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Prosecutor Han arrives to TQ headquarter and discovers CEO is no where to be found, seems like he knows that he’s lost the battle and has no where to go but abroad. Seong-ryong and Seo-yool also heads to the airport, Seo-yool tries to get the prosecutors to work with him however a travel ban is not useful if CEO takes a flight within the next 20-30 minutes span. Seo-yool and Seong-ryong dashes into the airport and Seo-yool runs around the  airport looking for CEO. Seong-ryong goes to the announcement desk and makes an emergency announcement- declaring a criminal is trying to escape, a criminal that has murdered someone and embezzled money. He describes CEO’s physical appearance to the public and asks them to spot him out. CEO covers his face with his passport hoping no one can recognise him.

CEO is about to board his plane but is quickly grabbed back by Seo-yool however the guard quickly intervenes believing Seo-yool is attacking an innocent person. Seong-ryong does the same and pulls CEO to stop him from escaping but the guard also drags Seong-ryong away. Finally Prosecutor Han arrives to the scene and shows the arrest warrant.

arrest warrant chief kim.png

Seong-ryong is curious regarding what was inside Chief Lee black box. The drama skips back to the scene where Chief Lee listening to a phone call made by one of the executives. He demands Chief Lee to keep his mouth shut if he does not want to be in danger. He must turn himself in for embezzlement and gambling. He also demands Chief Lee to hand in the materials and delete all call history. Chief Lee rejects their demands however he is approached by 2 masked men, they pull him out of his car and then presents photos of his family. They force Chief Lee to write his will and then strangles him.

Prosecutor Han interrogates both Min-young and CEO together. CEO denies he made the order of killing Chief Lee and has no connection to it. Prosecutor Han asks Min-young if she’s the one responsible, Min-young is about to speak but CEO interrupts her declaring she did it all by herself. He adds that she tried to kill Chief Lee to demonstrate loyalty but he does not appreciate her going overboard just to prove it. Min-young stays quiet and simply stares at CEO with a shocked/ betrayed expression.  CEO has not finished talking, he laughs at them for accusing him embezzling money yet they do not have definite proof- letters and bank statements can easily be forged therefore not reliable.

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Many people are contacting business operation due to the latest news regarding CEO’s embezzlement. Myung-suk overhears all the calls regarding the news and cannot stop feeling bad. He overhears Ha-kyung stating they may go into bankruptcy if this continues due to their financial situation and this include the company’s subsidiaries too hence everyone loses their jobs. Myung-suk leaves the department as he is feeling guilty, Ha-kyung follows him because she is concern. She asks whether he is feeling upset however he answers that he’s simply concern about the situation. He angrily shouts at Ha-kyung- he tried his best to save the company but yet this is happening. She tries to comfort him and explains they can still save the situation. He walks off and warns her to not give him false hope.

Seo-yool tries to pacify the situation declaring there is nothing wrong with the company’s financial situation but simply there is something wrong with the CEO. Yoo-sun attends the board meeting and the board directors are clearly not happy with the news, they demand her to fix the issue since she was the one who promised them that TQ group will change for the better. Yoo-sun needs to find a solution to solve the problem.

CEO’s lawyer visits CEO and reports back the situation regarding TQ group. CEO snorts at the board members and how they’re so defenceless and unable to do anything. The man asks CEO whether he wants him to do something for him and CEO instructs the man to put the embezzlement charges on his wife and makes an offer in exchange- he will use his savings to prevent TQ group to go into bankruptcy. For Min-young she has to take the fall for him and he will give her money in exchange. Min-young agrees will only if he gives half of his savings to her.

ceo puts blame to his wife.png

Yoo-sun consults Seong-ryong, Ha-kyung and Nam-ho whether she should accept his offer. Ha-kyung informs her that this week they do have many promissory to pay and if they do not manage it then they will go bankrupt. Yoo-sun is swayed by her words and considers taking the charges for her husband because she needs to saved TQ group. They warn her to withdraw her decision because the situation will only worsen if she agrees.

The lawyer visits Yoo-sun again to persuade her decision however she is adamant she will not agree with CEO’s demand. Myung-suk angrily overhears his mother’s conversation and shouts at her for being stubborn. He complains she is ruining the company yet is not letting CEO out of prison when he can actually contribute something. Yoo-sun is taken aback by her son’s strange behaviour. Myung-suk gets called by his father, he compliments his son for thinking more rationally than his mother.  He adds that the only person he trusts in his family is Myung-suk and everything will be his anyways therefore they must protect it together.

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Min-young accepts the offer made by CEO, even though he only agrees to give her 40% she still agrees however he will only pay her 20% when she gives consent and another 20% when CEO is released from prison. Myung-suk gets called by CEO, he takes Myung-suk’s hand and slowly gives him details to his Swiss bank account. He instructs Myung-suk to take care of the account and look after it, if someone was to discover it then he will be finished. Seems like Myung-suk has never changed side, he enters the details onto the computer and transfers all of his dad slush funds to business operations’ reserve fund. Not only Myung-suk has decided to not help CEO but Min-young has also turned her back against CEO. With some persuasion skills from Seo-yool and his great knowledge in law, she changes her mind about taking the fall for CEO. If she takes the fall for him she will serve 30 years in prison and waste the greatest time of her life and if she does not then she will only serve 7 years in prison. Seong-ryong and Seo-yool updates the news about Myung-suk transferring his money and praises CEO that he is a kind man indeed because he did indirectly helped the company. CEO punches the window in anger and disbelief; little did he know he was betrayed by his own  son.

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As Soo Jin cares for her husband, Chief Lee stirs awake and calls out his wife. He reaches out his hand and Soo Jin starts sobbing in happiness. Seo-yool asks what Seong-ryong is doing next with his life and he answers that he will be leaving however he is unsure what exactly he’s going to do next. First he will take a break because he’s tired being Mr Righteous. Seong-ryong asks Seo-yool whether he has any plans and he answers that he wants to be something cooler than a prosecutor. Seo-yool states he has something to say to Seong-ryong before they bid each other farewell- Seong-ryong is the best Chief Kim in the entire country. Seong-ryong also has something to tell Seo-yool- Seo-yool is the best prosecutor, director and a glutton in the entire country. After their sweet mushy moment they squeal in disgust.

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CEO pleads innocent and states all his sinful acts were to save the company, he did everything for his employees. However the judge does not acknowledge his pledge and announce he is sentenced for 22 years in prison, Min-young for 7 years, Go Man Geun for 4 years and Lee Gang Sik for 3 years. Everyone can relax now. However even before CEO is taken away Seong-ryong has few words for him- he warns CEO to not take money away from the powerless.

The gang leader that Seong-ryong originally worked with goes to find him because he needs Seong-ryong’s help, he wants Seong-ryong to be the manager of his 2 new nightclub. He tries to tempt Seong-ryong with ‘plus’ side of the job indicating pocketing money. Seong-ryong gives him a thumbs up showing his approval towards his new job offer. Seo-yool also resigns however Yoo-sun requests him to take back his resignation because he’s the only talented executive left. However Seo-yool insists he has no right to stay but Yoo-sun begs to differ; he’s changed to a better person now. Seo-yool insists he needs some time alone so he learn how to live like a decent person first.

Seong-ryong hands in his resignation letter and everyone is reluctant to let Seong-ryong go. They thank him for everything he’s done for them and tries to hold back their tears. Nam-ho thanks him again and emphasis everything he’s done for them is much appreciated. Seong-ryong also fights back his tears and thank them for turning him into a decent human. As he leaves he cannot help but take another look at his team.

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Few years have passed I am assuming. Nam-ho’s wife and daughter has returned back to Korea and he has also been promoted as en executive. Everything is the same in Business Operation, the office is still the same because they refuse to leave- a sense of cosiness about the moulding office. Seo-yool and Ha-kyung are much closer now, Ha-kyung even visits him for a meal together which she uses this chance to presents the job application for CFO to Seo-yool. Although he is hesitant to apply he does it in the end and to Yoo-sun’s delight she was waiting for his return because there is no one else more fitting than him.

At Seong-ryong he praises 2 managers for writing a script that is worthy of getting award. He forces the 2 managers to never scam money from the weak and scamming someone has limits too. Seong-ryong adds that it’s okay to take money from the boss however if he sees them bullying the weak they are dead. Mr Righteous is still Mr Righteous but with a twist.

Even a Prosecutor approaches him to get his assistance for tackling an accounting fraud, Seo-yool and Prosecutor Han have recommended him however Seong-ryong is reluctant to accept because it’s too much hassle. The Prosecutor begs and begs however Seong-ryong simply gives him his signature smug look.

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Well that is the end of Chief Kim. Thoughts guys? I have many thoughts and emotions going through me, even though the drama has ended 1-2 weeks ago I finally had the chance to read it and sum it up for you guys. I honestly did enjoy the drama because of the comedic twist and Seong-ryong’s interesting expressions and mixing it in with the serious business world made the drama a whole new level different. I never liked office dramas which you guys may know (they are boring) but this drama captured me thanks to the amazing cast, but now I can honestly say the plot disappointed. Just my personal opinion: the drama is flawed in many ways which I will name some, and also add what’s good about the drama (maybe). Just personal thought, don’t hate. 

I get this whole drama is about Chief Kim turning into a nice guy from a conman, I get that. What I don’t get is what he actually achieved from this. Yes his personality changed for the better and so did his morals but his life right now is empty. He may be helping people that needs his help but I cannot stop thinking that he’s lonely. At his near-last moments (when he was nearly killed) he couldn’t stop thinking about his colleagues-business operation’s members. Yet now he’s living miles away, they may have a strong bond even though they’re apart but I really think it’s not necessary to send him back to his hometown especially he found his calling and place- TQ’s business operation. The company may be problem-free and he can help somewhere else but really? We just want a happy ending for him… He’s back to his initial job although he’s much kinder now and caring but it just makes me go hmmm did he have to go to TQ group to discover his caring side, it’s really debatable. My point is Seong-ryong had a pathetic ending for a main character. He ain’t some freelance superhero. PLUS. WHERE. IS. HIS. FAMILY. OR. DAD. OR WHATEVER. He mentioned his dad few times in this drama and now, we don’t even know whether he was killed by a thug or embezzled money too much or whatever. We just knew the dad shaped Seong-ryong’s thirst for money so I aways assumed his dad would somewhat be related to TQ group especially Seong-ryong mentioned that his dad and himelf constantly moved around due to people looking for them… Just a thought, it would have been nice to make Seong-ryong’s personal life to intervene with TQ group. 

Another issue is Ha-kyung, she barely even appeared in the end. What was she? A delivery woman for Seo-yool, although it was nice to see her being close to her fellow fanboy but I don’t know, her ending was on par with Seong-ryong in terms of pitiful. Ha-kyung is still working the same position although she does like her job but can’t they be more creative? I don’t know, maybe make her end up with Seong-ryong or Seo-yool. The drama hinted she liked Seong-ryong but the ending seems like Seo-yool x Ha-kyung, so I am confused. Give me your thoughts. It could be neither! But if I have to guess it would be Seo-yool and Ha-kyung because if we are taking about distance Seong-ryong is miles away and it seems like he lost contact with them as well… just a bit upsetting, it’s like they never even met each other in the first place… Although physical distance do not measure closeness but it was lacking how they did not even show them calling one another or any other ways of staying in contact. Even the whats her name and whats his name in business operation is a pairing now?! So why does the main character have no one to love?

What’s even more upsetting is Ga-eun’s ending I mean she had no ending. She was the second female lead, she did not appear much in the whole drama but we gotta give at least give one ending scene to the second female lead right? There was none, we don’t even know how she’s progressing at her job or whether she is even alive. Just a poorly written drama, almost like some parts of the drama is cut off.

Let’s not go to Seo-yool. I loved his character but his ending not so much. Congrats to him for finding this inner kind-self but what else did he gain, he just returned back to his job at TQ group after being a defence lawyer for the public. So yeah, he just simply returned to somewhere that appreciated him and that was Yoo-sun. So yeah. Pathetic end or what. Here I am thinking he would change his career, even sending him to do charity work would be a better ending. Just really typical and boring and meh. 

Myung-suk ah Myung-suk, the undercover hero shall I say. A very likeable character that was initially for comedy reasons but became the show stealer. He betrayed his own father to save TQ group, he followed his initiatives and feelings and disregarded his own benefits. Clap clap. But what happened to him in the end despite such a grand finale? Nothing. I thought he would replace CEO’s position but no, his mother is somehow healthy and well again, and can even lead the company. Ah. Right. So basically her husband is in prison and she’s suddenly well again… hmm okay. And then CEO and his wife. Are they still together or do they even talk? Does she even visit him? Has CEO forgiven his son? Is he dead? No one knows. The least they could have done is show a scene of all the executives at prison and I would settle with that happily but nothing. Never mind about the executives, I am going to assume CEO forgave his son because at the end of the day that’s his son and also I think CEO in the end realised his mistakes and wanted to someone to push him to change (because it explains why he laughed in the end when Myung-suk apologised). Let’s think that because the drama has so many missing scenes that my imagination is writing the rest.

Overall, the drama was so-so. Some good scenes some bad scenes but overall okay. A very rushed drama with many episodes but even MORE unnecessary scenes that could have been used for something better. The drama was 20 eps = long drama. I would suggest this drama if you like Nam Goong Min and 2pm Junho because they are very cute in this drama with their little bromance but other than that, do not watch if you want a drama that can move your soul and emotions because this drama is really, let’s say bland. A nice background drama that does not add anything and once it’s the end you’re not sure what to even say because there’s no scenes that stands out and you kind of question whether you just wasted your time watching it.

2 thoughts on “Chief Kim ep 20 summary

  1. Verity Rose says:

    Just wanted to give my opinions on the show, while you seemed disappointed with the finale I was satisfied. In fact, I was satisfied with it and let me explain why:
    Firstly I liked that Sung Ryong left had he stayed would not be true to his character at all. I always felt like he is a more of an independent person. Personally, I´m glad he didn`t end up with anyone because that wasn`t the main goal. The point was whether he could embrace the fact that he can do good. Also, I feel like he isn`t that interested in forming a romantic relationship.
    Secondly, I never felt that Ha-Kyung liked Sung Ryong in a romantic way. He and she had a mutual platonic relationship. Sure they admired and respected each other but it never went more than just friends. I still remember the scene where Kwang- Sook asked Ha-Kyung if she liked Sung Ryong, she replied that “he isn’t my type”.
    Thirdly about supposedly Ha-Kyung and Seo Yul being a couple is open to interpretation. In my opinion, I believe they did. I was glad that Seo Yul has now a certain someone because that´s what he needed. Someone who believed in him and encouraged him to go to the right path.
    I disagree with you when you said that it was too long or too bland. Though I agree that the plot felt uneven at times and yes some scenes do feel underwhelming.
    But overall I felt emotional and connected to this drama. I felt like the drama theme was about second chances. Many of the characters became better people than they were before because they got a second chance in improving their characteristics and manners.

    Sorry for this comment to be long
    I would be happy to see your reply
    Verity Rose

    • says:

      I am glad you’re happy with the ending, maybe the drama wasn’t my cup of my tea but I do understand why you would like it too 🙂 I felt like Seong-ryong’s character near the end was slightly off, it gave off the impression that he would help at the bar forever (gangster friend’s bar). To me it’s a waste of talent, I know he would act arrogant just to annoy people and does not actually seeks acknowledgement from people. But at TQ group he found a group of people he could rely on and that was his family. He was independent but at the same time because he was alone it felt pitiful. Yes, some people enjoy being by themselves and he is helping others but to me I feel like it was missing something. I did like how he realised helping others was his calling in life but I didn’t like it how he was so out of touch with his group of friends.
      Sorry I misinterpreted Ha-kyung’s reply to Gwang-sook, although she denied she is interested in him but it seemed like she was because she continued asking question but then it could just be because she admires him and wants to hear his stories

      But anyways thank you for your comment! 🙂

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