Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon ep 8 summary


Baek-tak’s underling is taken away by Gook-du because he needs to be interrogated. Min-hyuk calls Bong-soon out and suggests her to stop causing trouble but she denies the fact that she did anything wrong because he was the one who approached her first. She angrily claims the world is too scary and she will no longer hold back. Min-hyuk requests her to work tomorrow however she’s not too happy with the request because he promised her that she can work in the strategy department so why she is working as a bodyguard. Min-hyuk explains they found the culprit for his blackmail but they have not captured the masked man yet therefore her position will remain the same until then. Bong-soon wails she simply wants to work as a normal employee and design games but Min-hyuk does not understand why she is so fixated in something so little.

Gook-du is interrogating the man but he becomes more and more furious due to the man’s answers; his statement does not make any sense to him and most importantly he is dissing Bong-soon’s strength. Gook-du does not believe his claim about Bong-soon being a man and her strength is inhumane. However once Gook-du sits down his whole back aches, he thinks about being pushed by Bong-soon but quickly brushes it off. He even messages Bong-soon to check whether he got home safely.

gook du injures his back .png

Bong-soon discovers a laptop on her desk. Coincidentally Min-hyuk enters and explains that all the program she needs to design a game is on it, so she can stay inside his office. Bong-soon is slightly reluctant because the gift is unexpected, he anticipates her opening the laptop and urges her to. Bong-soon listens to his suggestion and she finally understands why he urged her, the desktop wallpaper is a selfie of Min-hyuk. She does not appreciate the extra touch and even gets a jolt from the shock.

The police force has decided to make the abduction cases to become an open investigation because they believe it will speed up the process and also allow new lead to appear.


“Although time has past crimes committed against weak women continues. It’s tyranny of the strong against the weak. Survival of the fittest may be the law of the jungle, but in the world of human, the power… power shouldn’t be used to abuse the weak. Never. That’s not acceptable”

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Min-hyuk’s father requests to meet him up, he warns his son to not broadcast his argument with the public because it will not be taken nicely during the board meeting. He also requests Min-hyuk to announce his engagement at the shareholder’s meeting, but before then he wants to get a better look of Bong-soon. Min-hyuk regrets instantly, but agrees.

The police hosts a meeting, the leader of the meeting announce the culprit targets women who weigh between 41kg to 48kg therefore he only targets skinny women. Till this day they have not found any traces of corpse therefore it can be deducted they’re still alive. To decrease the chances of another accident they will send the special force to assist the team that’s responsible for this case.

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Bong-soon has finally mastered her own strength, she is able to control it thanks to Min-hyuk. There were many trial and errors but alas they have made it. She even beats up gangsters in a controlled manner.


“If I was given this energy, there must be a reason. Those with power abuse it in this society. I’ll use my power to break such jerks. I’m the strong girl, Do Bong Soon. Here I come”

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Gook-du meets up with Hee-ji. He starts his conversation by stating once he heard someone told him that women will always doubt their partner if the man has someone else in his heart. Hee-ji interrupts him but Gook-du continues, all this time he has someone else in his heart, he apologies to Hee-ji. Gook-du states he’s always liked that person but only realised his feelings recently. Hee-ji asks if he’s been cheating on her but he denies the idea; the girl he liked is someone he’s always been nagging because of her strange behaviour. But if someone else badmouths about her he will not stay still. He apologises again and insists she does not have to feel bad for breaking up with him.

Min-hyuk texts Bong-soon to wake up but she replies that she refuses despite being awake already. He states he will give her double pay and she immediately agrees. He instructs her to wear nice clothes because she will be going to his house, however once she questions the reason he simply answers he is leaving the house now.

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Min-hyuk joins Bong-soon’s family for breakfast, well basically forced to, but he still cooperates. Min-hyuk seems slightly awkward at the start but slowly blends in with the family and seems to be enjoying the lively atmosphere too. The situation is completely different at Min-hyuk’s house, where everyone is silent and interrogating Bong-soon. They asks what Bong-soon likes about Min-hyuk which she struggles to answer greatly because, let’s be honest, she doesn’t like Min-hyuk romantically (yet) therefore gives very typical answers such as great looks and personally. Silence is filled in the air. Bong-soon does not have much options in answers and states she likes him because he is crazy, Min-hyuk’s dad bursts out laughing and applauds her answer.

Min-hyuk’s father states he is happy about the news regarding his son and Bong-soon, he elaborates that Min-hyuk was placed in a boarding school once his mother passed away, he also dated many girls. Then all of a sudden he stopped dating and the rumour about his sexuality appeared.

Bong-soon tries to figure out whether Min-hyuk is homosexual, her mind is so distracted that she forgot to put the seatbelt on. The car starts signalling to remind them of the seatbelt, as Bong-soon starts tugging her seatbelt, Min-hyuk goes and help her. She stares at him and he stares back. He quickly gets back to his seat before it gets more awkward.

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Min-hyuk takes Bong-soon to a forest, he places down his bouquet at the bottom of a tree and greets his ‘mother’. He explains he wanted to show Bong-soon this place because it’s a place he visited with a person he loves. He continues talking about his mother, his mother’s favourite movie is called “Harry met Sally” and there was a line which says “no man wants to be friends with a charming woman”. Bong-soon answers that she must not be charming because he is friends with her. Min-hyuk answers that her friend likes her, he likes her a lot to the point he does not realise it or he’s too scared to lose her. Bong-soon jumps to the conclusion he is taking about Gook-du, she denies the possibility that Gook-du likes her and brushes it off. Min-hyuk states the boundary from friendship to relationship is flimsy, it only takes one step to cross it. As he says this line Min-hyuk takes one step closer to Bong-soon.


“This step changes their relationship. Like this”


“One step. Between Gook-du and I, there wasn’t such a step. However, that day, he came one step closer to me that day”

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Bong-soon reads the letter her grandma left her. In the letter the grandma says Bong-soon has grown up from the little baby she once was and now she has a job, the grandma praises her and states how proud she is of Bong-soon. She’s aware that Bong-soon questions why they must hide their power but she pleads Bong-soon to not be ashamed of her strength because after all it was blessed by their ancestors therefore they must use their power to help the world.

Baek-tak’s underling hires 2 people to voice phish Bong-soon so she heads to their hideout. Bong-soon actually believes her mother is kidnaped and runs to save her immediately. Min-hyuk calls her because he is waiting outside her house, Bong-soon updates him immediately of the situation which causes Min-hyuk to immediately head over to find her. Bong-soon’s father also calls Gook-du for help and he agrees immediately. Both Min-hyuk and Gook-du are heading over to Bong-soon.

Once Bong-soon arrives, Baek-tak’s and his underlings walks out to meet her. Sim calls Bong-soon that she’s been tricked by a voice phisher which Bong-soon understands the situation immediately. Eun-taek requests a fight with Bong-soon, he even laughs with his underlings they should get a video of Bong-soon begging for help first. Bong-soon immediately agrees to their fight request and gestures them to go over to her.

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You go Bong-soon! She was very courageous to accept the fight, although she is strong, she is not emotionally strong and will get hurt, especially they tricked her that her mother is kidnapped. Anyone would be a bit startled if you’re against like 50 men by yourself. However Bong-soon accepts their fight gladly, she knows that she will be exposing her power to a large quantity of people but does not hesitate. Bong-soon has always wanted to hide her ability but right now she takes pride in her powers, more than anyone else, she is confident with herself. Maybe it’s thanks to Min-hyuk’s training or simply her coming into terms with herself but I am glad Bong-soon has finally come to love herself.

But what will happen when Gook-du arrives to the scene and sees the pile of body. Will he accept her or will he not? I think he will because surely someone’s strength should not be the determining factor in attraction… if it is, that’s weird… Yes he liked Bong-soon because of her gentleness but come on, be real, just marry a flower then or something then; there’s more to someone that just being gentle. I think the upcoming episodes will contain many rivalry scenes but I hope it does not ruin the drama, I’m hoping for some comedic scenes rather than melodrama.

Did anyone else thought Bong-soon’s dad overreacted by calling Gook-du to help Bong-soon? Your daughter can win any battle, worry not! But I guess her dad is overprotective and it doesn’t hurt to be like that but still… there was no need to call Gook-du, anything Gook-du can do, Bong-soon can do better!

Min-hyuk’s confession was borderline lame, like how it started was lame… he didn’t have to bring up his mother’s favourite movie first and then tell her this line he’s heard before, AND then leading it up to his confession. Like say it already. It was lame, let’s admit. Bong-soon barely even understood what he meant, especially after his confession he just walked off. It was unnecessary, I know the drama wanted to symbolise Min-hyuk’s and Bong-soon’s blossoming relationship but come on, do it better. Especially the confession didn’t change anything about their relationship afterwards too… she still treated him the same… well okay maybe it did if you count her voiceover as the change. I guess she did hint that she never had a chance with Gook-du but for Min-hyuk there was this possibility for development.