again.

Seol, Eun-taek and Bora enters the classroom. One of the classmate calls out to Seol so she can sit next to Jung however Seol refuses the offer and declares she will sit at the front. Seol heads out to get some coffee before the class starts, she sighs to herself that she should not be getting distracted before a test. As she walks back she sees Jung, he completely ignores her and walks straight to the vending machine. Seol washes her hand and is completely absorbed in her thoughts- why is Jung ignoring her. She leaves the toilet and sees Jung waiting for her, awkwardly she stands still waiting for him say something. Jung nervously hands over a drink to Seol which she refuses and continues walking. Jung grabs onto Seol and hugs her from behind.

jung hugs seol from behind.png


The hug really ended their argument to be hoenst. Jung’s hug was simple yet so earnest, he surrendered and basiclay delcared he is wrong. Seol can’t really be mad at him now can she? Also becuase this is my 2nd time watching this epsiode, I finally notice some things that are quite deep. For example when Jung was thinking about his past argument with Seol, he flicks on and off the light. On when he is happy with Seol’s behaviour and off when he is not. It was on when he thought they were similar and off when he found out they’re really different. There is a deeper meaning behind this, he liked Seol because he thought she was simialr to him- a heartless person that does not care about others yet in the end of the episode, he has acknowlegded Seol for being different to him, he even apologises and wants Seol to accpet him again. This shows that Jung’s affection for Seol is immense (espcially in the past he considered ending the relatiosnhip with Seol because they argued too much but now he is willing to compensate), he likes her for who she is and not because she sides with him. Despite her not approving his behavior and actions, he does not care and will admit his crimes and seek for Seol’s forgiveness. The change is very great from the start where he would deny all his wrongdoings and try to cover it up, but now he would simply admit it all, leaving himself vulnerable but waiting for Seol to accpet him once again.