Chief Kim ep 13 summary



Seo-yool is annoyed that Seong-ryong caused a ruckus just for a rumour, he denies the possibility that he will be moving to TQ retail and walks away. Seo-yool confronts CEO about TQ retail, he wants to know why the franchise is in such a mess. CEO insist he gave him the responsibility because he thought his capability will shine through this task. Seo-yool says the payroll is the greatest fault and if the news get out then they’re in trouble however he will sort this problem out within a week but CEO must promise him first, after this he will appoint him as the CEO of TQ retail. CEO agrees and hurries him to sort it out.

Ga-eun tries to cheer Seong-ryong up because he is disappointed with himself, he acted without any proof and made himself looking like an idiot. Ga-eun reassures him that he could be right all along but he simply needs proof. Seong-ryong needs to find Seo-yool’s current situation, objective and his future plans. Ga-eun suggests him using wiretapping because then he will find information regarding Seo-yool. Seong-ryong praises her for her help. He starts approaching her and asks why she knows about his plans despite he never mentioned it before. Ga-eun starts panicking but Seong-ryong was just joking. Ga-eun laughs awkwardly with him.

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Ga-eun even buys the wiretap machine for Seong-ryong, just like how she managed to wiretap Seong-ryong, she gives Seo-yool a speaker. She explains the accounting department is giving out presents for spring and they chose a speaker for him because he seems like he will like it. Before Ga-eun leaves he demands to know what’s inside, she starts sweating profusely thinking he caught on. He opens it up and discovers chocolate bars, he happily exclaims the discovery. From now on they can track Seo-yool’s every move and prevent his every move too.

Ha-kyung updates Seong-ryong about Seo-yool’s attack, she tells him that the assault seems planned and there is someone after him. Seong-ryong is not surprise because not exactly Seo-yool is a nice person. Knowing Seong-ryong is still slightly traumatised Seong-ryong ambushes Seo-yool at the carpark just to scare him even more. As Seo-yool is getting on the car Seong-ryong approaches him in attempt to scare him but instead Seo-yool quickly turns around and electrocute him with his taser. Seong-ryong automatically collapses and lose consciousness. But worry not, he is still alive, he regains consciousness in business operation’s department and describes his body is like a cactus.

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The cleaning lady is holding a key, she thinks back how she got it. Chief Lee gave it to her and insists she pass it to someone trustworthy. The cleaning lady suggests she pass it to Ha-kyung and Nam-ho but he refuses because they will be in danger. Chief Lee insists she give it to someone that can fight against the company, cleaning lady is completely confused and asks what the key is for but Chief Lee does not reply. Back to the present: the cleaning lady is still contemplating whether to hand the key to Seong-ryong.

Ha-kyung updates Gwang-sook about Seong-ryong’s name- how he was named after Jackie Chan, although she promised him to keep it a secret she still tells Gwang-sook. Speaking of Seong-ryong, Gwang-sook asks Ha-kyung’s thoughts on Seong-ryong. Ha-kyung brushes it off by simply stating he is an okay person but Gwang-sook shouldn’t try to set them up. Gwang-sook teases her because a strong denial is a strong affirmative.

Yoo-sun questions why her husband never told her anything about the latest news regarding the TQ retail’s employee. Her husband brushes it off claiming he didn’t want to worry her however she is not accepting that answer, she states her father wouldn’t have caused this problem or let it arise in the first place. She warns him if the issue is not sorted soon then she will raise it during their next shareholder meeting.

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Min-young is handing over money to the man she hired to attack Seo-yool. She does this in the most discrete manner possible but Seo-yool manages to catch on, he appears in front of her car. He demands to know what she is doing at the middle of the night and if she is free he would like to go for a drive with her (basically threatening her). Min-young is beyond petrified, she breathes heavily like she was caught murdering someone. He brings her to an isolated area and demands to know why she ordered someone to attack him. She hesitantly makes up an excuse but he screams at her, he warns her to cooperate with him from now on. Min-young tearfully agrees.

Seo-yool is trying to solve the TQ retail’s employee issue with TQ mart’s funds which means TQ mart’s employees will also suffer. Ga-eun also updates Seong-ryong that there is a meeting amongst managers to discuss the issue. Seong-ryong joins the manager on their meeting and exposes the truth to the managers about TQ retail, he states TQ group has plenty of money and will prove it to them therefore they should not agree to any demands made by Seo-yool. However they are reluctant because if they’re wrong they will be suffer the most, but what they’re most interested is why he is supporting them. Seong-ryong becomes unusually quiet and explains he’s doing it for revenge.

Seong-ryong’s prevention is stopped by Seo-yool; Seo-yool visit the managers and threaten them. He announces that they have all lost their position as managers and their stores will become TQ group franchise. However he states he can still turn things around if they agree to these 2 rules: TQ group pay only 60% of part-timers’ unpaid wage, however manger and full-timers will be only 50% for the next 3 months. Anyone refuse will be fired and their store will turn into a franchise meaning they will get nothing in the end.

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Seong-ryong discovers what Seo-yool has done and is shocked by the managers decision, the managers insists they have no choice because they must pay their employees. Seong-ryong pleads them to hold on a little however they refuse because the longer they hold on the more trouble they will cause. Seong-ryong tries to motivate them to hold onto thing they believe but they refuse despite knowing their actions were wrong. Seo-yool watches them leave and applauds Seong-ryong for losing. He arrogantly states Seong-ryong wasted his time for nothing, he suggests Seong-ryong to work more like a shrimp because their heart is in their head therefore their choices are more logical. For Seong-ryong his actions are dependent on his heart therefore he keeps making the wrong choices, Seo-yool suggests him to work hard in business operation instead of causing trouble.

Seo-yool updates CEO about his success, the CEO beams at the update and praises him. TQ news update: Seo-yool to be the CEO of TQ retail. Seong-ryong is distraught about the news and his colleagues are just as discouraged as him. Seong-ryong angrily hits the table and leaves the office, he claims a guy like Seo-yool isn’t worthy to be CEO.

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Seong-ryong manages to prevent Seo-yool from attending the board meeting. He frames Seo-yool as a groper with the help of Gwang-sook’s acquaintance and the cleaning lady. It seems like the chances of Seo-yool discharging from the police station is slim. Despite Seo-yool getting away due to his connections it seems like Seong-ryong is more prepared than ever. He requests his friend to crash into the taxi that Seo-yool is on and try to delay him in anyway possible. With no surprise Seo-yool is completely late for the board meeting, the room is completely empty and the only person present is Seong-ryong.

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Funniest scene so far, when Seong-ryong tried to frame Seo-yool, it was completely priceless. The way he grinned whilst watching Seo-yool suffer was the best. I really like the rivalry that is going on between Seong-ryong and Seo-yool. Initially I did go hmm because the rivalry would make the drama more serious hence less funny and you bet I am watching this drama just so I can laugh- after all this is a comedic drama. How Seong-ryong and Seo-yool gets mad but isn’t exactly petty makes the drama much more enjoyable, it just keeps going back and forth. With only few episodes left I am sure it shouldn’t too repetitive. I do hope it doesn’t because I would prefer watching the last episodes in laughter.

I also don’t get why no one has brought up Chief Lee apart from the cleaning lady, the cleaning lady trusts Seong-ryong hence she is planning to give the key to Seong-ryong (contains all the greatest darkest secret behind TQ group). BUT. Why hasn’t she acted upon it? Please do it soon, Chief Lee feels like someone they brought up in episode 1 and never revisited, there are few things to wrap up before the end and hopefully they can execute this.