Cheese in the Trap ep 8 summary


Seol says to Jung that he fights with In-ho every time they see each other however she does not think they are fighting because they hate each other. Jung answers that he does not like it when she speaks to In-ho, nor does he like it when she takes In-ho’s side. He requests to not talk about it any further and enjoy today- his last day at school before his internship starts.

Young-gon requests to meet Jung. He laughs at Jung for acting shameless by dating Seol despite being the one informing him that Seol liked him. Young-gon continues and taunts him that everyone has been fooled by him. Jung leaves not caring what he says but Young-gon states he should stop playing with Seol now because they’re been dating for far too long already. He asks whether Jung is dating her just so he can bully her later and then force her leave school. Young-gon slyly presses on his recording pen to start recording however Jung does not take the bait and insists he’s talking nonsense. Young-gon takes out his phone as evidence of their conversation, he reads the texts that Jung sent him before. He taunts him and asks whether Seol would stand still after discovering the texts. He calls the phone to prove his point but turns out someone else answers the phone, and that person is In-ha. Sheepishly Young-gon looks down, Jung asks him what exactly is he doing. Young-gon gets angry all of a sudden and pulls Jung’s collar- demanding to know when he will stop acting fake. Their classmates soon join their conversation and defends Jung. After they leave Jung states Young-gon is stupid to think he will fall for a recording pen and consequently expose his true nature.

The drama skips back to the time Jung is dining with In-ha. He is giving advice to Young-gon through his phone- advice regarding how to win Seol over. However In-ha gets jealous and requests to see their conversation. She takes over and asks if she can keep the phone. But most importantly she wants to annoy who is bothering Jung. Jung simply answers both- meaning Seol and Young-gon. In-ha reassures him that she will sort out the issue- make Young-gon cling onto Seol. Back in present time: Jung smirks to himself.

young gon confront jung.png

Seol and Jung’s cute dinner date is interrupted by their classmates. The guys force Seol to drink which Jung helps her to gulp it down every time. After a while Jung is slightly tipsy, he leans onto Seol and complains a headache, Seol takes him out to a nearby bench for some fresh air. Seol suggests they just leave because they think they’re pushovers anyways, Jung drunkenly laughs that he was always called a pushover during high school but he couldn’t do anything about it therefore he went with it. He declares it’s easier to just go with the flow. He starts stroking Seol’s head affectionately, he asks if Seol really likes him and whether her feelings are genuine. She does not reply.


“Ast first, I though you were just like everyone else. You really disliked me. Don’t think of me as a bad person”

After his statement he leans in to kiss Seol. Seol moves away in surprise. Jung reassures it’s okay because no one is watching, he kisses her again but this time is reciprocated by Seol.

seol and jung kiss cheese in the trap.png

Min-soo invites Seol for lunch but she has plans with Bora therefore has no choice but to reject it. Bora is slightly annoyed with Min-soo because she is imitating Seol therefore she slightly shoves her before exiting causing her bag to fall on the floor. Seol recognises the lion keyring and picks it up, Bora also recognises it too and states the lion belongs to Seol. Min-soo quickly defend herself insisting the keyring belongs to her and she bought it herself. Seol politely asks if she picked it up or whether she found it however Min-soo aggressively insists she bought it and then walks away. Min-soo regrets her decision but comforts herself that she never did anything strange, they were the ones who called her weird first.

Young-gon sees Min-soo and asks if anything is bothering her, he even offers her something to drink and is all ears. Min-soo starts her story and explains that she did wanted to give the keyring back but she was so flustered that she said the wrong thing. Young-gon asks why she wants to be friends with Seol. Min-soo answers that Seol is really pretty even though she does not wear expensive clothes and she is very nice too. Young-gon denies her claims, he does not think Seol is very nice because she accused her of being a thief. He continues praising Min-soo by claiming she is nicer, plus he also heard that Seol is spreading rumours about her. Young-gon suggests that Seol may be the one that copied Min-soo, plus her good grade is from using people.

young gon comfort min soo.png

In-ho finally gathers his courage to find the Piano teacher that gave him the business card. The teacher invites In-ho to play piano, reluctantly In-ho starts but starting again is difficult. The teacher comments his performance is flawed and he can notice that In-ho took a break from piano. In-ho laughs at himself and asks why he even bothered in coming. In-ho states he came because he requested him to. Teacher answers that he can go back if that’s his answer; now that he has seen In-ho’s standard he can go back.

In-ho and Seol heads back home together. Even on the subway Seol is working hard on her laptop which captures In-ho’s attention. He laughs at her for being excessive and asks why she has to work so hard. Seol explains she simply wants a job and does not want to be unemployed. She explains that she does her best in everything because she has no talent. In-ho questions Seol on how to work hard because he’s never tried before. Seol laughs and declares he’s a genius then if he’s never tried, not knowing that In-ho is struggling to play piano again and his question was serious.

Jung is waiting for Seol outside her parent’s restaurant, he explains to Seol that he feels weird to not see her for the whole day. Seol invites Jung to come inside but informs him that her parents are in. Jung does not mind and even suggests in greeting them. In-ho is not happy with his suggestion because it means he needs to serve Jung. He requests Jung to leave but he does not listen and walks into the restaurant before Seol even steps inside, In-ho angrily follows after him.

Jung introduces himself to Seol’s parent, everyone is interested in his introduction but In-ho, he washes the plates even louder to block out Jung. The mother praises Jung for sending them flowers to their store opening and also being good-looking. However Seol’s father is slightly reluctant to be friendly with Jung, he confirms whether Jung is in his final year, and questions his life plans. Jung explains that he interning right now however Seol’s father does not let him escape the questioning, he asks Jung about his parents’ occupation. Seol interferes because the questioning is getting awkward. Jung hesitates to reply, but explains his father owns a company- Taerang Group. Seol’s parents freezes in shock but slowly regains their composure, Seol’s mother cannot stop asking about Jung’s background.

jung meets seol parent.png

Bora confronts Min-soo with Seol. Seol requests they speak somewhere more private and not outside the classroom. Min-soo is about to agree but seeks Young-gon for his opinion. He shakes his head from a distance to gesture Min-soo stay there. Bora asks Min-soo whether the doll is really hers because the place she claimed she bought it from does not even exist. Seol requests to see the lion main because it looks like hers. Min-soo thinks back to Young-gon’s advice- just get loud if Seol ever ask her anything because Seol do not enjoy attention. Da-young starts intervening with their conversation and demands Bora and Seol to leave Min-soo alone. Da-young and Young-gon compliments Min-soo for acting bravely against Seol, they compliment her for being much cooler than Seol. Min-soo agrees with them and repeats to herself that Seol isn’t that cool and she can be like her too. On her way out from the school she sees Jun and seems to have fallen in love with him; she stares intensely at Jun. He approaches her and asks whether she knows where the art department is. Min-soo suggests showing him the school map, she takes out her phone and snaps a photo of Jun without him realising, and then shows him the school map.

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Seol visits her uncle’s place and is informed by her uncle that In-ho is also in the store. She visits In-ho which surprises him because he is too absorb by playing piano. She teases him for playing a childish music score but he brushes it off and declares it’s her fault for handing over the business card. She asks whether the professor asked him to play Hanon. In-ho bluntly admits it but jumps up and defends the song immediately, declaring the song has great meaning but gives up in the end because he states it’s pointless to tell her since she has no art sense. They start bickering about each others’ talent, In-ho shuts Seol up completely when he preforms a difficult song. He even suggests Seol to request a song because he can play anything. Seol hums the song she wants to hear and In-ho starts playing. Seol watches in awe and thinks to herself that the high-school version of In-ho was awesome.

In-ho continues to play but forgets the next note, he stops and Seol picks up from where he left it. In-ho joins in again because he remembers how the song goes. They start playing together which creates a beautiful melody.

Seol voices over:

“The little things in life flow like shallow water. It is still shallow water. Like all people do, they can be endured”

seol plays piano with in ho.png


The last scene was just the sweetest, Seol and In-ho looks really well together in my opinion, maybe its their hair but anyways, they are the cutest. I like how they can interact and bicker, rather than the stiff relationship that Seol has with Jung. I know he’s her senior and whatnot, but they are dating of goodness sake. I hope it’s not me but I feel like her relationship with Jung is very awkward… not very boyfriend/ girlfriend. The drama is trying to portray this because when Seol is troubled by Min-soo, she does not even tell Jung. And what does girlfriends do? They complain to their boyfriends, Soel does not even do that because she does not want to bother Jung. It’s not her being considerate, it’s more like she doesn’t think she is worth Jung’s time. That’s what I think anyways, its just one word= awks.