Chief Kim ep 18 summary


Somehow they manage to defeat their enemies and move safely back into the van. Seo-yool hides his gratefulness and states he will go to the police station. Seong-ryong informs him if he made a move like that it will simply be falling into the CEO’s trap. However Seo-yool states he will not confess in vain. Seong-ryong says they cannot go down, Seo-yool questions him when have they become a ‘team’ or a ‘we’. Both exchanges awkward glances at each other. Seong-ryong quickly corrects his words, he insists he does not want him to go to prison because he might be useful in the future, plus he needs his assistance to drag CEO down.

Seong-ryong makes a grand performance in persuading the reporters to believe Seo-yool was kidnapped. He even shows the tied up men to prove Seo-yool was tricked and CEO is trying to push the blame to Seo-yool. He screams in the most high-pitched tone. Seo-yool finally leaves the car and is escorted by the police. Seong-ryong demands Seo-yool to give the reporters few words before going inside. Seo-yool can only say “let’s go” in a very Ga-eun like manner. After Seo-yool leaves the reporters flock around Seong-ryong, it’s almost like Seong-ryong is hosting a live talking show. Both his statements and actions are very exaggerated.

chief kim defend seo yool.png

Because of Seong-ryong’s public announcement it has gathered many of the reporters’ attention and now they have requested to make their investigation public. Which means that the cannot move Seo-yool into the detention centre immediately as this will gather negativity from the public. As Seo-yool has few days before moving to the detention centre he has time to plan his next moves.

CEO instructs Min-young to quickly deal with the problem, she reassures him that she will be announcing the emergency reformation. Min-young appears on the TV and and announces the news. She states they are experiencing great financial loss due to a person and is under great crisis hence they will be making 3 emergency reformation plans. First they will be laying off 287 employees, after the incident they will control their employees by not letting them use their mobile during work, and lastly their employee benefits will stop. Before she ends the interview, she states the list of layoff will be online. Nam-ho quickly checks it and the worst news has appeared- his name is on the list.

nam-ho fired.png

Everything is going downhill, Yoo-sun attempts to host an emergency board meeting however 8 of the board members are at the police station due to embezzlement. It seems like they have been set up and someone is trying to prevent them from attending the meeting. Seo-yool’s side isn’t going well either, the evidence that is submitted by Chief Lee is not valid because according to Prosecutor Moon the intention of the evidence is not clear, and it could potentially be forged by an insider too. Prosecutor Han snaps at him and demands him to clarify his words. Seems like nothing can change.

Seong-ryong tries to comfort the sobbing Nam-ho. Seong-ryong says he still has 50 days left to work and they should function as normal just like what they’ve always been doing. Nam-ho states it’s not use because he can sense their effort won’t change anything. Seong-ryong urges him to cheer up and Nam-ho declares he’s sick of his life, everyday he’s living in fear because he’s unsure of his future.

nam ho afriad of his future.png

Yoo-sun confronts her husband- she wants to know who’s behind the changes in TQ group.  She demands to know how many people he must sacrifice to stay on the top. CEO simply states business works like that however Yoo-sun declares war against her husband. She will fight this battle no matter what it takes. He warns her to not use her shares because the 8 director that are on her side will suffer instead. Yoo-sun’s anger explodes and she gasp for air, CEO simply walks away and a worried Myung-suk runs up to his mother.

Seo-yool is running out of time plus he has no correspondence to outside. He sees Ga-eun walking past him and does all kind of discreet signal but she does not understand him. Instead she gives him a disgusted look. She finally catches onto what he would like to say when she notices him outside the toilet and acting all exaggerated. Ga-eun dresses up as a cleaning lady to go into the mens’ toilet. Seo-yool informs her to pass on a message to Seong-ryong- he must meet him at 11 o’clock at all costs. However even visiting Seo-yool is difficult when there are restrictions everywhere therefore Seong-ryong has no choice but to dress up as a pastor. Somehow his cosplay is enough to trick the police to let Seong-ryong talk to Seo-yool. However their plan discussion was short due to the watching eyes.

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The plan is taking place. First, Ga-eun gathers and sorts out all the voice recording she has tapped and then sends it to Seong-ryong. Seong-ryong instructs Ha-kyung to use the recording to threaten accounting department’s team leader- if he does not want her to expose the truth then he must admit his lies. The next step is to trick Director Go in betraying CEO, Myung-suk and Nam-ho states that CEO once said Director Go is useless, ugly and a waste of money. However they make sure the conversation is loud enough for Director Go to hear. The final push for both Director Go and accounting leader to confess their crimes is that they’re both notified that Seo-yool is aiming to drag someone down with him and leave the person that whistle-blows alone.

The rumours are spreading like wildfire, people are suspecting that Seo-yool is an undercover investigator and the reason that he’s still locked up is just a cover-up. Both Director Go and Accounting leader rushes to whistle-blow without a second thought. Seong-ryong and Prosecutor Han looks on from outside with a big grin on their face.

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Seong-ryong tries to persuade Seo-yool to correct his life’s direction. He states even though Seo-yool may be released from the police investigation he should reconsider his choices in life. Seong-ryong takes himself as an example, he was once a conman but everything changed when he accidentally slipped and saved Chief Lee’s wife, coincidentally he became Mr Righteous. Seo-yool is reluctant because he insists he’s gone too far and cannot go back anymore. However Seong-ryong explains it simply- he can just turn back, even if he is scared he must turn back.

Ha-kyung also tries to persuade Seo-yool too, she asks him out on a baseball date which he agrees. Initially he was reluctant to even start hitting the ball but after a while he’s even more excited than Ha-kyung. Despite Ha-kyung losing and Seo-yool winning, he knows Ha-kyung was going easy on him. Ha-kyung simply states she does not mind losing and she knows how much he likes winning too. However in life you don’t always have to win, you only have to win the matches that matters to you. She goes on to say that at first she avoided him not because she hates him but she was afraid of him. But after awhile she slowly got used to him, they’re not friends now but slowly they soon will be. She takes out a fist to fist-bump him.

seo yoo and ha kyung baseball.png

After careful consideration whilst walking back, Seo-yool decides to join Seong-ryong’s side. He goes to Seong-ryong and declares they will crush CEO together. Woohoo my favourite formation is finally here! It’s not only them that are against CEO, it seems like they have support. Renowned law firm Go and Goo appears in front of CEO and declares the board has filed a complaint against him and the complaint will be handled by them from now on. Also the board has arranged 2 people to deal with the complaint from now on, he gestures to the entering Seong-ryong and Seo-yool.

seong ryong and seo yool against tq group.png


Yay yay yay! Let’s clap for the formation we all waited for. I am so happy about this episode even though it was getting boring, and we all know Seo-yool will leave the prison, and the charge will be withdrawn and all that stuff. But I did like to see the bond between Seong-ryong and Seo-yool. They do indeed have a love-hate relationship that’s why I like their friendship even more.

Also who else likes Ga-eun and Seo-yool together, I feel like I will be the only person who ships them. Although they barely have interacted but after this episode I feel like this couple can potentially be possible. ‘Cause let’s be real, Seo-yool won’t end up with Ha-kyung because she obviously likes Seong-ryong, and Seong-ryong ex is money and currently it’s justice. So he is out of the equation. Overall I don’t think the drama will have any pairings which is a good thing I guess (hint: notice the I guess) because dramas have too much romance in them (well, that’s why we watch them) and it might get boring (NEVER. I CRAVE FOR IT).

I found Seo-yool’s confession about his true nature to be touching. When he said he couldn’t go back anymore because he’s come so far it actually broke my heart. It’s like he cannot stop now and there’s no room for him to return to, no body to accept him. His only way is to continue walking and be the villain he is. It’s really upsetting but thanks to Ha-kyung and Seong-ryong’s acceptance he is back onto track as a nice guy!