Chief Kim ep 14 summary


Seo-yool’s anger has taken over, he punches Seong-ryong on the face and demands to know why he played this trick on him. Seong-ryong defends himself and insists he wronged the managers first therefore he had to take actions. Seo-yool tries to calm himself down, he states Seong-ryong thinks he did something amazing but nothing actually changes; hinting he gained nothing from this.

Poor Seo-yool is getting a scolding from CEO, he shouts at Seo-yool for being late and causing embarrassment. He didn’t know how to respond to the board members, plus the board members have lost their trust in Seo-yool However despite this another board meeting can happen in a month times, before then he must make up for his mistake today to prove his worth.

Even business operation does not applaud Seong-ryong for his act because he simply angered Seo-yool instead of taking revenge. Seong-ryong defends himself and states he prevented him being promoted, plus this will give him time to think of another revenge plan. Nam-ho is even more angered and shouts at him for digging his own grave.

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Seong-ryong is at the convenience store and oversees the manager arguing with an employee (Min ji). It seems like they are arguing over the issue that Seong-ryong and Seo-yool are fighting about. Seong-ryong follows Min-ji to the park and asks if he can help her however she does not appreciate his concern and even gets the wrong idea- assuming he is hitting on her. However in the end Seong-ryong manages to gain Min-ji’s trust, she opens up and states she is not after the compensation but simply wants their full salary and also an apology. Seong-ryong advises her to gather as many people because then they can actually do something, since majority always wins.

Seo-yool notices there is hole in TQ cosmetic which means it’s not only TQ delivery that Min-young was using to smuggle money but she also did it in other sectors. Seo-yool meets up with Min-young and demands to know if she has been pocketing money in other sectors, she shameful admits it. He then demands to know if CEO knows about this, she looks at him with shock expression and then lies that CEO knows nothing about it. However Seo-yool is not dumb enough to believe her words. He states her lies will only make him angrier.

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Seong-ryong plans with the business operation team on how they can combat against TQ group and the final decision is to sue them, if they manage to gather a large group of angry employees it will make the charges more effective. After the decision is made Seong-ryong meets up with Min-ji to notify her their decision/ plan. Seong-ryong then contacts Yoo-sun so she can use her connections again and hire the lawyers. Before he hangs up he notifies her that it was actually Myung-suk’s idea, Yoo-sun is delighted with her son’s contribution. Just like that the best law firm and lawyers are hired to aid the part-timers.

Seo-yool specially visits Min-ji because she refuses to withdraw her charges. However she continues to refuse despite Seo-yool threatening her. She declares that she got the bruise from TQ group not paying her; as she had no salary she had to work somewhere dodgy. She states there are better young people out there than the older generation, she does not want to grow up to be like Seo-yool.

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Ga-eun is caught helping Seong-ryong. The prosecutor that hired Ga-eun as an undercover confronts her for her actions, he shows her the evidence of Seong-ryong’s transferring money to her. She becomes extremely flustered and tries to cover up her actions however the more she talks the stranger it sounds. She finally confesses the entire truth however she denies she did anything wrong because according to the situation the action she took was right. All she wanted was to help the weak fight against a battle they never had a chance in. He reluctantly dismisses her and then warns her to not tap into other peoples’ conversation. However once Ga-eun starts she cannot stop, she still continues her habit as per usual.

Sang-tae has an upcoming date with Gwang-sook however the business operation’s team isn’t quite satisfied with his clothing choice because it might affect Gwang-sook’s impression on him. Seong-ryong pressures the by-stander Myung-suk to offer his huge clothes collection to Sang-tae, with not much choice Myung-suk agrees ’cause we all know Seong-ryong is a bit crazy when he’s angry.

Gwang-sook also borrows Ha-kyung’s clothes, she ends up looking like a duplicate of Ha-kyung which disappoints Sung-tae because he prefers her curly hair. Gwang-sook isn’t exactly pleased with Sang-tae’s outfit either because he looks like Myung-suk instead of his nerdy self. Despite that the date still continues.

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Myung-suk manages get ahold of TQ cosmetic’s confidential documents thanks to his connections. Seong-ryong runs up to him and embraces him, the whole business operation team chants in happiness whilst praising Myung-suk. However before using these documents to fight against TQ group, Seong-ryong has to make sure Myung-suk approves it first because it will be wrong to break apart a father and son. If he says no, Seong-ryong will not use the information. Myung-suk hesitantly agrees because he pities the part-timers but at the same time he does not want to hurt his father.

The meeting starts- Seong-ryong does not hesitate in presenting all the different crimes that TQ group has committed. First of all he presents evidence of them using illegal background checks plus misusing it for blackmailing reasons. Secondly they have left malicious comments on Min-ji’s social networking account. Lastly TQ grocery has been sending money to TQ cosmetics despite claiming they have no money to pay the employees. Min-ji demands them to pay the employee’s their full salary AND for the CEO to make a public apology. The lawyer warns Seo-yool to cooperate because this issue will be known to the world.

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Seo-yool gets thrashed at by the CEO, although it’s not even Seo-yool’s fault he gets the blame for it. He tried his best to save the situation but Seong-ryong’s comeback was unexpected. Seo-yool knows Min-young is pocketing money using CEO’s support therefore he does not understand why he’s the person responsible for this mess. CEO has no choice but to cooperate with the demands to prevent the issue escalating. Just like that the issue with TQ grocery has been solved, and it’s all thanks to Mr Righteous.

Seong-ryong is scrolling across the street like he has won the greatest battle, out of nowhere a masked man uses a taser to knock him down. He drives the unconscious Seong-ryong to a deserted place and starts tying him up. As Seong-ryong regains consciousness the 2 masked men start strangling him with the rope.

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The battle was seriously nothing, it wasn’t as grand as the one before (TQ delivery) this one almost left no impression, as in, if someone asked me to describe it I would struggle. I guess not every battle needs to leave a strong impression but it does show that this problem didn’t contribute to the drama. However it did helped with Myung-suk’s character development for sure, he chose the righteous path instead of choosing personal gains. If he had refused Seong-ryong the confidential papers then Seong-ryong would have never won the battle, Myung-suk could have used this chance to impress his father and trip Seong-ryong up. Instead he sided with the employees because he knew his father was engaging in wrongful acts. So clap clap for Myung-suk, he’s finally growing up. 

Another thing about this episode is Seo-yool’s disgust in Min-young and the CEO. He was the person who put his 101% effort in everything he was doing for CEO but instead he receives nothing back. CEO and Min-young are the ones who created the mess but instead of them fixing it themselves they are relying on Seo-yool. Poor Seo-yool fails and gets the thrashing. I feel like Seo-yool will change his side soon (as he should!) because he’s in a place where he is not even appreciated.