Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon ep 14 summary


Gook-du shoots the culprit, although the bullet touches him he manages to get away. Gook-du tails after him with his car, Gook-du is within metres distance from him but suddenly a car comes out which causes Voldemort to avoid it and consequently crashing into the railing and down the cliff. Gook-du watches the car fall into the swamp-like water. Gook-du takes out his torch and shines at the lake, but there is no sign of the culprit. Soon the police force arrives and starts a full-on search process. However the body is no where to be found.

Bong-soon is fast asleep at Min-hyuk’s place, he calls Bong-soon’s father to let him know that something happened to Bong-soon but she is overall okay. Bong-soon’s father informs Bong-ki that he trusts Min-hyuk. Min-hyuk agrees and adds Min-hyuk is better than okay, he is like the saviour to their family. Bong-soon’s father explains Bong-soon has an illness inside her heart and she wasn’t smart enough to take care of herself since young. They always worried she would use her strength in a wrong way so they were never at ease when she was outside. Bong-ki explains he went medical school because of Bong-soon- he wanted to find out what caused Bong-soon’s inhumane strength and wanted to help her live a normal life. Bong-soon’s father asks his son whether he thinks Bong-soon can have a normal life. Bong-ki answers that it will be hard and that’s why he’s always worried.

bong soon normal life.png

Bong-soon slowly stirs awake and finds Min-hyuk sleeping right next to her, she gently caresses his face and then gets up. However he grabs her back, Bong-soon consequently falls back to her original position. He asks Bong-soon to look at him and love him back. Bong-soon replies that she does love him. Min-hyuk states she’s the size of a peanut so she will fit inside his heart easily but it seems like he’s not in her heart at all. Bong-soon simply states he is in her heart.


“I love you”

strong woman do bong soon i love you.png

Bong-soon tries to crush the apple to get the juice from it however she struggles. Min-hyuk enters the kitchen and sees an upset Bong-soon. Bong-soon quickly hides the apple pretending she never lost her strength. Bong-soon quickly asks about Sim and Min-hyuk answers that she is fine, she’s currently at the hospital and will go to her house once she recovers. Min-hyuk slices the apple for Bong-soon and place it into the juicer, he then hands over the juice to Bong-soon

Bong-soon goes back home and runs up to Sim. They both burst out crying at the sight of each other. Sim asks whether Bong-soon is okay and she tearfully exclaims she is however Sim asks whether Bong-soon really lost her powers. Bong-soon confirms it and explains she always wanted to lose her powers and now she got what she always wanted. Bong-soon comforts Sim and explains she will be okay as long as Sim is okay.

bong soon and sim reunite.png


“I’m not special anymore. From now on, I have to practise being someone normal. I can’t roam around outside at night anymore. Now, I can’t protect others either. I can’t help others the way I want either. I, Do Bong Soon am an ordinary person now”

Min-hyuk asks Bong-soon out to a date because now that she is an ordinary person they can go on dates like normal. Bong-soon agrees and emphasis she really is ordinary. Min-hyuk asks if she is okay and Bong-soon answers she’s not okay but her mother told her that she will be fine soon.


“Whether you are special or not it doesn’t matter to me. The only thing I want is for you to be happy. Your happiness means everything. I can lift heavy thing and do everything that requires strength. Trust me, I’m older. I can open jars for you now”

min hyuk comforts bong soon.png

 Things seems to be going back to normal- Bong-soon’s mother is still just as obsessed with the re-developemnt prior to the whole issue with the culprit. Baek-tak has returned back to being the gang leader because his re-devlopment plan had been approved.

Bong-soon reaches for the diary that her grandma gave her, she sighs whilst exclaiming she did not even had the chance to document her life on it. She flicks through the empty book whilst sighing. Min-hyuk messages Bong-soon to remind her that they’re going to a picnic tomorrow; now that’s a reason to smile for Bong-soon. Everything is going nicely on their date, they’re dating just like a normal couple would.

bong soon and min-hyuk date happy.png

The culprit is still alive, he is sitting on a bench and reading an article about Min-hyuk. Can I just ask where he got the iPad from? He laughs at Min-hyuk’s answer during the interview and something catches his attention. He pays extra notice to the reporter’s name. The drama skips to the culprit cutting his hair whilst thinking about how he fell from the cliff. Voldemort turns up at Min-hyuk’s workplace, he dresses up like the journalist that previously interviewed Min-hyuk. The security is reluctant to send Voldemort to meet Min-hyuk however Voldemort explains he wants an additional interview to talk about Min-hyuk’s new product. Somehow his request is approved. Luckily Gook-du is inside the headquarter too because he made plans with Bong-soon. Gook-du walks past Voldemort and notices him immediately, Gook-du tackles him but Voldemort quickly grabs a nearby woman and holds her as hostage. He enters the elevator and Gook-du loses sight of him. Gook-du calls Min-hyuk, instructing him to close the entrance and exits because the culprit is inside his building right now.

Min-hyuk heads to the CCTV monitor room whilst Gook-du frantically searches every room inside the building. A special announcement is made, all staffs are instructed to stay inside their department and notify the security if they see a suspicious person. Min-hyuk runs back to his office to see whether Bong-soon is okay. Guessing the situation and circumstance Bong-soon can deduct that Voldemort has invaded the building.

culprit invades min hyuk company.png


“Min-hyuk I heard you are competitive. I will give you 15 minutes to find me or this building will explode”

Gook-du runs straight to the broadcasting room. Min-hyuk starts heading out to find the culprit, Bong-soon grips onto his hand pleading him to be safe. Both Min-hyuk and Gook-du frantically searches for the culprit. Min-hyuk heads to the broadcasting room and instructs all employees to save their files and evacuate the building. As Bong-soon and Secretary Gong heads for the exit too, the culprit hits Secretary Gong’s head causing him to collapse, he then suffocates Bong-soon so she will lose consciousness. Min-hyuk makes a final instruction- to switch off all power inside the building to create a complete blackout.

Culprit brings Bong-soon up to the rooftop and ties her with metal chains. However Bong-soon cannot resist because she has lost her power. He urges her to use her powers just like before, he punches Bong-soon out of anger too. Bong-soon loses consciousness. He ties a bomb around Bong-soon’s body before disappearing.

bong soon abducted to rooftop culrpit.png

Min-hyuk runs up to the rooftop as he knows Bong-soon’s location thanks to the tracking device on her necklace. Culprit ties the entrance to the rooftop with metal chains to prevent anyone from getting in. Just like that he leaves the building, he manages to walk past Min-hyuk without him realising. Gook-du also arrives near the top of the building and sees the shadow of Voldemort, he follows it but finds a suspicious box on the floor. He approaches it with caution. Turns out it’s just a fake time bomb.

Min-hyuk notices the tied up door and frantically screams out Bong soon’s name whilst punching the door to break it open. Bong-soon slowly stirs awake and notices that she is tied up with metal chain. She starts sobbing out of fear, she hears Min-hyuk calling her name. She pleads him to leave because they’re both in danger. Min-hyuk refuses to leave and continues to break the door, he slams his whole body against it and punches it continuously.

min hyuk breaks the door open.png

Min-hyuk is tired out and completely exhausted. His hand is covered with blood and all he can hear is Bong-soon’s tearful sobs and pleas for him to leave. Min-hyuk informs her that he will not leave, he will never leave without her. Bong-soon continues to cry knowing both of them will die soon however Min-hyuk still has a chance to live. She begs him to leave, the whole air is filled with her cries. Bong-soon cries to have her powers back to save Min-hyuk. The book in her room turns to it’s normal colour again. Light shines on Bong-soon, her powers have returned. She rips the chains off herself consequently rips the chain that is tied around the door. She flings the time bomb into the air. Few seconds later an explosion occurs, Bong-soon embraces Min-hyuk and continues to sob.

bong soon power return.png


Wow oh wow. Loved the ending so much that I cannot wait for the next episode especially Bong-soon’s strength is back. I am kinda disappointed with how short her power disapperance was, I mean they could have made it longer. It’s meant to be really heartbreaking for her that she lost her powers, but in this short time it made it seem like she was alright with it. But nonetheless I am happy for Bong-soon. I guess the drama probably wanted to emphasis that Min-hyuk loves Bong-soon for who she is and not because of her strength. Even when she became powerless he stayed by her side and was willing to sacrifice his own life just to die with her. Very very sweet Min-hyuk. 

Also… did anyone else wanted to laugh in the end? I thought it was a bomb? So why did it turned out to be fireworks? I know fireworks would look better as a scene or maybe it was cheap production or maybe Culprit never intended to kill Bong-soon, I don’t know but the firework really stood out okay.

I kind of don’t understand why a single person did not point out to Voldemort that he is going the wrong direction. I mean he was strolling around into the building and everyone was evacuating, did someone not suspect him? I mean I do understand that they’re in a panic and everyone will look the same to them but really… But whatever they just need to catch the criminal now and with Bong-soon’s strength it should be easy peasy!