Chief Kim ep 15 summary


Our main man- Seong-ryong is abducted by a masked man and then taken to a deserted area where they attempt to strangle him. As Seong-ryong slowly loses consciousness the knight in shining armour arrives. Unexpectedly Seo-yool is here to save Seong-ryong, he punches and kicks the 2 masked men like it’S nothing. Seong-ryong’s sight is slowly returning, he sees Seo-yool running up to him and guiding him to safety. Aww Seo-yool, you cutie!

The drama skips to Seo-yool overhearing the CEO commanding someone to get rid of Seong-ryong, he quietly returns to his office and vents about Seong-ryong’s stupidity;  how he pushed CEO’s wrong button. He instructs someone to follow Seong-ryong after work and if anything happens then call him immediately.

Seong-ryong outbursts in the car and demands to know what happened. Seo-yool’s emotions are everywhere, he abruptly parks the car and storms out, Seong-ryong follows him. He continues demanding Seo-yool to expose the mastermind behind this abduction. Seo-yool screams at him- he cannot do anything even if he finds out who it is. Seo-yool scoffs at his behaviour and declares he should be grateful that he is alive especially after his outrageous behaviour (TQ cosmetic and TQ grocery pocketing money issue). Seong-ryong catches on and realises that the mastermind was the CEO. Seo-yool is just as shaken as Seong-ryong, he warns him to know his place because then he won’t be in danger. Seong-ryong is offended by his comment especially he is very unstable now too, he declares he cannot change who he is and he will continue helping people. Seo-yool shouts at Seong-ryong- he must leave the company and Seoul. However Seong-ryong does not understand Seo-yool’s words, he states he will find the criminal and revenge. Seo-yool cannot take this anymore and heads back to his car and drives away.

seo yool saves seong ryong.png

Poor Seo-yool is wrapped up in the twisted sides of TQ group. He thinks back to the day when he asked whether if Chief Lee really committed suicide or was attacked by someone. Although Min-young insisted Chief Lee committed suicide, but now Seo-yool can wholeheartedly believe that claim was a lie all along. Seong-ryong is not taking any of Seo-yool’s words on board, his instinct for revenge is awaken to the max.

Seong-ryong returns home and sees a half-awake Nam-ho sleeping on the couch. He sits next to Nam-ho and states he was kidnaped today and almost died. Nam-ho jumps up and examines the rope mark on Seong-ryong’s neck. Nam-ho is just as hurt as Seong-ryong, he starts crying and hits Seong-ryong just because he is simply glad he’s safe and sound now. Nam-ho catches on who the mastermind is and explains that’s why he warned Seong-ryong to not be fearless from the start. Seong-ryong fights back his tears and states he isn’t fearless, he was so scared today especially he was so defenceless. When his mind started going blank the people that came onto his mind were the business operation team. He sobs and sobs whilst declaring how scared he was.

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CEO hasn’t caught on that the person who saved Seong-ryong is Seo-yool. He even invites Seo-yool to his office and discuss about their future plans- secure the offer from the investment company and then everything will go smoothly. However their discussion comes to an end when Seong-ryong the unstoppable barges into their room. He cockily states he was nearly killed yesterday, he continues dropping snide remarks here and there. But no worries because he has 2 sturdy body guards with him 24/7. Seo-yool urges him to leave because he is just going to dig a bigger grave for himself. However Seong-ryong will not leave without finishing what he needs to say. He takes out a half-hearted will, a will that explains if he is suddenly attacked/ killed he would like the police force to examine thoroughly because he will never commit suicide. However this will is sent to everyone, everyone has a copy of his indirect war declaration. Seo-yool snatches it off and crumbles it up in disbelief, however Seong-ryong simply takes out another one (these things can’t stop coming) and continues reading his will. After saying what he wants he leaves with his 2 bodyguards.

So now Seong-ryong is safe and sound because it’s too risky to touch him, let alone killing him. He needs to think of another plan- a plan that can drag the CEO down from his almighty spot. Seong-ryong sees the noticeboard which says there is an auditing period approaching. He smirks and declares he will drag the CEO down by using numbers.

drag you down by numbers chief kim.png

The accounting department’s leader notifies Seo-yool that they are ordered to destroy statement andTaipan’s bank account. Then they will move the money to a Switzerland bank however the account is not opened yet. Seo-yool instructs him to give him a copy of the statement before they erase it and also notify him when the Switzerland bank is open. They have to wrap this up nicely without a trace because the investment company says this is their final chance to secure an investment.

Seo-yool’s secretary notifies him that Ha-kyung is here to visit him. He does not seem to be paying attention but after few seconds of processing the information he finally realises what she said. He panics and starts tidying up the desk, anything in those few seconds to make himself look better. However once she is inside his office he causally greets her like he isn’t dazzled by her presence. She suggests having a meal together because she wants to apologise hitting him with a stone. He becomes flustered and starts talking nonsense but most importantly he agrees, of course he will.

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Ha-kyung is starting to regret letting Seo-yool decide the place he wants to eat because once they’re inside he starts ordering the most expensive dishes. Seo-yool really isn’t holding himself back, he continues to eat and eat without saying a word. She stares at him unsure whether she should praise him at how quick he eats or be shocked at the amount of food he consumes. In the end she even offers her portion to him as well.

Ha-kyung praises Seo-yool for saving Seong-ryong, but asks what’s his reason for saving Seong-ryong because the action is slightly unpredictable. Seo-yool states he is unsure why he saved Seong-ryong too and Ha-kyung smiles at his answer because although he says that she knows the real reason why he saved Seong-ryong. After hearing that answer she leaves, Seo-yool stares at the leaving Ha-kyung and states a man was dying how could be leave him to die.

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Seo-yool confronts CEO, he wants to know why he didn’t tell him about the Taipan’s bank account and how it’s connected their subsidiaries, but most importantly it’s connected to the CEO’s bank account. Seo-yool says he discovered it when he was preparing for the audit, he needs to know all of CEO’s weaknesses and strengths therefore he can protect him. If he continues hiding stuff it won’t benefit anyone.

The cleaning lady finally hands over the key to Seong-ryong, she informs him the key was left by Chief Lee. Chief Lee insisted she gives the key to someone trustworthy and now the most trustworthy person is here. However he does not seem to be happy about the news, despite that he wants to know where that key leads to. The cleaning lady laughs because she is not sure either. His job is to find out where the key leads to.

The business operation team gathers around the table whilst staring at the key, they’re all unsure what to do or where it leads to. They start suggesting all sorts of possibility behind the key but for a start they should at least try the lockers inside their office. To no avail this key does not fit any lock in their office.

business operation key.png

Ha-kyung gets a call from Chief Lee’s wife, she notifies Ha-kyung that her husband went somewhere before he declared his ‘holiday’. Ha-kyung goes to the place Chief Lee’s wife suggested and discovers the key do indeed link to somewhere. It manages to open one of the lockers.

The accounting team is having dinner with the head of the auditing team, they discuss the holes in TQ group and how they need to sort it out before the auditing deadline. It seems like the are scheming together. However Seong-ryong won’t let this great opportunity to be disruptive just slip away. He listens into their conversation and opens the sliding door, peeping in and out. The accounting team is in disbelief that he is everywhere, they demand him to leave immediately. However he insists he has every right to eavesdrop because he is the TQ’s psycho aka undercover investigator, he flaunts his warrant like his badge of of justice. Seems like Seong-ryong was hired to look into TQ group all along!

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I love this episode, the drama is slowly going back up the hill for me, it was getting repetitive but I am starting to see the end of the drama now. I like how Seong-ryong was kidnaped not because I am some sadistic sicko but because it helped flow the drama. Seo-yool saving Seong-ryong was like the cherry on top for me, it was heroic and really does show Seo-yool’s kind side. Although Seo-yool is meant to be the ‘villain’ of the drama but he’s more like a simplistic man that is being used. He wholeheartedly serves the CEO despite knowing CEO committing crimes, even that he still side with him. However at the same time Seo-yool won’t just sit by and let people suffer from CEO’s wrath because he knows it’s not right- as demonstrated when he saved Seong-ryong. To me Seo-yool is the main character because he goes through the most change.

Seong-ryong is also an interesting character, I like how this drama is comedic but it also has heartwarming scenes like when Seong-ryong declaring he is scared. It’s normal to be scared, he’s basically a one-man army fighting against a large corporation. It takes a lot of guts to even speak back to someone but he’s going against TQ group just by himself, yes he has a supporting team, but we know that if TQ group ever fights back then he will be the person in danger, not his team but him. I like how he opened up to Nam-ho, Nam-ho is almost like the father figure because Seong-ryong feels secure enough to tell him his worries and problems. In a way he’s like mentally recharging himself for the final fight.

I am slightly disappointed with Ha-kyung and Seo-yool’s meal, I bet we all are. I thought we can watch an awkward Seo-yool and stuff but nah, he didn’t even care she was with him. All he did was eat and eat. But hey! Fair enough because food is very important, I agree with you Seo-yool. But sigh, I do wish there was some development.