Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon ep 12 summary


The drama skips back to the scene where Sim was abducted by Voldemort. He sees her getting off the bus and automatically covers his head with his hood. He tails behind her and just like what he always did with his victims, he knock them out unconscious and takes them away.

Whereas for the police it’s a false alert, Hee-ji was only overreacting and fast-paced walked for nothing. Gook-du appears in front of her and she stumbles back in fear however turns out to be Gook-du. The other police arrives to the scene and splits off thinking the criminal is still around. Gook-du reassures her that she will be fine today and he will escort her home now.

A police car goes past Bong-soon, she immediately looks back with a strong sense of uneasiness about this passing car. Min-hyuk says when he hears siren in this area it’s very unpleasant, and even though she is strong she’s simply someone he wants to protect no matter what.

some one il protect strong woman.png

Voldemort takes Sim back to the basement and as Sim tries to wiggle out, he shouts out Bong-soon’s name and then declares she’s naive to think Bong-soon will save her. He forces Sim to beg for help as he grabs onto her hair. Bong-soon texts Sim and asks when she’s coming back to Seoul because she has something to say to her. She tells Sim that Min-hyuk asked her out. However it is not Sim that is reading these messages, it’s Voldemort instead. He even pretends to be Sim and replies Bong-soon’s messages. By acting like Sim he discovers that Bong-soon will lose her strength if she accidentally hurts an innocent person. Bong-soon is confused with Sim’s sudden strange questions but brushes it off.

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Voldemort watches Gook-du discovering the CCTV camera, he laughs at them for being stupid and discovering it too late. He instructs his subordinate to starve the girls he’s captured because he does not want them to get fat. His subordinate nods earnestly and obeys his every word, after that he uses the unknown syringe that Voldemort gave him and insert it into his vein. Seems like Voldemort is controlling him through the use of drugs.

Min-hyuk is beyond in love with Bong-soon, he texts her with cute photos of himself with added effects like rabbit or bear. Bong-soon snorts at his messages but she returns him with a photo of herself as well. She sends a cute video of herself saying “sleep well Min Min”. Min-hyuk squeals in delight at her cute message and wiggles in his bed because he finds her message too cute. He re-watches the video again and again whilst squealing.

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Bong-soon looks around the library for Min-hyuk however he’s nowhere to be found. Min-hyuk slowly leaves a room and gestures her to go in as well, once Bong-soon is inside he introduces the seminar room to her. He states they’re the only ones inside this room but Bong-soon declares him to say what he means by that. Min-hyuk slowly inches towards her whilst teasing her to have a dirty mind.

“I will protect you like this. I’ll make sure the word won’t touch you. I’ll protect you”

Min-hyuk remembers what she said before- she needs time to reply his confession, therefore he’s wondering whether she can give him a reply now. Bong-soon smiles but he interrupts her and smiles back, he says she does not need to tell him because he can see right through her. Bong-soon’s cuteness is too much because Min-hyuk frantically calms himself down and blames Bong-soon for causing his heart to race too much. Before they leave the seminar Min-hyuk kisses Bong-soon on the forehead and then fixes back her fringe afterwards.

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Min-hyuk explains to Bong-soon that a person must go to a workshop to gain inspiration for work. Bong-soon is confused because they’re the only ones inside his car however Min-hyuk answers that others are on the waiting list. Bong-soon catches on what he wants to say and laughs at his roundabout way of wanting to have a date. Min-hyuk takes Bong-soon to a nice hotel by the sea, with an excellent sea-view of course. He cannot help but stare at Bong-soon’s thinking face instead of working. As Bong-soon is too distracting for Min-hyuk he requests to go outside because inside is too hot for him.
Both of them plays by the beach and Min-hyuk suddenly excuses himself and draws a curved line. He declares he will be standing here and asks if Bong-soon would like to come over to him. Bong-soon understands what the line means and completes it which forms a heart. Min-hyuk places his hand around Bong-soon’s face and slowly reaches down to kiss her.

bong soon and min hyuk heart.png

Bong-soon messages Sim and Voldemort uses Sim’s phone to reply Bong-soon. However Bong-soon senses something strange and dials it immediately, however he does not pick up. Bong-soon calls Gook-du to track Sim’s location (he previously gave her a smart watch) which he agrees immediately. Bong-soon scrolls back to the messages she had with Sim and tries to calm herself down, she knows something is off for sure because ‘Sim’ is replying strangely. Voldemort also scrolls back to the conversation and realises his text messages does not sound like Sim however the more he tries the more strange it is. Bong-soon requests ‘Sim’ to call her however obviously Sim cannot. Bong-soon asks whether “dol kang’ is good which Voldemort replies “He’s good”. Bong-soon immediately panics as she knows this is not Sim that’s replying her.

Gook-du traces the smart watch and it leads to a homeless man, the man found the watch lying on the ground after the incident and has been wearing it since then. All the police are aware that Sim is now officially the newest victim however they cannot do anything because they have no warrant, the leader declares he will take the responsibility and urges them to go despite having no warrant. However before they step out they’re stopped by their superior and thankfully none of them listens to him. They head towards the junkyard to start a full-on investigation.

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Bong-soon also arrives to the junkyard. Gook-du stops her from entering further but she does not listen and frantically declares she will kill Voldemort if Sim is hurt. Gook-du cannot stop Bong-soon and follows behind her. Bong-soon frantically searches for any traces of Sim however Gook-du finally manages to persuade her to return home because it’s very dangerous. The police will continue the investigation instead.

Bong-soon returns home and cannot stop thinking about Sim, she does not even reply Min-hyuk. Min-hyuk on the other hand is leisurely thinking about Bong-soon and cannot sleep, he gets up and suddenly starts modifying a necklace which I am assuming it’s a present for Bong-soon.

Voldemort uses Sim’s phone to message Bong-soon again. He sends a video this time, which contains Sim begging Bong-soon to not save her however she is interrupted by Voldemort whom is wearing his mask. He kicks Sim in the face and declares Bong-soon to find them by herself and if she reports it to the police Sim will die. Voldemort lifts up his shirt and shows the injury that Bong-soon gave him, he demands an apology from Bong-soon however she must find them herself. Bong-soon’s sobs and sobs, every cry is filled with anger and fear. Her shaken hand grips onto the phone. Bong-soon runs to Min-hyuk’s house and before she even stops panting, she begs him to help her.

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love the trailer for next episode so much. I cannot wait to watch it, finally some action! To those who have not watched the trailer, you will love the next episode… even though I have no watch it yet because it has not been released but I can tell it’s going to be an action-filled episode. There will be some misunderstandings between her and Min-hyuk but ultimately Bong-soon can finally unleash her powers. I feel like Bong-soon will get into an argument with Min-hyuk because he’s overprotective and simply just cares about her safety however Bong-soon is fearless and saving Sim is her greatest priority. Sim is Bong-soon’s best friend, well she is the only friend other than Gook-du so… I am assuming she is Bong-soon’s best friend, plus she knows about Bong-soon’s power therefore Bong-soon must really trust her. So Min-hyuk shouldn’t try to stop her especially Bong-soon’s destiny was probably to defeat Voldemort.

I know I know some of you guys may be cheering right now about Min-hyuk and Bong-soon but I am crying okay, poor Gook-du does not even realise they’re dating and he’s still treating her so well. I guess he always treated her like a good friend and he should continue regardless she likes him back or not but… but… Sigh Poor Gook-du. Plus they didn’t even make an awkward scene between Bong-soon and Gook-du, it’s like Gook-du’s feelings does not matter. He got rejected okay, he should at least get a scene where he’s coping or whatnot… cries. 

Some of you have notice that I do not include scenes about Baek Tak because I do find them on the boring side and it does not contribute anything to the drama itself so I just leave it out because after all I am summarising and yeah… they’re not important. I apologise to those that enjoys those scenes ><