Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon ep 13 summary


Bong-soon tearfully pleads Min-hyuk to find Sim and Voldemort. She gives Voldemort’s real name and location to Min-hyuk. She continues to sob and sob, Min-hyuk tries to calm Bong-soon down. He reassures her that Sim won’t be killed because the culprit likes having a collection of women. Min-hyuk tries to understand the situation aloud but the more he says the more upset Bong-soon becomes. He pleads her to not face the situation by herself. He places a necklace around Bong-soon’s neck.


“I hope you will realise how much I care about you through this. This will protect you. So please wear this all the time. Please do this for me”

bong soon necklace min hyuk gift.png

Lifeless Bong-soon didn’t sleep a single wink for the whole night, but neither did Min-hyuk because he stayed up thinking how to find Sim. Bong-soon gathers her courage and watches the video that Voldemort sent her. Seems like she has caught onto something, she hears a a sound that catches her attention. She re-plays it over and over again, all along the abducted women were below ground level.

Bong-soon heads towards Voldemort’s junkyard and starts searching for Sim. She pushes the cars away like it’s nothing, he watches her from the CCTV and stands up in shock at her strength. Bong-soon demolishes his junkyard and notices something strange- the entrance to somewhere eerie.

Min-hyuk manages to see the underground of the junkyard thanks to his hacking ability. He calls Bong-soon immediately but her phone goes straight to voicemail. He tracks her location and discovers she is already at the junkyard.

bong soon junkyard.png

Bong-soon manages to get inside and discover the horrible underground, layers and layers, it’s almost like a maze but she manages to get into the prison-like rooms. However Voldemort catches on that Bong-soon has invaded, he has already taken Sim away from his hideout. The woman pleads Bong-soon to save her, Bong-soon easily rips off the locked door and frees the woman. She stares at Bong-soon with a shocked expression unable to even understand what just happened. Bong-soon does the same for the other trapped women, she rips the door open for every one of them. On the other hand Voldemort instructs his subordinate to blow the place up. Bong-soon instructs them to leave first and starts looking for Sim however the women notifies her that Voldemort took her outside. The subordinate lights the spilled petrol and an explosion occurs. Bong-soon and the other women all falls onto the ground. Even during this moment Bong-soon shields the women from the explosion.

bong soon save the victim.png

In the inferno, Bong-soon manages to help the women leave the basement. She pushes away the car that is engulfed with flames. The subordinate stares in shocked, Bong-soon approaches him begging to know where Sim is however he does not reply and tries to escape. Gook-du arrives in time and arrests the man. In a short period of time ambulances and polices arrive to the scene. Bong-soon quietly leaves the scene and sees an approaching Min-hyuk, he angrily opens the door to his car for her. Bong-soon has a guilty look knowing she is wrong to hide it from Min-hyuk.

He lectures her- he said he would help her tackle it together but she done it alone. He asks whether she was the one who rescued the hostages and Bong-soon does not answer. He asks whether she managed to save Sim and Bong-soon shakes her head, she starts crying.

min hyuk angry at bong soon.png

The police are searching through the hideout to see whether there are clues where the culprit has escaped to. Gook-du urges his colleagues to see something, something very alarming. It is his secret room where he has many CCTV monitors and a board, a board that contains photos of his victims. On that board he has a photo of Bong-soon too.

Min-hyuk sees Bong-soon and Gook-du sharing a conversation- he comforts Bong-soon that he will host a closed investigation and she should rely on the police more, and not face Voldemort by herself. After the conversation Min-hyuk angrily drags Bong-soon away. He demands to know what he means to Bong-soona and declares he is fully aware she is special but what more does he need to know. He fully knows he cannot stop her from heading straight to a trap. He demands to know what more she needs to tell him. Bong-soon declares she told him that she was special before. Min-hyuk speaks over her and declares he knows she’s special.


“I know it too well. I am going crazy from worrying. The thought of you going there to face him alone drives me crazy!”


“If you were going to be like this, why did you train me? Didn’t you know this would happen?”


“I didn’t. I didn’t know that I would love you this much”

i didnt know i would love you that much strong woman.png

Bong-soon is swayed by his words but clenches her first, she explains she cannot date him because she needs to save Sim. He should return back to his comfortable and easy life. She declares they were never meant to be. Min-hyuk grabs onto her arm and demands to know what she means by it. Bong-soon simply repeats it again. Min-hyuk warns her that he is getting angry and asks if he looks easy just because he’s madly in love with her. Bong-soon snatches her arm back and walks off.

Bong-soon thinks to herself:

“I also want to live like a normal person, but that’s not possible”

Min-hyuk thinks to himself:

“I don’t want to lose someone I love ever again”

Bong-soon thinks to herself:

“If you stay by my side you will be in danger”

Min-hyuk thinks to himself:

“Can’t you just stay by my side?”

if you stay by my side you will get hurt strong woman.png

Voldemort calls Bong-soon, Bong-soon answers immediately and demands to know if Sim is safe. He does not answer which triggers Bong-soon to ask over and over again. Voldemort asks if he release Sim will Bong-soon marry him. Bong-soon agrees without any hesitation and decides to meet him tonight. He requests her to look pretty before ending the call.

Bong-soon receives a text from Voldemort telling her the location of the meeting place. Min-hyuk notices that Bong-soon’s location is changing, he calls Gook-du immediately and requests his help. Bong-soon arrives to the site and sees a large construction object falling on Sim. She runs immediately to save Sim. Bong-soon uses her strength and throws the box away. Through the sobs Sim manages to tell Bong-soon that the man that was inside the object is not the culprit.

bong soon saves sim.png

However too late, Bong-soon takes the mask off the unconscious man that she just injured. During this time the culprit grabs onto Sim. Bong-soon stands up ready to face Voldemort however suddenly her powers are disappearing. She stumbles and falls but manages to get back up. Voldemort teases her to fight like before. He takes out a gun ready to shoot her, Bong-soon approaches him regardless and tries to bend it just like before. He grabs Bong-soon by her neck and laughs at her for being weak. Min-hyuk arrives in time and starts a full-on brawl with Voldemort. Gook-du also arrives to the scene and shoots at the air to warn Voldemort to stay in his position however Voldemort does not listen and jumps into his car. Gook-du has no choice but to shoot thought the window so the bullet can reach him.

Min-hyuk clutches onto the weak Bong-soon, somehow Bong-soon is breathing heavily. She clings onto Min-hyuk but slowly her breathing fades and her grip also loosens.

culprit and bong soon final battle.png


So… did Bong-soon die? Why would she die though? The drama made it seem like she died especially how Min-hyuk screamed afterwards but I think she was simply feeling faint from losing her strength and then she had to fight the culprit like a normal girl, so I am guessing that tired her out. Maybe… or it was to add suspense into the story. But from the trailer it seems like Bong-soon is definitely alive and kicking, maybe disappointed from her lost powers but she is alive. So why this ending? I think there’s a twist to it, perhaps Bong-soon never lost her strength? Because the ending would be really bad if she simply lived as a normal person afterwards despite finally coming into terms with her powers. I think she will definitely regain it. For example the book turned black? I don’t understand it because from what we know when Bong-soon’s grandma gave Bong-soon the diary she notified Bong-soon that her mother was also supposed to record her powers but she lost it before she had the chance to document it therefore her diary is empty. However it’s still there, empty implies it’s there but just empty. BUT. Bong-soon’s one turned black?! Surely enough there must be another women in Bong-soon’s family line to have misused the powers? So there’s definitely a twist. Plus Bong-soon never wanted to harm the man, she was tricked and unknowingly harmed him, so it is different. I don’t want the drama to make Bong-soon into a weak girl that is being targeted by the culprit and then Min-hyuk has to defend her. NO THANKS.

Also I don’t think the culprit is dead I mean, he is not dead, he’s basically the main story of this drama so he is definitely not dead. They need him for the next 3 episodes or they will have nothing to talk about. If they are going to talk about Min-hyuk and Bong-soon’s love story for the next 3 episodes then really? Is that the best you got? As cute as they are, I don’t need to watch a re-make of ‘we got married’.