Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon ep 7 summary

EPISODE 7- Changes

Bong-soon’s dream consists of her dancing with a masked man (Min-hyuk), she’s Juliet and he is Romeo. Everything is going smoothly and is very romantic until she accidentally steps on his feet. He screams in pain and runs away. Bong-soon is so disturbed by the dream she screams which wakes herself up. She exits her room and goes into the kitchen, a shadow seems to be following her. A man tries to hit her with a wok and Bong-soon immediately reacts, she punches the wok which dents it. The man is beyond shocked, he stares at the disfigured pan in horror.

Min-hyuk is under attack too, the man tries to slit his throat but Min-hyuk wakes up in time to wrestle him down. However the wrestling soon comes to an end when Bong-soon enters the room and hits the man with the wok.

Seems like Baek-tak was the person who sent the assassins. His right-hand man ensures him that everything went smoothly because the people they have chosen are the best of the best. Baek-tak is feeling uneasy (as he should be) because he insists Bong-soon is strange.

bong soon captures man.png

Gook-du calls Bong-soon early in the morning to check up whether she is okay however it doesn’t seem like he’s the only person that is concern about Bong-soon. Baek-tak calls one of his assassin to check whether their plan was a success however because they are tied up Min-hyuk answers the call instead. Min-hyuk demands him to reveal who he is or he will contact the police, he only cares who’s behind the incident whereas once the police gets involved then it will be much more troublesome for Baek-tak.

Min-hyuk is looking sharp, he dresses up for the shareholder meeting. However the attendees does not seem to be happy with the decision, they erupt in disagreement especially due to Min-hyuk being late to the meeting. However Min-hyuk explains himself, he was late due to uninvited guests; he video calls Bong-soon so he can prove his excuse.

min hyuk video calls bong soon.png

Min-hyuk goes on and states he has been blackmailed for 6 months straight because the blackmailer wanted him to forfeit his chairman position. The person threatening him is the same person that is spreading fake rumours about his sexuality hence causing Osung Group’s reputation to be affected too. Min-hyuk states he already has his own company therefore is not interested in Osung group however he cannot let a childish blackmailer take this position. Min-hyuk states the person that is targeting him is in this very room however he’s unsure who it is, despite that he will track the person down and bring him/ her to their next shareholder meeting.

Someone is shouting at Baek-tak over the phone, he angrily demands to know why Baek-tak manage to let Min-hyuk and Bong-soon escape. Baek-tak ends the call and is approached by his underlings, they inform him that few of their colleagues are beaten up by a grandma. Baek-tak holds an emergency meeting with his underlings, this is an embarrassment; first they were beaten by a girl and now a grandma.

beaten up by a grandma .png

Baek-tak visits Min-hyuk, he hands him over a USB and states their company will do anything as long as they’re paid. He elaborates that he was only meant to scare Min-hyuk because his brother did not wanted to harm him. After all, they’re brothers. Min-hyuk states he will let him off this time. Baek-tak asks if he can recruit Bong-soon but after thinking it through, there is no way Min-hyuk would hand her over.

Min-hyuk inserts the USB onto his computer and hears the video recording, the person who was behind the blackmail all this time was the kind brother. Min-hyuk holds back his tears as he listens to the conversation. In disbelief tears rolls down his face, all this time the brother he trusted was betraying him.

Bong-soon senses something is wrong with Min-hyuk, she asks if he’s okay but he answers no. He states his brother should have let him know that he was not happy about him taking the Chairman position. Bong-soon stays quiet, unsure what to say. Min-hyuk bluntly put it out that he has no one to trust from now on. Bong-soon urges him to get some fresh air with her, he is reluctant but Bong-soon does not listen and drags him out. Bong-soon’s way of cheering someone up is by taking them to the theme park and tormenting them with all the crazy rides. She then takes Min-hyuk to a restaurant that serves really food.

min hyuk cries after betrayal .png

Voldermort is back, he’s cleaning the woman with a wet towel but she reacts negatively, she whimpers in fear. He warns her to stop crying or she will not be allowed to eat. He strokes her gently and states she’s the third bride, and he will have a wedding with 7 brides. He demands her to lose another 2kg before the wedding and she especially needs to lose some weight on her calves because it’s thick. Alright alright. 

The first kidnapped woman sees Voldemort leave, she picks up her chair and throws it against the locked door. However to no avail the door does not break, she begs someone to answer her and if they can hear her then knock on the wall. The second woman answers her and states she is really scared, the first woman reassures her that he will not kill them but they needs to pretend they’re on the Voldermort’s side,  only then will he untie their legs.

Min-hyuk tells Bong-soon every time he’s on the bus he thinks of the day of the incident. He was on his way to his mother’s memorial service and the bus was about to fall off the cliff but suddenly something amazing happened. An angel that was sent by his mother appeared and saved the whole bus. Bong-soon is about to tell Min-hyuk something but is interrupted by her grandma’s call.

bong soon saved min hyuk.png

Min-hyuk visits his brother, he wants to know why his brother betrayed him despite their good relationship. Min-hyuk states he vowed to kill the person that targeted him but now he can no longer keep the promise. He couldn’t understand why the suspect’s threats were so childish but after discovering the identity, he finally understands why. The brother answers- Min-hyuk was always a cowards and he thought if he scared him a little he would stop. Min-hyuk hesitates and sighs, he states they will keep this amongst themselves and call it even since he helped him a lot when they were young.

Bong-soon is undergoing Min-hyuk’s training again, he demands her to control her strength because only then will her power be useful. However Bong-soon is struggling, she cannot control her strength at all. Min-hyuk even sacrifices himself by playing boxing with her and giving his arm to test her strength. Training proceeds, Min-hyuk back-hugs her and requests her to push him away without hurting him. Bong-soon easily gets away from his grip and locks him down. Min-hyuk grabs Bong-soon and falls on top of her, things gets a bit awkward.

Training continues- Bong-soon is required to flick the stones of the Go board. However even reducing her strength by 30% is still as destructive, same applies to 50%. Once Bong-soon reduces to 90% she manages to flick the stone in a controlled manner.

bong soon and min hyuk cute moment.png

Bong-soon gets called downstairs by her mother, her mother angrily shouts at Bong-soon for stealing the teenagers’ money; she heard from their neighbour that Bong-song is hanging out with teenagers. Bong-soon insists she never did such a thing, tears starts rolling down Bong-soon’s face. Her mother never ever once listened to her before accusing Bong-soon. Bong-soon tearfully declares she also get hurt from battles, maybe not physically but emotionally she gets hurt too. She demands to know why her mother always compare her to her brother, and why she always discriminated her. But most importantly she wants to know why her mother hates her. Bong-soon continues to sob and sob, her mother does not say anything.

Hee-ji confesses to Bong-ki, however he states it’s not right because he is friends with Gook-du. Hee-ji acknowledges it but insists she has thought a lot before confessing, plus she cannot help herself liking him. Bong-ki states he has a sister that likes Gook-du for a long time but before Hee-ji can answer or for Bong-ki continues, Bong-soon appears. Before Hee-ji can excuse herself Bong-soon stops Hee-ji’s track, she asks what they are doing together especially she is Gook-du’s girlfriend. Bong-soon introduces herself as Bong-ki’s sister and Gook-du’s friend, she continues- Bong-soon feels like she has to say something to Hee-ji. She states feelings are hard to control however she can’t let her own emotion hurt others. She also lectures her brother before chucking his food on the table.

bong soon likes gook du for a long time.png

Gook-du goes to the theatre because there are lead to it however it seems like the main actor is not the criminal because he was preforming the day of the incident. In the audience section the Voldemort is there, he is sitting and watching the performance, he laughs in a very weird manner when they perform a woman being abducted. The performance is about a man and his 7 brides, brides that he abducts.

Voldemort is at it again, he set the bin on fire to capture peoples’ attention and then he goes into Sim’s room whilst being dressed as a doctor. Bong-soon also enters and sees him injecting an unknown substance into Sim, she stops him by stating she’s already been injected. He pauses whilst staring at her, Bong-soon catches on and hesitates, she questions whether he is actually a doctor. Voldemort dashes away and Bong-soon chases after him but slowly loses track as Voldemort disguises as a patient.

culprit strong woman do bong soon.png

 Min-hyuk goes to visit Bong-soon at her family café but turns out she’s not there, instead Bong-soon’s father greets him. Min-hyuk orders cake but because they’re closing he cannot give anything to Min-hyuk apart from walnuts. Min-hyuk still insists to pay but Bong-soon’s father rejects his offer because he wants to thank him for taking care of Bong-soon. Min-hyuk reassures him that he will treasure Bong-soon just as much as he does. Bong-soon’s father is very satisfied with the answer, he offers even more walnuts.

Bong-soon is being trailed by one of Baek-tak’s underling, he calls out to her and points her with his walking stick. However before he even gets to say what he wants he is attacked by Gook-du. Gook-du misunderstands the situation and repeatedly punches the man. Bong-soon immediately pushes Gook-du away as his reactions too harsh, however Bong-soon cannot control her strength therefore ends up hurling Gook-du in a very harsh manner. Gook-du stares in disbelief at how he flew few metres away from the man. Min-hyuk also oversees the scenario and realises that Bong-soon has finally revealed her strength to Gook-du.

bong soon reveal real strength.png


I didn’t expect the blackmailer to be Min-hyuk’s brother, it seems too simple. I thought it was some one related to the masked man but I guess I am wrong. I am kinda disappointed with the identity of the blackmailer, I wish they did a twist on it like it was his father all this time or something. Or like the blackmailer is linked to the masked man, Why is there so many thriller cases in this drama? 

Also the Voldemort is obsessed with the theatre hence re-enacting it in real life, assuming he is fixated with these stuff or has psychological issues but yeah, it’s slightly plotless. The drama seems to be chucking things here and there and it does not link or contribute, for example Min-hyuk’s case was a waste of time because it was solved just like that, he didn’t really use his brains or anything, simply Bong-soon capture these dudes and they’re done. SAY WHAT.

Hee-ji confession did not blow my mind apart from Bong-soon was present, I did like the touch of her lecturing Hee-ji and her brother instead of using this chance to get with Gook-du. Everyone knows how much I love Gook-du but Min-hyuk is definitely a strong contender, how he isn’t afraid of Bong-soon’s strength and even wants to help her control her own powers is just super sweet. Even her mother does not do that for Bong-soon however Min-hyuk embraces her powers and even guides her (the only person that does that for Bong-soon). BUT BUT BUT. Gook-du also realises Bong-soon’s strength so if he accepts it as well then we all good, well I am good at least but I think she will grow to like Min-hyuk before Gook-du accepts her ability. Sigh.