Chief Kim ep 17 summary


Ha-kyung demands them to stop the process because they must go over last year’s audit before proceeding. The audit leader starts signing the form however Seong-ryong urges him to stop it or he will break his hand. Prosecutor Han steps in and declares he’s here to collect the evidence. Seo-yool stands up and is displeased about his interference. Prosecutor Han announces if the evidence is true then the audit team’s company will be banned from taking in new projects, their accounting team could also be banned too.

Ga-eun says goodbye to Seong-ryong because her job at TQ group is done and she is no longer needed. She shakes Seong-ryong’s hand and thanks him for working with her. He insists they’re still friends even if she leaves and suggests her to visit business operation before leaving. She does what Seong-ryong suggested, she also confess to others that she was an undercover all along. She works at financial protection and is a detective. However they all burst out laughing unable to believe her words.

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Myung-suk is clearly upset about the news regarding TQ group, he does not join the team meal outing and insists he has plans. Seong-ryong catches on that he’s upset and drags him out to eat declaring his ‘plans’ is with him. Myung-suk insists Seong-ryong to take it easy because he could be in danger, just like before when he was kidnapped because of his dad. Myung-suk states he’s fully aware how heartless is dad is and simply wants him to be more careful, he does not even care if he fights with his dad. Seong-ryong teases him and asks if he is worried about his safety.

CEO meets up with an unknown man but I am guessing he is someone with powers because CEO timidly asks him for assistance. The man agrees and states he will send someone tomorrow¬†to assist him. He also needs to contact the central district office and financial supervisory service first. CEO thanks him again and again. Seems like CEO has sorted the problem regarding TQ group’s audit report.

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CEO returns back to this house and Yoo-sun questions why did he let TQ group dropped so low, he snidely states she must be happy with her victory. However Yoo-sun is not, she simply wants him to forfeit his position and once he has she will do the same. She want TQ group to be corruption-free. CEO warns her by asking her to watch how he will defend his company. Myung-suk overhears everything from upstairs and does not say anything.

Prosecutor Han gets a command from his higher up that they will do the investigation behind close doors, Prosecutor Han is angered because it means they’re basically admitting defeat. Myung-suk oversees his father thanking someone on the phone and how his father is saying the word “scapegoat”. Prosecutor Han updates Seong-ryong about the situation- they need to verify the evidence before they can proceed with the investigation, basically TQ group is plotting something.

Manager Choi is here as sent by the man that CEO met. He reassures CEO that he’s read the fact files and he will neutralise everything first and then gradually turn it back normal. However Seong-ryong has Myung-suk on his side; he updates Seong-ryong about the phone call however Seong-ryong is not happy because he should have heard the entire conversation. Myung-suk sulks because all he was doing was trying to help yet Seong-ryong is so ungrateful.

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TQ group has a meeting, the investment company has withdrawn their offer because they have read yesterday’s article despite CEO trying so hard to block out any media regarding the issue. Seo-yool states he can try to persuade them however CEO refuses because he does not want to beg anymore. However this also means it affects every employee that works at TQ group because if the company declares bankruptcy then the employees will be dismissed.

Nothing is going well for Prosecutor Han too, he gets informed by his superior that the person responsible for the case has changed to Prosecutor Moon. He is not happy because the new lawyer does not specialise in financial crimes however his superior insists the order is from the higher-ups. Prosecutor Han demands to know why he’s dropped out of the case and his senior answers that someone has reported him for misusing his powers for personal reasons.

Seems like Manager Choi is scheming with the 2 executives, he instructs them to answer in a particular format, the format which the prosecutor will ask them tomorrow. Back in CEO’s office. He sighs and Seo-yool is worried about his health, he asks whether he is okay because he looks ill. He reassures he’s fine and tomorrow will be a hectic day, he also updates Seo-yool that he will grant him access to his bank and when he needs money he can go into his account. However this is not any bank, it’s the secret saving account at Switzerland.

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The executives are pinpointing Seo-yool to be the cause of the audit failure, they insists he’s been abusing his powers. Because of their statements a warrant has been issued and Seo-yool is starting to panic. He needs time to gather his thoughts to plan the next steps. Seong-ryong calls Seo-yool to notify him of the situation however Seo-yool is more than aware what sort of situation he’s currently in, the call is suddenly cut off when a detective approaches Seo-yool. The detective states the list of crime Seo-yool has committed and is about to detain him however a group of men suddenly arrives and drags Seo-yool into their car. Seong-ryong arrives to the scene and jumps into the worried Mr Park’s car¬†(Seo-yool’s subordinate) however Mr Park refuses because there is no need for Seong-ryong to help Seo-yool, especially they’re rivals. Seong-ryong tries to persuade him and quickly states they have a love-hate relationship, and also Seo-yool once saved him therefore he will do anything to repay this debt. Mr Park sighs in agreement.

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Manger Choi visits the tied up Seo-yool and shows him the broadcasting news- if Seo-yool does not appear before midnight then the police force will automatically consider him as a dangerous criminal and his penalty will increase. He continues to taunt Seo-yool for his dumbness, laughing at Seo-yool for acting mighty when he’s simply a pawn.

However it seems like luck is on Seo-yool’s side, Seong-ryong and Mr Park quickly arrives to the scene. Despite the grand entrance, Seong-ryong leaves majority of the fighting to Mr Park and takes the credit in saving Seo-yool. He quickly unties Seo-yool however Seo-yool demands to know why he’s here to save him instead. Seong-ryong answers in a matter-of-fact attitude.


“This is a ticket from TQ group’s psycho to save your life”

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It was so obvious that CEO wanted to pinpoint Seo-yool from the start, he never did trusted Seo-yool and only hired him because he wanted to use Seo-yool to his advantage. I am glad Seo-yool finally gets a glimpse of what CEO is like.

Also I did find the new characters really weird, it’s like they just chucked in new characters to flow the story which is slightly unsatisfactory because the drama is about to end and if they just chuck in new people, to me it doesn’t wrap the drama up. Also I want to know about Seong-ryong and his father and we only have 3 episodes left, they cannot just leave it. From what has been mentioned so far, his father worked at a company and they company was dodgy… then his colleagues try to force him to embezzle money however he refused (I am guessing) that is why he kept travelling around with Seong-ryong so they won’ be in danger. I also want to know why Seong-ryong is obsessed with Denmark. So Amy question about Seong-ryong’s past, it would also be a plus if they talk more about Seo-yool because his character is interesting.