Chief Kim ep 19 summary



Seo-yool and Seong-ryong takes turns to say the crimes CEO has committed. Seong-ryong asks Seo-yool how long he has to serve at the prison if the charges does go through. Seo-yool answers that he will be at a prison for a minimum of few world cups. CEO laughs at their declaration of war and walks off. Seo-yool states this will not scare him but is a good start on triggering the war.

Seo-yool completely settles himself into business operation department. He even lifts his leg onto the table and Seong-ryong requests him to leave because he’s making people uncomfortable. Seo-yool confronts them however they all quickly deny it and insists he’s making no one uncomfortable. Seo-yool even suggests they have noodles because glutinous boy will always be hungry.

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CEO hands over all his documents to the powerful man that he’s been meeting (Cha Gi-ho), Gi-ho states he cannot help him if he hides stuff from him however CEO insists that’s he’s told the truth about everything. After the man leaves CEO calls Min-young and notifies her that he told everything apart from the attempted murder. He instructs her to look after Chief Lee because things will get annoying if he wakes up. Min-young sends a man over to check up on Chief Lee, the man reports back that Chief Lee is recovering slowly and will regain his consciousness soon. Gi-ho informs his subordinate to delete all the evidence that places CEO is a disadvantage position, he also instructs him to ignore any evidence that negatively impacts CEO.

Yoo-sun warns her husband to accept all his crimes and she will leave him alone by not brining it up during the board meeting. CEO remains stubborn and insists he has nothing to say as he did nothing wrong. Yoo-sun says she can forgive him for using his employees for money however she cannot forgive him for trying to kill someone. She warns him that she will make him pay for his crimes.

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None of the evidence has pass the incitement which enrages Seo-yool even more. Prosecutor Han is just as annoyed and declares he will find a strong evidence that even the higher-ups cannot delete. Seong-ryong invites Seo-yool to his base camp so they can plan their next step however this base camp is simply Nam-ho’s home. Ha-kyung is purchasing snacks for their meeting however the 3 men does not seem to understand they’re having a meeting and not dinner, they mass order the food they like to eat which causes Ha-kyung to scream at them. The meetings begins but of course they complain about the food first. There are many things to cover if they want to defeat CEO- Nam-ho and Ha-kyung will be in charge of finding the route of embezzlement. Seong-ryong and Seo-yool will also do the same but they will be targeting the people around CEO instead.

Nam-ho and Ha-kyung discusses about how CEO transfers money so he can avoid tax. Once they find how he does it then they can take down CEO completely. Nam-ho suggests CEO uses paper company which Ha-kyung agrees but even the prosecutor struggles to find evidence. Nam-ho states he looked into TQ cosmetics and found they have a secret fund in Tanzania despite claiming they are not doing well. Myung-suk interrupts their conversation and insists he will look into the problem. Ha-kyung explains to Myung-suk this task is slightly different than before, they might actually corner his father and it will leave him in an awkward position. Myung-suk states he may be the worst son ever to do that to his father but he wants his father to change, not because he likes justice but simply he cannot bear his father to continue doing bad deeds.

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Seo-yool and Seong-ryong invites themselves to Gi-ho’s car. They simply intrudes his car and laughs at him for having a traditional way of investigating. He answers that he’s more surprised that Seo-yool gave up being a prosecutor to take down TQ group, and Seong-ryong to be Mr Righteous instead of embezzling money. Seo-yool demands him to say what he wants. He offers Seo-yool the position of working at the Supreme Prosecutor’s office if he stops going against CEO. He offers Seong-ryong money to go to Denmark and live a peaceful life there. Both Seo-yool and Seong-ryong pretends to be swayed by his offer and goes outside to discuss whether they should take it. The man laughs at them for being stupid however once they return they state they left the car to eat. The man stares at them in disbelief, before Seo-yool and Seong-ryong leaves they insert a wiretapping machine onto his car.

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Myung-suk overhears his father talking to someone about the Tanzania documents and once his father leaves he goes to his father’s phone and dials the person he just spoke too. He imitates the CEO’s voice and instructs the person to send it over although the person is reluctant he agrees when Myung-suk raises his voice in the most CEO-manner. Myung-suk runs into the business operation department with the document in his hand, everyone praises him with an Indian bop.

Ga-eun reports back to Seo-yool that Gi-ho has left the massage parlour and is heading out to meet CEO now. They simply have to keep Gi-ho away from CEO and everything should go smoothly, hopefully. Ha-kyung rushes to the hospital because she receives a call from Chief Lee’s wife that Chief Lee is slowly regaining consciousness. The man is watching and reports back to Min-young, she orders him to stay there on standby. She consults CEO on what to do next and he orders her to end Chief Lee’s life because it will get complicated if he ever regains consciousness. Business operation sets up a plan and uses Sung-tae as bait, pretending to be Chief Lee. The man strangles Sung-tae believing he’s the real deal however it’s a trap, rest of the BO members arrives and captures the man. Whereas Seong-ryong and Seo-yool pretends to be entertainers so they can capture Gi-oh indecently interacting with the hostess.

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BO members gather around Chief Lee and apologises for putting on an act which includes using Chief Lee as bait, they apologise to Chief Lee’s wife and states they do wish for her husband to wake up soon. Seong-ryong calls Ha-kyung to update them that the culprit confessed and declared he was ordered by Min-young. Finally they can clear Chief Lee’s name. 

Seo-yool corners Min-young, he plays the recording of her instructing the man to kill Chief Lee. She is completely shocked and tears forms around her eye, she has no chance of winning this battle. Seong-ryong stops Gi-ho’s car and shows a video clip of him hugging the hostess. The drama skips to CEO listening to Gi-ho shouting at him for committing murder, he may help him with embezzlement but he cannot for murder therefore their partnership ends now. Seong-ryong is beside Gi-ho and cheers him on whist sucking a lollipop.

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CEO orders someone to buy him the next flight to America. Ga-eun prepares all the documents that can be used against CEO for committing tax evasion and murder. She hands it over to Prosecutor Han so he can deliver the evidence to his superior for approval. Seong-ryong, Seo-yool and Ga-eun waits impatiently for his return. Prosecutor Han returns with an arrest warrant. Yay!

Seong-ryong and Seo-yool races each other to see who can capture CEO first.

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So so just so so. Nothing more nothing less. I don’t think this drama excites me anymore and I am glad it’s reaching to an end. 20 episodes for this drama is way too long, there’s not many things to cover yet they drag on and on. It does get repetitive for example we have lots of repeatedly scenes that’s been re-used many times. I am happy they have finally gathered enough evidence to sue CEO but c’mon, it’s been like that for so many times so it really does make me think hmmm is it really the end or are we going to go around in circles again. 

I did like the extra touch of Sung-tae pretending to be Chief Lee because it’s way too perfect if Chief Lee regains consciousness too. Although they did show his fingers moving (which he will wake up soon according to drama world) so he might wake up in the end but let’s not waste more screen time on him than needed cause we don’t need another evidence to prove CEO is wrong… I just want this drama to end on a funny note, maybe wrap up a relationship (Seong-ryong x Ha-kyung or Seo-yool x Ha-kyung) or even a bromance- the one and only Seong-ryong and Seo-yool. Make Myung-suk take his father place and everyone live happily ever after wooo!