Cheese in the Trap ep 7 summary


Bora, Eun-taek and Jung are here to help Seol move her stuff back to her family home. However they decides to eat before moving, on their way to the restaurant they bump into In-ho and Seol’s younger brother. They end up eating together, the topic- Young-gon arises during the meal. In-ho angrily asks if the ‘creep‘ still follows Seol. Seol awkwardly looks at Jung, she gives eye signal to In-ho to keep quiet. However he continues and confronts Jung, he belittles Jung as a bad boyfriend. Jung asks Seol why she didn’t tell him however Seol explains Young-gon only goes around saying weird stuff therefore she didn’t feel like the need to tell him. Jung instructs Seol to tell him from now on which she nods happily. In-ho looks at them with disgust. He tries to change the subject and talk about part-time jobs, Jun asks whether any of them wants a part -time job because their store is hiring. Eun-taek and In-ho raises their hand immediately however In-ho states Eun-taek lives too far therefore the job is only open to himself.

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It’s decided that they’re going to stay awake all night because it’s Seol’s last night at her apartment. Seol goes back to her apartment first so she can tidy her room a bit before they arrive to her place. The landlord’s son exits her apartments and declares he has been waiting for Seol. However before she can escape he grabs her back and strangles her, he is about to hit Seol however Jung arrives to the scene. He pushes Seol down the stairs and escape the scene right away. Jun and In-ho are still outside, Jung shouts “catch him” which triggers In-ho to look back, he recognises the man as the brick guy and chases after him.

In-ho frantically searches for the culprit but he is no where to be found. Culprit was hiding all along and soon he leaves his hiding.  Jung slowly walks into the alley way that he is in to stop him from leaving. Jung grabs him and throws him against the brick wall, the culprit falls onto the floor but Jung does not show him any mercy. He continuously kicks him and shows no signs of hesitation. The culprit asks if Seol knows he is that heartless, a heartless crazy guy. Jung states she does because they’re alike. Culprit laughs and states she will never understand him because Jung is no different to him. Jung kicks him again.

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The police officer carries Seol out the apartment but suddenly they hear a man shout. The officer that is carrying Seol places Seol by the side and joins his colleague to chase after the ‘culprit’ however Bora informs the voice sounds like In-ho. Seol urges Bora to explain to the officer that they’re chasing the wrong person.

On the other hand Jung is beating the culprit into a senseless mess, the culprit says one more thing- everyone will turn their back on him one day, and that includes Seol. Jung picks up the culprit and swings him against the wall. He stands on the culprit’s hand and declares his hand is simply a hand that steals underwear. Jung asks whether he should just break it.

Seol overhears everything and tears fills her eyes, she thinks back to what In-ho told her before. Jung slowly walks back to find Seol. She sees him returning and curls up to avoid his attention. Jung calls Seol but she does not respond. He gently touches her hand but she aggressively pushes it away in fear. Everyone returns and Jun helps his sister get back up, Jung does the same but is pushed away by Seol. He stares in shock. In-ho notices the change and cannot help but look at Jung. In-ho and Jun takes Seol to the hospital and Jung simply stands there, unable to understand why Seol is afraid of him.

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Luckily Seol has no severe damages to her body. Jung waits outside her hospital room. Seol sits next to him and informs him that she is okay, she also thanks him for helping but next time she would prefer he does not take things too far. Jung admits he’s also regretting. Seol holds Jung’s injured hand and changes the topic. She suggests they have fun for the rest of their holiday because time is running out. Jung smiles at Seol and is completely delighted she has forgiven him.

The semester has started and Min-soo has undergone a change over the holiday, she dresses exactly like Seol and even changes her hairstyle to match Seol. Seol awkwardly compliments her clothes choice but Bora does the opposite, she hints that Min-soo is copying Seol but Min-soo denies that, she even answers she always had this style. Jung also enters the classroom which Bora uses this chance to be cupid. She pushes Eun-taek away so they can sit somewhere else and Seol can sit with Jung. Seol pleads them to come back but Bora is like the wind, she moves so quickly that Seol cannot grab her back. Jung sits next to Seol which gathers the class’ attention. A classmate states they must have gotten close over the holiday and Jung answers in a nonchalant manner that he’s dating Seol. Seol immediately hides from embarrassment but Jung continues like normal.

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“My bad relationship with Oh Young Son started back then. It was when Senior was picking on me with the little things and I was having a hard time”

The drama skips back to the time when the business department was competing against another department on a game of basketball. Young-gon is replaced by Jung which he does not accept and sulks whilst watching. When the game ends he grabs Bora forcefully (he was fixated on Bora back then) but Eun-taek interferes and throws a basketball at him. Eun-taek and Young-gon nearly starts fighting but luckily their classmates interferes, Jung tries to hold Young-gon back but he angrily punches Jung away. Jung brushes it and states Young-gon is hurt too, Young-gon declares Jung should stop acting nice because he can tell he is fake. Everyone stares at Young-gon with disgust because naturally, everyone sides with Jung, Young-gon senses the situation and immediately apologies.

Seol finds Young-gon by himself and thinks to herself that she pities him because he reminds her of herself, plus the things he was saying isn’t wrong. Seol approaches him and asks whether he is okay. Young-gon ignores her. Coincidentally Jung sees her interacting with Young-gon. She tells Young-gon to apologise to Bora and also girls don’t like fake guys; Seol tries to give him advice on how to interact with girls. He does not reply at all. Seol leaves him a drink before leaving.


“I shouldn’t have consoled him without giving it much thought. After that day, Oh Young-Gon started to obsess about me. And it got worse and worse”

The drama skips to Seol confronting Jung and asking why he told Young-gon that she likes him. Sang-chol explains to Seol that they had no choice because they just wanted to agree with Young-gon to brush him off. Jung also apologises because never knew Young-gon would take it that far. Seol scoffs at his reply and repeats what he just said, she questions whether it’s really all Young-gon’s fault and leaves. Jung smiles to himself at her reply. After confronting Jung, she never saw Young-gon again.

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Jung drives Seol back home and she asks him about his future plan. Jung talks about how he wants to go to an abroad grad school. Seol declares it will be hard to find a job there however in her mind she is upset that he never mentioned her in his future plans. Jung confess that his father is the owner of Taerang Group, Seol stays quiet and is shocked because of their differences. Seol also confess that she is slightly upset about how he never mentioned her in his plans and wonders whether he has included her in it. Jung parks the car near her house and hugs her, he declares she does not have to think about these stuff because she has nothing to worry about. After the hug Jung slowly inches towards Seol to kiss her however Seol avoids it. Jung is slightly embarrassed and leans away, Seol just realises what she has done and grabs his hand back. Seol cups Jung’s face and gathers her courage, she perks up her lips and approaches Jung. Very awkward but she manages to kiss Jung on the cheeks. Seol runs away realising what she has done. Jung calls after her and notices it’s raining too. He follows after her to bring an umbrella but only to discover Seol walking happily with Jun and In-ho, all 3 of them sharing an umbrella.

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Seol hears that In-ho is helping out her uncle to move stuff. She senses that he’s interested in playing the electric piano so she brings over the charger and some old music sheets. In-ho is surprised at her actions but nonetheless still teases her about her childish music notes. After Seol leaves In-ho reluctantly starts playing the piano again. Everything seems so nostalgic but unfamiliar at the same time.

Seol recieven a text from her brother declaring he’s on the campus with In-ho, he demands her to come out immediately or he will contact Jung and force him to buy lunch. Seol runs out but Min-soo stops her, she asks whether Seol wants to have lunch with her however Seol needs to meet her brother right away before he bothers Jung. Seol drops the lion keyring that Jung bought her and Min-soon picks it up however Seol is already gone, she looks at it and states it’s cute because it looks like Seol.

In-ho is lured into the music department by the sound, he follows the noise and watches a student play piano. The teacher looks out and notices In-ho, he runs out to greet In-ho however In-ho slowly inches away. The teacher suggests In-ho to contact his old teacher again but he does not listen, In-ho starts running away from him too. Seol happens to walk past as well and shouts out In-ho’s name, he ignores Seol too. The teacher requests Seol to pass on a message- to give his business card to In-ho so he always has a way to contact him if In-ho changes his mind.

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Seol searches for her lion keyring however to no avail she cannot find it. Jung tries to comfort her and states he can buy her another one, Seol is reluctant to accept the offer but finding the keyring seems impossible. Jung notices the business card in Seol’s bag and stares at it. Seol tries to take it back however Jung’s hand will not budge, Seol explains it and states she just needs to give it to In-ho. However Jung refuses and declares he can do it. Both of them arrive to Seol’s uncle’s basement where In-ho is sitting there lifelessly whilst questioning whether he should really start playing piano again. Jung strolls in and asks if he wants to play piano again, In-ho does not reply and stands up. Jung explains the professor asked them to give his business card to In-ho. Jung adds that he can see In-ho regrets his decision and In-ho simply tells him to shut up. Jung suggests In-ho to study abroad and he will support him. In-ho snorts at his suggestion.


“I’m saying this because it seems like you’ve changed your mind. If it’s your pride holding you back, you don’t have to be like that. Whether you’re going to play piano or not, it should be up to you. But don’t be struck in indecision and pull Seol into it”

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To be honest, I know Jung’s action towards the ‘landlady’s grandson’ may seem very excessive and violent but I do get why he did it. Sometimes you see criminal and you would think they deserve it or they should get a heavier punishment. Jung basically just became the champion of justice and revenged for Seol. Originally he beat up him for Seol but later I do think he did it because of the thing’s the culprit said. It did annoyed Jung but what the criminal said was true, Seol is unconsciously afraid of Jung. When Jung touched her head she automatically pushed him away like it was in-built for her to fear him. Although Seol is scared she wants to forgive Jung, hoping he has a kinder side, the side that she fell in love with.

Also Min-soo creeps me out so much. Her obsession with Seol is like a new level, how she would smile at the keyring just because it looks like Seoul was too much and how she changed her hairstyle to match Seol was another creepy thing that she did. Creepy to the max, apologies if you like her but idolisation is one thing and obsessing is another. I guess you can think she’s just cosplaying to be Seol out of respect but there’s a small line that you can cross which automatically brands you as creepy.