Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon ep 10 summary

EPISODE 10- Find a Hidden Heart

This can’t be, after Bong-soon finally identifying the real culprit the police states they have found the suspect. The shove a file regarding the suspect they have captured; a man that has been stalking a student for 6 months. Gook-du insists it simply makes him a stalker and there is no proof he’s relevant to the other cases. However it seems like Voldemort is not happy with the news, he throws his drinks against the TV and angrily declares he is not happy with someone claiming his credit.

Min-hyuk waits for Bong-soon to return and asks if she still likes Gook-du, she does not answer and he snaps stating she shouldn’t like Gook-du because there’s someone amazing like him here. However he quickly correct himself and trolls her, he states that’s what she would like to hear, and starts imitating an embarrassed Bong-soon. Bong-soon asks if he likes men just like what the rumour is saying, he corrects her that he did it for marketing reason however does not explain more because Bong-soon’s mind it too simple and won’t understand.

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Because Gook-du’s team is removed from the investigation they no longer have any right to search Voldemort’s house however despite that Gook-du still goes against his senior’s commands. Gook-du is risking his badge but he knows what he’s doing is right. He intrudes Voldemort’s office and asks if he is happy they caught someone innocent instead of him. Voldemort even has the guts to be cheeky which triggers Gook-du to become violent. Gook-du repeatedly punches him however Voldemort does not fight back and takes the hit instead. From the corner of Gook-du’s eyes he sees his shoes and quickly recognises it. However Voldemort screams for help which someone comes in and drags Gook-du away from Voldemort, they quickly dial the police. Once Voldemort returns he looks at the bent pole and picks up a photo of Bong-soon, he sticks it on his wall and looks at it with vengefulness.

Voldemort submits the CCTV footage of Gook-du beating him up. The higher up is not happy with it at all especially their performance is already bad. He announces that Gook-du will officially be removed from the team, at this moment Gook-du returns. It seems like he has heard the conversation already and hands in his badge.

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Poor Gook-du is completely tormented, he knows who the culprit is but do not have the authority to capture him nor the support to. Despite even going to the garage to find Voldemort he cannot do anything. Luckily Gook-du’s colleagues are here to drag him away before he digs himself a bigger hole. They shout at him for being reckless and tries to persuade him to go back to work because it’s better than invading someone’s property without a warrant.

As Bong-soon is way too excited for her new job (at the business strategy department) she manages to persuade Min-hyuk to let her rest for tonight and not look after him. However Bong-soon’s mother is not going to let her beloved ‘son-in law’ to be alone and suffering. She visits him instead and gives the spicy-food-hating-Min-hyuk super spicy chicken because she never knew he actually hates it. Despite the Min-hyuk still eats it but every bite is making him closer to breathing fire. He even gives her a sweet smile to boost.

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Bong-soon has a dream again, she is Juliet and Min-hyuk is Romeo, as he approaches and tries to kiss her Bong-soon actually reciprocates the kiss. However she is waken up by Sim, she laughs at Bong-soon for being sexually frustrated. Little did Bong-soon know that ‘Romeo’ will actually be at work too even though he claimed he will not work as he’s still injured. He even buys her a handbag and grant her staff badge, Bong-soon is more delighted about the staff badge than her bag. However her job isn’t quite what she had expected, she isn’t actually in the business operation department but her new workplace is simply a desk that Min-hyuk set up. Bong-soon starts complaining she has no colleagues and will have to eat alone and work alone but Min-hyuk trolls her that she does have a colleague, it’s the smartest employee in the whole company- the one and only Min-hyuk.

Bong-soon’s day isn’t going quite smoothly first of all, Min-hyuk isn’t even taking her seriously and is simply humouring her. Then she gets called out by the head of Business Strategy for being close to Min-hyuk. Now Min-hyuk is suggesting a welcome party that consists of just them, he even warns her to attend because if she does not show up it will definitely show. Bong-soon had enough of his jokes, she uses Secretary Gong to pass a message to Min-hyuk even though Min-hyuk is right in front of her. She says she’s not happy with the lack of work she’s given and how she taken as a joke, after that she storms back to her desk and even pulls up the curtain to show her unhappiness. Min-hyuk simply smiles at her behaviour.

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Bong-soon is not taking any of the treatment the head of business strategy is giving her. Instead Bong-soon pushes him against the window using a table, as the table is blocking the way he cannot get out. Secretary Gong discovers him and calls more people for help because the weight of the table isn’t something a normal person can move. They head back to the office and Min-hyuk triumphantly states Bong-soon would stand her own ground, Secretary Gong finally understands why Min-hyuk let Bong-soon work with the bad tempered department head. However he is confused as to why Min-hyuk took the hit for Bong-soon despite caring for his body and also have no patience for imperfections. Min-hyuk admits he purposely took the hit but hesitates to answer why he did it. Bong-soon is listening to their conversation from outside however it seems like Min-hyuk can sense her presence. He opens up the door and looks at her, he informs her that he’s heading to the library. However even when he’s in the library he seems to be in deep thoughts- thinking about the conversation he had with Secretary Gong.

As he places the book back on the shelf Bong-soon is standing on the opposite side, it seems like Min-hyuk has found the answer why he shielded her. He stares at her. Bong-soon suggests they go have the welcoming party when he’s fully healed.

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As Bong-soon takes Min-hyuk back to his place, he lays on Bong-soon’s lap and declares they stay in this position for a while. Bong-soon awkwardly sits there unsure what to do, as she finally gets up she goes to his secret basement and realise the drawing of the child was her all along. Bong-soon’s feeling starts to change, at this moment Gook-du texts her to meet tomorrow.

Gook-du is very upset because he indirectly let the criminal get away. His colleagues tries to change his thinking but begins to side with Gook-du instead. He states police should have an attitude like Gook-du and suggests they will head to the culprit’s house without a warrant but Gook-du must go back to work tomorrow. He hands Gook-du his staff badge.

Bong-soon’s grandma hands over Bong-soon a large collections of journals, these are all the journals her ancestors have written on. It’s used to document their powers and teach their descendants how to properly use it for good. Her grandma declares she must continue on and be proud of her own powers because its what the god granted them.

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Min-hyuk visits Bong-soon at the middle of the night because he cant sleep, he can’t stop thinking abut her. He screams that he’s in pain, Bong-soon laughs because she gave him medicine before she left. However he declares he’s not physically in pain but his heart hurts. He pulls her hand onto his chest and demands her to stop having a crush.


“I think I like you”

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Noo, team Gook-du x Bong-soon is going downhill like we have been hit by a cannonball. Love really is all about timing because of Gook-du’s hesitation Bong-soon slowly distances her feelings away from him. But at the same time Gook-du finally realise his feelings for Bong-soon. But now it’s pointless because he is late. Min-hyuk never hesitated in confessing, the moment he realised and has gathered his thoughts he went straight to Bong-soon whereas Gook-du called her to meet tomorrow. The time difference is little but despite that it caused a completely different outcome.

I am really curious about the book that Bong-soon grandma gave her because it seems like it will boost Bong-soon’s strength or maybe it will affect it negatively. Either way I think these books will impact her strength for example she discovers the truth about her powers and how to end it. Maybe she even ends the blessing and stops it from being passed down the family line. I don’t know what it is but from my drama expertise there is something about the books, maybe because it shined that’s why I am overthinking.

Also Voldemort is targeting Bong-soon now but I guess we have nothing to worry about because in a physical fight we know that Bong-soon will demolish him. Even if it’s a battle of intelligence Bong-soon has Min-hyuk next to her. Speaking of Min-hyuk, have you guys thought about what happened to Osung group’s inheritance, like it just ended like that. I am wondering if they are going to continue fighting or not. But I guess the drama has more important stuff to be focusing on (the love triangle haha).