Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon ep 11 summary

EPISODE 11- Timing

Bong-soon stumbles back into her house almost like she’s been defeated by a monster or something, she requests her mother to leave her alone because she wants some alone time at the moment. However her mother does not leave her alone and insists her to reveal why Min-hyuk visited. Min-hyuk seems to be just as lost as Bong-soon, he thinks back to his confession- Bong-soon requested him to let her think about her answer however he pulled her towards her and asked what she’s going to think about. Bong-soon explains she needs time to discover how she really feels about him.

Bong-soon is already confused as it is, she struggles to sleep without the thought of the confession popping onto her mind. Suddenly she gets a text from both Min-hyuk and Gook-du declaring to watch a movie together tomorrow. She panics and does not reply, she snuggles into her duvet hoping she can forget everything whilst questioning why this is happening to her.

Bong-soon’s weird dream are appearing again. Juliet (herself) and Romeo (Min-hyuk) are finally together however out of nowhere Gook-du appears and drags Min-hyuk away from Bong-soon. He declares he’s the real Romeo which causes him and Min-hyuk to start fighting. The dream becomes even more weird because the business strategy team leader appears and intervenes with the fight.

romeo and juliet strong woman.png

Bong-soon rejects both Min-hyuk and Gook-du’s invitation to a cinema date. She sends a formal rejection to Gook-du and Min-hyuk an informal rejection. Gook-du is confused why Bong-soon is suddenly polite. On the other hand Min-hyuk is excited by the reply and thinks Bong-soon wants to get close to him hence the informal text message. After sending out the text messages she opens up her laptop and hallucinates Min-hyuk is sending her hearts through the monitor. She slams the laptop immediately and questions her sanity.

Min-hyuk replies Bong-soon and she finally realises her mistake, she was supposed to send the informal one to Gook-du and the formal one to Min-hyuk. Gook-du carefully chooses a necklace for a special someone, he asks the sales assistant whether it’s okay because the person receiving the necklace is really cute and he’s unsure whether this necklace suits her. He calls Bong-soon and asks if she is free today, it’s okay if she does not have time for movie but he still wants to meet up. Bong-soon excuses herself from the invitation and states she will be in the offie till really late. Gook-du says he can go to her office and meet her, he also requests her to not spend time with Min-hyuk especially she is no longer a bodyguard.

bong soon does not like gook du anymore.png

Bong-soon goes to the toilet and overhears her colleague talking about Min-hyuk declaring his sexuality- all along his preference were towards females. There’s also a rumour that he likes an employee in his company too. Everything Min-hyuk does is amazing to Bong-soon, there’s lights shining from him. Bong-soon stares at him in awe. Min-hyuk holds onto Bong-soon’s hand which gathers many attention and whispers fill the room. Min-hyuk looks at Bong-soon’s proposal for her game and decides to let her do it, but under his supervision of course. He urges her to do a good job because she needs to impress the whole business strategy department. As he walks out he suggests lunch with Bong-soon which confuses Bong-soon because he had always ate one meal per day. Min-hyuk states it in a matter-of-face way, he started eating 3 meals because she eats 3 meals.

Min-hyuk briefs the team regarding their new game. Although Min-hyuk changed the name of the character, Bong-soon still recognises the game is based on her.

bong soon game approve.png

Gook-du calls Bong-soon to let her know that he will be meeting her at her work’s cafeteria. Poor Gook-du even fixes his hair and seems excited however he gets a call from his superior that Voldemort is targeting a woman called Hee-ji and gives the location of Hee-ji immediately. Gook-du recognises this ‘Hee-ji’ is his ex, he debates whether to go or not but heads towards Hee-ji because it’s his duty as a police officer. He calls Hee-ji but she does not pick up her phone. Bong-soon heads towards the cafeteria but Gook-du is no where to be found, she looks around whilst waiting for him.

Min-hyuk returns back to his office and discovers Bong-soon is not in his room he immediately asks Secretary Kang and he notifies Min-hyuk that she went to the cafeteria after talking to someone called ‘Gook-du’. Gook-du reaches Hee-ji’s training room and sees Bong-ki and Hee-ji together and automatically catches on what’s going on between them. However he does not let this affect him and notifies Hee-ji that the criminal is targeting her.

gook du warns Hee ji.png

Min-hyuk approaches Bong-soon at the cafeteria and states she looks like a woman who was stood up by a mediocre man. Min-hyuk recites what Bong-soon said before about how she was busy yet she’s at the cafeteria waiting for someone. Bong-soon emphasis that she is busy and will be working till late. Min-hyuk suggests they work together at his place however Bong-soon rejects his offer again. Min-hyuk warns her that he will withdraw the project if she does not agree. Bong-soon wails that he’s abusing his power.


“Bong-soon won’t you like me back?”

wont you like me back strong woman.png

Min-hyuk requests her to stay with him today however Bong-soon explains that she’s not like a normal girl, and he should know that. She asks if he will be okay with her powers and Min-hyuk states that her powers does not matter. Min-hyuk still has his hand reached out which Bong-soon only looks at it but does not grab. Min-hyuk suddenly grabs Bong-soon into an embrace and Bong-soon slowly hugs him back. It seems like Min-hyuk and Bong-soon are dating now because wherever they’re going, they’re holding hands.

Poor Gook-du arrives at the cafeteria but of course Bong-soon would have left by now. He dials Bong-soon but she does not answer his call. Min-hyuk drops Bong-soon off and before she leaves, he warns her to not change her mind because she’s not allowed to. Bong-soon sweetly smiles and agrees.

Gook-du goes to Bong-soon’s house to finish off what he originally wanted to meet her for. He apologises for making her wait and informs her that the culprit was after Hee-ji therefore he had no choice but to go. He also informs Bong-soon that Hee-ji is dating Bong-ki now, she stays silent and Gook-du asks if she already knew. Bong-soon weakly nods. Gook-du slowly walks towards Bong-soon.


“Now I’ve finally realised about my feelings. I don’t want to be friends with you anymore. I…” 

gook du confession to bong soon strong woman do bong soon.png

Bong-soon interrupts his confession and explains she always felt happy and reassured because they’re friends. She does not want to lose a precious friend. Gook-du slowly looks down and hides his present for Bong-soon behind his back. Silence fills the air. Gook-du walks back to his car in a slump-manner. He sits down and thinks back to all his interaction with Bong-soon; how foolish it was for him to realise so late that he had always liked her. Bong-soon cannot sleep and seems lost in thoughts. She tells Sim that there is an expiration date for crushes.

The police team makes up a plan, they are going to trap Voldemort in an area. Voldemort is following someone and it seems like everything is going smoothly. The police flocks towards the area so they can capture him. Suddenly Hee-ji screams in fear and falls back. However the drama skips to Voldemort carrying a girl, the girl is not Hee-ji as she’s wearing a different jacket. Next to Voldemort is a suitcase which means the girl is… Sim (as she’s returning to her hometown).

 sim in danger strong woman do bong soon.png


Sorry for the lack of post recently, it’s because I am trying to learn how to drive and it’s taking up a lot of my time… but anyways it’s April now already! In no time it will be June and that’s half a year gone! I hope everyone is productive and not wasting their time like me…

Anyways I thought this episode wasn’t that great, maybe because I don’t really ship Min-hyuk and Bong-soon together and this episode was basically about them and more them. I honestly didn’t like it but don’t get me wrong I do respect this couple; they’ve been through a lot together and Min-hyuk brings out the best part of Bong-soon so what more can I ask for? For her to end up with Gook-du duh.

My heart goes to Gook-du, his confession really broke my heart. He had a chance till the end, if he had confess a bit earlier, if he wasn’t tricked by Voldemort, if he never ever hesitated from the start. Him and Bong-soon would be dating now. It really broke my heart and how Bong-soon states crushes have expiration date was so real yet so heartbreaking. Because honestly she is right, there is only so much you can like someone before you tell yourself enough is enough. It’s like running a marathon with no end and you finally exhaust yourself and thinking to yourself why you even started this never-ending race from the start.

Voldemort capturing Sim is also my prediction because the drama kinda flowed that way? Like how Sim suddenly wanted to go back to her hometown despite not leaving for so long was hinting a drama change. Plus the drama is about Bong-soon using her powers for doing good deeds hence it makes sense for her to capture the culprit and not the police… that’s my prediction anyways.