Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon ep 9 summary

EPISODE 9- Love Risking One’s Life

Bong-soon kicks down Baek-tak’s underlings like it’s nothing, especially thanks to Min-hyuk’s training she is able to predict their next moves. She also beats them up in a restrained manner too however it’s deadly enough to stop them from getting up. Min-hyuk enters the scene and sees Bong-soon flipping a man over however that’s not what he is concern about. Bong-soon’s pink hood slowly slips from her head it reminds him of the mysterious girl that saved him; forgotten memories of the girl’s face slowly reappears, all along the person he was searching for was Bong-soon. Not only Min-hyuk is present, Gook-du also arrives to the scene, he also wittinesses Bong-soon’s immense strength. Uh-oh. 

As Bong-soon finally confronts Baek-tak, one of is underling creeps out with a knife and is aiming to attack Bong-soon. Gook-du and Min-hyuk both rushes to save her, Min-hyuk shields her from the stab and slowly falls to the floor. Gook-du grabs the underling and repeatedly punches him. Min-hyuk is quickly taken to the hospital and luckily the wound isn’t deep but the doctors will still do a scan to be safe.

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Bong-soon stays by Min-hyuk’s side until he regains consciousness, she pleads to d anything as long as he regains consciousness. Slowly Min-hyuk starts to stir awake, first thing he says is that he’s glad he was stabbed instead of her. Bong-soon starts crying again because she’s touched by his words. He jokes again and states that’s what she would like to hear but that’s not what he really thinks, he explains he’s injured because of her which contradicts the idea of her being a bodyguard. He demands to know how she will pay him back but she simply stares at him in disbelief.

Gook-du thinks back to all the times Bong-soon revealed her true strength. From the day when he confessed he likes gentle girls and Bong-soon accidentally ripping the tap off. To when he witnessed 2 janitors trying to fix the metal pull-up bar and stating a small girl bent it. To Bong-soon aiding him on sports day and winning the pulling contest. Everything seems to be making sense now- Bong-soon had immense power from the start but he didn’t pick up the hints.

There’s only one way to confirm, he goes into Min-hyuk’s resting room and asks if he knew about Bong-soon’s strength all along and whether that’s the reason he hired her. Min-hyuk simply says yes. Gook-du continues questioning him however he seems to hesitate in asking. Min-hyuk asks if he wants to question why he saved Bong-s00n, Gook-du looks at him with surprise because it’s almost like Min-hyuk can read his mind. As Gook-du is outside trying to get his head around the idea of a strong Bong-soon he sees Bong-ki. He informs Bong-ki that he saw Bong-soon’s strength, Bong-ki asks if he can keep quiet because Bong-soon will not be nicely regarded by the society.

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The abducted women are planning to escape together, despite being tied up they can still try to get passerby’s attention. They all scream together, they will do anything to escape. However their conversation was actually watched by Voldemort. He monitors their conversation from the CCTV he had installed, he leaves his office and walks down. The women starts panicking realising that he is returning. He opens one of the locked room and declares he should not be nice to people like her, he starts beating her up with the twisted metal pole.

Hee-ji visits Bong-ki and informs him that Gook-du told her that he had always liked a girl, a girl that is foolish and makes him mad. Hee-ji adds that she knew from the start when she was dating him she always felt like he never truly liked her. Hee-ji states she never knew what love is until she met Bong-ki, and now she doesn’t want to waste any more time. Bong-ki reminds her that he is friends with Gook-du and they need some time before before they can start dating. Hee-ji says dating is all about timing, they should just start dating and if they change their mind later then it’s also fine. Bong-ki indirectly agrees by stating a man should be suggesting that, they both laugh together.

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Gook-du seems to be catching onto the location of the criminal, he goes to the garage and finally meets Voldemort however turns out he was the man who gave the eye-witness testimony. He looks around his room and Voldemort quickly hides his shoes by covering it with a radiator. With nothing interesting found he goes around the parking lot that is covered with non-functioning cars. He discovers the entrance to the basement but before he can fully examine it, Voldemort appears behind him and informs him that his car is ready. As Gook-du is driving back he thinks back to the witness testimony; how he claimed the culprit had big feet. Gook-du warns his senior that the witness is also the owner of the garage which means there’s a lot of suspicious activity going on.

After seeing Min-hyuk arguing with his father about his late mother. Bong-soon knows that Min-hyuk will be hurting inside, she goes into his hospital room and reminds him that he should not lock himself up because he promised her before that he will tell her everything. Bong-soon asks if he’s hungry and if he is what does he want to eat. Min-hyuk asks her to bring her mother’s homemade food because it will make him feel better.

Bong-soon’s mother is preparing food for Min-hyuk like they are having a festival. Meanwhile Bong-soon is helping Min-hyuk clean up, she gently wipes him with a wet towel and once she reaches his face they share an awkward eye exchange. She finally asks why he took the hit for her, Min-hyuk smiles and states the way she is looking at him is exactly like their first meeting. He demands her to never look at other guys like that. Bong-soon is a bit flustered and unsure what to say however Min-hyuk breaks the silence again, he declares she was the bus girl aka his saviour. Bong-soon admits she was the girl that saved him and she never told him because she wanted to keep it a secret. Min-hyuk compliments her, she was like a guardian that his mother sent.

you are the bus girl .png

As Bong-soon is helping Min-hyuk dry his hair, Min-hyuk pulls her towards him. They stare intensely at each other and then Bong-soon slowly closes her eyes. Min-hyuk seems to be having lots of thoughts in his mind, he brushes it off and states Bong-soon should sleep. Bong-soon awkwardly goes to the sofa and sleeps there, Min-hyuk goes back to his bed but turns to face Bong-soon, as he watches the sleeping Bong-soon he smiles. He mumbles to himself that it’s very miraculous to meet again. Bong-soon opens her eyes and looks at the asleep Min-hyuk, she thinks back to when Min-hyuk saved her from the attack. Awkwardly Min-hyuk opens his eyes again and looks right back at Bong-soon.

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Voldemort is monitoring the police force every move, he snorts at their stupidity as he watches them from his CCTV monitor. He goes to his drawer which contains Gook-du’s CV and a photo of Hee-ji. Seems like Voldemort has done his research. The police tails Voldemort like they are going to catch something big but Voldemort slowly outruns them, he cuts corner and uses his wits to make other cars block the police.

The drama skips to a scene where Voldemort purposely bumps into Hee-ji and implants a wiretapping machine on her bag. He listens to Hee-ji’s phone conversation- she is going to practice before heading home. Voldemort watches her leave the building, it seems like Hee-ji is the next target.

Gook-du escorts Bong-soon to the police station because there is another kidnaping case. Min-hyuk refuses to let her go because she might be in danger and he does not want her to get hurt. Despite that Bong-soon still leaves. Once Bong-soon is out the door, Gook-du shouts at Min-hyuk- he is going to be the one to protect Bong-soon. As they’re walking together Bong-soon states Gook-du saw her strength, Gook-du shrugs it off and states that’s why she’s a bodyguard for Min-hyuk. Plus he insists it’s normal because everyone must have at least one skill. Gook-du starts blabbing things- the timing is wrong and how he isn’t grateful for Min-hyuk saving her. Bong-soon seems to get what’s tying to say however brushes it off and asks if the recently kidnapped woman is young.

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Bong-soon listens to the recording of the eye-witness. She instantly recognises his voice and declares Voldemort is the witness all along. However a police officer enters the room and notifies Gook-du that the culprit has been caught, however he is not the person Gook-du is suspecting. It’s a complete different person. Bong-soon interrupts their meeting and strongly declares they’re wrong because she recognises the culprit’s voice and it matches with the witness.

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Did your heart stopped working when Bong-soon closed her eyes? Because I did, it was like awkwardly funny but cute at the same time. I didn’t quite get why Min-hyuk didn’t kiss her especially he was the one who pulled her towards him but ah wells because I am not mentally prepared to see them as a couple yet especially we are just a little over half way.

I am a team Gook-du x Bong-soon but I think I will accept the drama ending already because second lead never gets the girl, as disappointing as it sounds. I feel like Gook-du will confess soon too! But by the time he confesses our Bong-soon won’t like him anymore. It’s such a shame too because he accepts Bong-soon’s strength and even knew about it before but he didn’t properly confirmed it. He accepted her all along but he did not act on his feelings. NOO. I guess relationship is all about timing but it’s too cruel.

I know I should not praise the culprit but how smart is he?! It’s really impressive how he can go around doing all this and can avoid it like a pro, I want to know what made him commit these crime and also why he’s targeting these women in particular. He could have been motivated by the theatre performance but isn’t his obsession slightly over the top. Especially he seems to be a normal dude that has a fully working thinking.