Chief Kim ep 12 summary


Seo-yool has no choice but to withdraw the restructuring plan because it’s the CEO’s order. The drama skips to Seong-ryong showing evidence of pocketing to the CEO. He warns him that this incident will harm the reputation of TQ group especially there are 2 executives that are misusing their powers to pocket money. The lack of profitability in TQ delivery is not due to the courier drivers but is caused by the the company’s corruption. Seong-ryong has one more thing to say, he requests the CEO to resurrect business operation because thanks to accounting department taking over business operation the company’s financial books are in a complete mess. Thanks to Seong-ryong’s deal, the whole business operation team returns.

CEO calls Seo-yool and Min-young to his office, he demands to know who’s the person that is pocketing money. Min-young clearly looks guilty but tries to keep calm, she reassures CEO that she will find the person responsible. Once they leave the meeting room, Seo-yool confronts her that she is the culprit so how will she manage to find the culprit. She simply states he does not have proof, Seo-yool stares at her in disbelief.

seo yool min young confrontation fraud.png

Yoo-sun praises Seong-ryong for his work and insists she will send him the 200,000 dollars to his bank account however he refuses and requests her to spend it on TQ delivery’s employees instead. Seong-ryong questions why she gave him such a large amount from the start and Yoo-sun answers that some people will do anything for profit and others will give their everything for the value they stand with. She states she wanted to give him something to emphasis his worth. Seong-ryong also makes another requests; if he can use the 100,000 dollars that she gave him to distribute it with the business operation team. However his kindness does not end there he also sends 10,000 dollars to Ga-eun as well. He even plays along when he returns to the department and sees his colleagues celebrating.

The business operation gang is reunited, they happily praise Seong-ryong for his work. However they fail to do their interim report hence they’re not allowed to move their office to somewhere better, they are happy with the outcome because they are together. Seong-ryong gets a text message from Seo-yool to meet up. Seo-yool sacastically praises Seong-ryong for threatening Mr Lim, he brands him as a thug but Seong-ryong defends himself, he simply worked like Seo-yool. Seo-yool hides his anger and declares a full-on war with Seong-ryong, he is done with letting him get away with stuff. However it seems like Seo-yool is the only person working hard for TQ group because CEO apologises to Min-young for treating her like that earlier, he instructs her to find someone to take the fall for her.

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Myung-suk seems to be still drunk from his night out, photos of his drunk self is all over over the internet and news. CEO angrily throws a pillow at him and warns him that he requested previously that he shouldn’t get into a mess. He continues and states he’s a failure as a public relation manager and he’s fired from now on. Myung-suk begs him for another chance but CEO commands him to head to USA for 5 years, also make sure he does not return. Myung-suk pleads to stay but his father reacts angrily and starts kicking him.

Seo-yool gets indigestion for the whole day and his feeling goes from bad to worst when he discovers that Seo-yool is getting promoted to be the leader of TQ retail. He stalks Seo-yool and mentally declare he will live everyday from now on to crush him. He will no longer be Mr Righteous but be Mr Revenge instead.

Seong-ryong meets up with Ga-eun and requests her to find information on Seo-yool because he wants to crush him, Ga-eun is reluctant because the job is too scary. Seong-ryong explains the reason why he wants to crush Seo-yool- he messed around with business operation, he ruined the courier drivers’ life but most importantly he look down on people. Ga-eun grips onto Seong-ryong’s hand and vows to find out everything regarding Seo-yool.

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Myung-suk turns to his mother for help because he does not want to go to the states. Yoo-sun cannot help him because no one is on her side either but she might be able to help him if he does everything she asks him to. Myung-suk agrees immediately because he will do anything to stay in Seoul. Yoo-sun asks her husband to give Myung-suk a second chance, not as an executive but he can be an employee. CEO hesitates to agree, he makes a condition first- if Myung-suk causes another problem which affects the TQ group’s reputation he will send both of them to USA.

Yoo-sun sends Myung-suk to the business operation department. Myung-suk is not happy with the new location but it’s not like he can complain. He does not even get a proper desk and has to share with Sung-tae. The custom is the same, Nam-ho takes out the large scroll which shoes the hierarchy system in TQ group, Myung-suk even witness his own name on he scroll. He’s in complete disbelief and is unsure whether he made the correct decision to stay in Korea.

Custom does not end there, Myung-suk gets a glimpse of the rivalry going between accounting department and business operation. They exchange snide comments to each other whilst they eat however the verbal battle soon escalate to a food brawl. The team returns with food stuck on them and angrily declares to Seong-ryong that they will help him take on Seo-yool (stop the success of TQ retail). Accounting team is under Financial Director- Seo-yool. 

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Seo-yool is at a bar by himself and is watching funny shows, he leaves the bar and is slightly tipsy. A masked man tails him and starts hitting him with a metal baton. Seo-yool fights back despite being tipsy. Coincidentally Ha-kyung walks past, she wittinesses the fight and tries to help, she picks up a nearby large rock and hurls at the masked man. However as the masked man moved away in the last moment the rock ends up hitting Seo-yool instead. The masked man uses this chance to escape. Ha-kyung runs over to the unconscious Seo-yool and checks whether he is alive.

Ga-eun updates Seong-ryong about Seo-yool. He’s a very good prosector however he’s slightly psychotic, he was too good to kick away therefore the superiors let him do whatever he wants. He quit his last job because he found it boring and there is a phrase he always says “a businessman who knows and controls the law turns the company’s finances into great power”. Basically he wants to use a company to legally steal, which makes Seong-ryong wonder if he is going to use TQ retail to his advantage hence betraying the CEO.

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Luckily Seo-yool is okay, with a bandage on his head he is discharged on the same day. Ha-kyung apologies for injuring him but he reassures her he’s fine. She suggests he informs the police of the incident however he refuses. She wonders why he drank alone when there are may people who will be willing to spend time with him. Seo-yool simply states he enjoys his own company. He asks if Ha-kyung wanted this incident to happen to him and he bet she is happy about it. Ha-kyung asks why he is making his own life difficult, not everyone wants to make enemies and fight. Seo-yool simply summarises that their lives are completely different; they are in the same space but they do not share the same life. Ha-kyung tries to comfort him, he already has so much even if he loses a little he will not be affected.


“Do you know how it feels to always want to be just one step ahead? That 1 step turns into 2 and then 10. In the end, you’re just too far ahead. That feeling. By the time I came to I realised I could no longer stop. In the future I’ll do a lot of things you won’t like. When I do, just think that it’s because I can no longer stop. Try to understand”

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Seong-ryong is informed by Ga-eun that Seo-yool is meeting up with TQ group’s convenience store managers. Seong-ryong goes to the scene immediately and pushes the manager away to stop them from attending the meeting, Seong-ryong explains Seo-yool is ill but Seo-yool quickly arrives to the scene and sees Seong-ryong meddling with his business. He demands to know what Seong-ryong is doing, Seong-ryong simply states he saved the managers because he knew Seo-yool will blackmail them later on. To put it bluntly he wants to crush Seo-yool in any way possible.


“I’m going to stop you from going anywhere”

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It’s like Seong-ryong and Seo-yool’s position has been altered. Seong-ryong reached the bottom when the revival plan was not a success but he regained his own confidence and started fighting back, and it’s thanks to the supportive people around him. However for Seo-yool he never did have this ‘person’ that supported him, even CEO is using Seo-yool. Working for TQ retail may seem like such a dream but it’s actually not, this franchise has many faults and CEO is using him to fix it. Seo-yool is aware of that but he cannot do anything because he wants to use this opportunity to change everything around for himself, plus his pride is too great to turn down the offer. Poor Seo-yool has been loyal to CEO all this time but now he realised he’s being used. I wish Seong-ryong and Seo-yool would just help each other out and take over TQ group. Which will probably happen later on.