Chief Kim ep 16 summary


Luckily Seong-ryong has the backing up of the prosecutor and Yoo-sun, he’s been assigned as the an internal monitor for the audit period. He flaunts his certificate to Yoo-sun, Nam-ho praises the certificate because it can open many doors. It means Seong-ryong can even take part in the auditing system and also request executives to be punished.

Ha-kyung is confused because all she can find in the lockers are books and shoes, just your everyday items. The most interesting item is the autobiography of the CEO. She takes it to Seong-ryong and Nam-ho so they can discuss it together. She states there is a page that is folded which contains an underlined statement. It says “The basis of distribution begins in an office”. Seong-ryong shrugs it off however Ha-kyung insists there’s more to it because in the whole book this is the only underlined part. For now they should tell the entire team about this and maybe more hints will appear. However even their team has no idea, they even suggest ridiculous ideas in unlocking the secret such as pouring water on it.

chief lee hints .png

CEO is not happy with Seong-ryong’s new position. Min-young explains what his new role involves: he can form a team, he can request punishments given to employees and take part in the auditing process. CEO suggests using the same method on how they dealt with Chief Lee- make Seong-ryong into a villain and everyone will hate him.

Seong-ryong is continuing being a nuisance to the auditing team, he adds many unnecessary comments to disturb them in any way possible. He knows he will not find anything wrong with these files because they will all be deleted or hidden already however he still continues being disruptive. Seo-yool knows how smart Seong-ryong is and demands to get all the contacts of factories and warehouse workers. Again they are searching and aiming for the same thing.

Seong-ryong manages to trick one of the warehouse leader that they’re selecting the best warehouse and whoever wins will receive a holiday ticket to Phuket. As Seong-ryong is busy sweetening the leader up, Myung-suk goes around by himself to find anything suspicious. He spots the dead stock and takes photo of it but is stopped by the employees. Even when Myung-suk claims he’s the CEO’s son they do not believe him. However Seong-ryong quickly saves him, they walk away- smug and content knowing they have the evidence.

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TQ group has many faults, they even lie about their sites and by using these lies Seong-ryong and his team are able to discover more issues regarding the company. However as they discuss it Myung-suk becomes upset because he’s embarrassed by his father. He questions whether his father runs a company or a con house.

Seo-yool demands his subordinate to get rid of those sites on the audit account however if they clear them it also means they cannot fill in the empty amounts as well because the money flow already reached a threshold. Therefore Seo-yool has no choice but try to ask CEO to fill in the amount using his own money (taipan’s bank). CEO states he cannot do this because the fund he has right now is the future of TQ group. He requests Seo-yool to cover it for him because he’s the only person he trust. Once the meeting is over they’re both dissatisfied, CEO snorts at Seo-yool for suggesting to use his private funds and Seo-yool is angered by CEO’s childish thought- TQ group is a mess already yet he’s planning the future.

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Ga-eun thinks back to all her interactions with Seong-ryong, she gathers her courage to confess, not her feelings but her real identity. However before she even completes her sentence Seong-ryong interrupts her and says he’s fully aware that she’s a detective. Ga-eun is shocked however once Seong-ryong explains what gave her away she starts nodding in agreement, her behaviour was pretty strange. Ga-eun feels bad because she was originally sent to spy on him however as time went by she started wanting to support him as Ga-eun and not Detective Hong. Seong-ryong reassures her it’s fine because all this time she has been supporting him.

Oh no Seong-ryong is having difficulties, all the cards that he was going to throw against TQ group have been erased. He needs an idea quick, he even tries to bluff talk in front Seo-yool so he can change his mind however Seo-yool was the one who erased his evidence. However it seems like the light is shining on Seong-ryong because he overhears the audit team discussing about an issue- they need to check the short-term marketable securities. Seong-ryong immediately calls Ga-eun to help him, he requests any documents that contain marketable securities.

However poor Ga-eun is tripped up by her senior, she asks Ga-eun to shred these important documents for her despite knowing Ga-eun is a spy. Little does Ga-eun know she’s being used to trip Seong-ryong up. She happily hands it over to Seong-ryong and insists it’s the real deal.

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A group of security enters their office and states Ga-eun has broken the cause regarding classified documents and Seong-ryong viewed the document without clearance. They inform them that they’re not allowed to go home until the executives return. Seong-ryong is not taking any of their nonsense however despite fighting till the last moment he is taken away to their office and later brought to the executives. Min-young informs Ga-eun that she will be fired and that also applies to Seong-ryong however he is charged with embezzlement too.

Back in the operation department they found Seong-ryong’s drawers to contain a huge stack of notes and also in his bank account there are traces of embezzlement. Everything seems to be falling apart, Ha-kyung sits there trying to solve Chief Lee’s statement. Suddenly something hits her, she immediately looks for the other copy of the autobiography. There it is, a memory stick slot inside between the book cover and the book. They quickly insert the memory stick onto the computer and the truth seems to be right on the screen.

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Seong-ryong takes out his phone and shows them a recording of a person placing money into his drawer and going onto his computer at 4am in the morning. He also gestures them to look inside the envelope before branding him as a ‘criminal’. They quickly look inside and all they can see is the menu of TQ cafeteria. From the start Seong-ryong and Ga-eun never fell for their trap and has been trolling them from the start. Seong-ryong laughs at them for being stupid and begs them to stop doing dirty tricks because he feels embarrassed for them. Ga-eun suggests they sue them for committing calumny, Seong-ryong agrees immediately and asks if she would like to suggest any lawyers.

The audit team is about to approve their financial stability however Ha-kyung walks in and objects, claiming they are wrong about this year’s report and all the previous years too. Seong-ryong also barges in and swaggers next to Ha-kyung. Ha-kyung takes out the memory stick which was left behind by Chief Lee and states it proves TQ group’s accounting fraud. Seong-ryong looks at the memory stick and his eyes shine, this is a one-way ticket to winning this battle. 

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I love the twist in the end because I actually thought Seong-ryong and Ga-eun fell for the trap. I was disappointed with them until Seong-ryong took out his phone and showed evidence of their scheming. I was like GO SEONG-RYONG! Cause yeah… I thought he actually fell for such an obvious trap. I wished Ga-eun would arrest them herself because she’s a detective therefore wouldn’t that give her rights to arrest someone?

I like how Seo-yool is so chilled about the whole situation, it’s almost like he’s letting Seong-ryong get his way. I want to see them team up ASAP because Seo-yool is a nice guy and we all know that. He’s wasting his talent by helping the CEO. Also I really don’t get Min-young’s character, initially I thought she was CEO’s mistress or something but turns out she isn’t; just someone CEO trusts greatly (makes no sense to me because CEO can pocket money without her help so I don’t get why he needs her). Also Yoo-sun should just divorce her husband or something or kick him out because it will solve everything, the company is hers after all she can fire anyone she wants, including her husband. So why are they going around in circles when Yoo-sun can solve it just by flicking her fingers.