Cheese in the Trap ep 6 summary



Seol and Jung are positioned at an expensive long dining table, Seol is curious as to why they are here however Jung answers she always want to argue with him, she was the one who made judgements about him and created the misunderstandings. From the time at the year party and at Sang Chul’s registration she had always judged him. The table starts extending which increases the distance between Seol and Jung. He demands to know why she can’t even overlook a single thing, the table increases even more. Seol demands to know why he’s twisting the words and Jung answers he may have done something wrong in the past however he also helped her in many ways. The table increases again. Seol stands up and angrily exclaims she didn’t want his help and Jung questions whether she really don’t want his help because to him she secretly does. He suggests she’s just as bad as him because all this time she’s been receiving stuff from him and no one is perfect yet she does not let the slightest flaw about him slip. Seol is speechless at his words, the chandelier that is above them starts to sway and falls onto their table. Jung questions whether she is going to stay away from him but before Seol can reply this horrible dream comes to an end.

seol and jung dining table.png

Seol is analysing the text she is about to send Jung. She carefully reads it over and over again to see whether it’s okay, this could potentially be the text that leads to their break up so she is being extra careful. However she is interrupted by a distressed In-ho. He walks into the photocopying room and declares he has no money; has no idea that Seol is also in the room. Seol approaches him out of concern but In-ho is reluctant to say, he states he’s waiting for Seol to treat him to meal and hides the truth- In-ha is asking him for money. Seol remembers she does owe him a meal and reluctantly suggests they can eat together today. In-ho is ecstatic about the offer and warns her to not take her words back.

Jung casually brushes his teeth whilst going through his messages and deletes the messages from Seol, although he hesitates he still deletes them. He goes back to his phone’s home screen and suddenly Seol messages him- declaring she wants to meet up tomorrow and talk. Jung does not reply and instantly runs out his apartment and brushes his teeth like no tomorrow.

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In-ho waits for Seol outside a convenience store and overhears a TV playing, out of curiosity he approaches it. It is an interview of a man talking about a person he’s met that had immense talent and skill. In-ho thinks back to his teenage years and how he was taught by the man that is currently being interviewed. The drama skips to the teacher pleading him to do the rehab, the past In-ho looks at his bandaged arm and the drama skips back to the current In-ho whom is looking down on his fully-healed arm. Seol approaches him and discovers a drenched In-ho staring intensely at the TV- a man playing piano. He wipes away his tears/ rain and turns around, he finds Seol standing behind him. She awkwardly approaches him with the umbrella and covers him immediately. In-ho suggests they go for drinks instead of eating because it’s raining. She silently agrees and follows.┬áJung waits for Seol outside her place and whist he’s waiting he plays with a snail, like a child that is full of curiosity.

Things get a bit awkward when Jung joins their meal, almost like Seol is caught cheating. Although she asked to meet tomorrow Jung ended up looking for her immediately. Seol looks away although she’s the one who’s supposed to be angry. Jung warns In-ho again to not hang around Seol bu In-ho rejects the idea because Seol is the one who owes him a drink and he’s not done anything wrong.

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Jung thanks Seol for texting him which Seol looks away and shrugs it off. He asks In-ho whether Seol really invited him and In-ho angrily confirms it, he then asks Seol whether In-ho’s words are true. She admits it and explains she never told him because they were in the middle of a fight. In-ho laughs at them for arguing and suggests they break up. He tells Seol that Jung was a playboy before and the amounts of ex he had could fill a truck. Seol reaches for another bottle of soju and starts blabbing nonsense, she asks whether Jung dated In-ha too and both of them shouts out to deny that possibility.

Drunk Seol loses consciousness and Jung carries her back home. In-ho also walks with them because he is worried about Jung taking advantage of Seol. In their walk back together, he asks whether Jung has anything to feel bad for. Jung does not answer and asks In-ho back. In-ho stays quiet and suggests he won’t ask anymore. Seol’s younger brother appears, he throws a water bottle at In-ho and demands them to let go of his sister.

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Seol apologises to Jung for jumping into conclusion regarding him and the issue with her neighbour however she would like him to consult her in the future. Jung agrees and promises, they both smile together. After their date Jung walks Seol home and asks how her packing up is going along. Seol answers that she feels sad because everything feels like it’s coming to an end. Jung answers that their relationship will not end. Seol smiles at his reply and takes out a gift from her bag, she gives the gift but is slightly embarrassed because the watch is not like his usual expensive watches. Jung opens it up and does not say anything but simply stares at it. Seol assumes he does not like it and looks down. Jung hugs her and declares he really likes the gift, he thanks her for it and continues to hug her.

Jung returns home and starts wearing the watch that Seol gave him immediately. He smiles at his new watch and places his favourite one away because he has a new favourite now.

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Seol is walking along the street and In-ho runs up to her, he teases her hair again and addresses her as ‘natural curls’. Seol walks away and In-ho watches the leaving Seol and questions whether if he moves he won’t see her too. Seol sees an old classmate- Oh Young-gon. She immediately hides. The drama skips back the Young-gon following her and declaring she likes him so why is she playing hard to get. Seol denies that and he states Jung told him that. The drama skips back to the present time: Seol hides from him but turns out he’s waiting for her to leave the convinience store. He tries to grab Seol and does not let her go but luckily In-ho kicks Young-gon away from Seol. In-ho is about to punch Young-gon but Seol screams out his name, In-ho pauses and punches the wall instead. He threatens Young-gon to leave immediately but before Young-son leaves he has few words for Seol- they will have a ‘great’ time together once school starts.

In-ho angrily walks back to Seol and demands her to be careful of Young-son. However Seol cannot help but notice In-ho’s injured hand. Before she can say anything In-ho walks off. He returns back to the academy and one of the teachers notifies him that a girl with half-open eyes and frizzy hair left some plasters for him. However once he goes to thank Seol he sees Seol being picked up by Jung.

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Because of the dangerous neighbourhood Jung offers to sleep at Seol’s place. Seol is very conscious of her room and frantically tries her best to clean up in such a short time. Seol offers to watch TV together and tries to take out her TV from her closet but it’s buried underneath bunch of blankets. Jung helps Seol to tug the TV but his hand slips and falls on her. The share an awkward moment together, Jung approaches closer to Seol but she automatically covers her mouth. Jung is taken aback by her actions but reaches closer to her ears and whispers they don’t have to watch TV. Seol suggests they sleep and quickly passes him blankets and pillows but she struggles to sleep. Jung asks if she is struggling to sleep and states its only 10:30pm. Seol suggests they don’t sleep and do something else. Jung requests to see Seol’s photo book together. They start talking about Jun and Seol explains her brother easily got love from their parents which made her worked hard for everything she did in life and sooner it became a habit therefore when something goes wrong she feels like her life is going downhill. Jung agrees with Seol and says his father never favoured him and was always nicer to outsiders therefore he always worked hard to gain his recognition.

Seol suddenly asks what Jung likes about her, she explains they were not close and she actually thought he didn’t like her as well. Jung agreed he did not like her. Seol asks what made him changed his mind.

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The drama skips back to the past where Seol is helping out the classmates as per usual. Jung and his friend walks past and he comments that Seol is really similar to him. The drama skips to the party and the classmates are reluctant to help out with putting up the poster, in the end only Seol and Jung are left to do the work. Jung urges her to leave as well because no one will acknowledge her even if she works hard. However Seol ignores his suggestion because she prefers to do it despite getting recognised or not, she asks whether it’s the same for him. Jung does not reply. Seol spends her night sticking posters around and advertising the event, it starts raining but Seol still continues. She returns and finds an asleep Jung, she notices that he is ill and tends the sick Jung. Jung wakes up and discovers a wet towel on his head, he gets up and finds the asleep Seol on another sofa. He approaches her with his jacket and covers her, Seol unconsciously grabs onto his fingers. Back at the present time, he tells Seol it’s a secret and holds onto her fingers.

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Young-gon pays In-ho back by writing negative comments about him online, it ends up affecting his job. The director of the academy informs In-ho that the students are not happy with the news because he is the ‘face’ of the academy too. In-ho understands what he is trying to say and suggests to leave because he has to leave sooner or later anyways. Seol overhears a bunch of children wailing to In-ho so they can prevent him from leaving. Seol approaches them to understand the commotion. In-ho tells Seol that the timing worked out perfectly because he needs to leave anyways. Seol questions why but he simply answers that he cannot stay in a place for a long. Seol looks like she is about to cry, In-ho makes fun of her face by stating a face like hers will look really bad if she cries. Seol slaps his hand in anger which he laughs off and walks away whilst waving. Poor In-ho.

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Now that I have re-watched Cheese in the Trap few times I have noticed things that I didn’t in the first time. For example how Seol unconsciously fears Jung but despite that she still wants to give him a chance and forgives him. When they reconciled Jung hugs Seol and is delighted that she has forgive him but Seol does not hug him back. Or the time when Jung fell in top of her and she thought he was about to kiss her, she immediately covers her mouth. It’s questionable whether she likes Jung romantically or not, later on she will but I am unsure whether currently she really loves Jung. She does accept him and tries to forgive him but it’s more like it’s something she needs to do because they argued because of her- he helped her to achieve the things she always wanted but doing it in a way she does not approve.

Jung on the other hand is your lost soul, like a child, he just wants to please Seol and will use anything to make him closer to Seol. But by doing so he is also unconsciously hurting her. We got a glimpse of Jung’s cold-heartedness in this episode. When his relationship with Seol is going downhill he simply just tried to delete her from his life without double thinking but luckily/ unluckily Seol texts him during it. Her message changed their relationship and because of that Jung does not give up on Seol. Jung may seem manipulative but deep down he’s like a child that thinks in a straightforward manner and will delete everything that does not go his way.