Chief Kim ep 11 summary


Business Operation is officially disbanded and they will be assigned to different departments. Nam-ho begs Seo-yool to reconsider because technically the deadline is in 3 days times however Seo-yool refuses because he made an unofficial deal with Seong-ryong. Everyone is allocated to their new department and they are obliged to take their belongings there without a complaint. Everyone has a new place to go except Seong-ryong as no department wants him.

Seong-ryong meets his ultimate defeat, he returns to the office and discover everyone is gone, the office simply looks like a wilderness. He angrily punches the poster of TQ group repeatedly. Seong-ryong barges into his office with his bloody hand which Seo-yool notices immediately but does not seem to care. Seong-ryong demands him to withdraw his order but of course Seo-yool refuses. Seong-ryong slowly gets on his knees and makes a pledge that he will become his slave if he needs him to, he will do anything he wants as long as he does not disband business operation. Seo-yool refuses because the revival plan was a group project therefore he should punish everyone, Seong-ryong takes all the responsibility, he insists he forced his colleagues to participate. Seo-yool refuses to listen anymore and even swivels his chair so he does not face the pledging Seong-ryong. Without a choice Seong-ryong leaves the office, even his last resort did not work.

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Seong-ryong goes out to drink by himself and Ga-eun joins him, he is shocked at her presence because it seems like she has a tracker on him or something. She notices his hand and is concern but Seong-ryong lies that he simply bumped into something. She brings up the news but he does not give much comment or seem slightly uninterested. Ga-eun urges him to find other information because there’s bound to be something out there. Seong-ryong smiles at her comforting words. Ga-eun states that her brother is a detective and he might be able to help him; if he needs to find out someone’s information.

Nam-ho waits for Seong-ryong’s return and notices his battered hand, he tends his wounds before cooking Seong-ryong’s dinner. Nam-ho asks if he’s going to continue acting like that but Seong-ryong answers he’s not sure. Nam-ho reassures him that no one is angry with him nor blaming him. Seong-ryong states he cannot forgive himself, he dragged everyone down with him; as he says these painful words tears roll down his eyes. He continues to blame himself again and again, he wishes they would blame him instead of being understanding. Nam-ho states they already lost everything so they must not lose each other too, they must continue to survive no matter what.

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Although business operation members weren’t taking their new environment well, they are starting to regain their pride. They do not let anyone step on them and even states their own rights. However Seong-ryong is taking the defeat more harshly than others.But at least he has somewhere to go now- Myung-suk’s department. Myung-suk is concern about Seong-ryong’s sudden personality change, he states he prefers him being angry than silent because the silence is more scary. Seong-ryong is as tame as a sheep, he seems to have lost his will to fight. Myung-suk even spills water on his work and throws pieces of paper in his face to make him annoyed but Seong-ryong simply cleans up the mess.

Ha-kyung visits Seong-ryong and asks why he hasn’t answered any of her calls and Seong-ryong denies it, he simply states he has been busy. Ha-kyung comforts him, he shouldn’t be chained by the past. She urges him to be more optimistic because an opportunity will bound to appear. Ha-kyung also updates him about Gi-ok’s resignation.

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Gi-ok informs his father that he has quit working for TQ group because he feels embarrassed to work in such a company especially after his father’s latest betrayal too. The both start arguing and Seong-ryong suddenly enters their house. He lectures them to stop fighting especially Gi-ok because he is being disrespectful to his father. Seong-ryong then lectures Gi-ok’s father for hiding stuff from them and he should have given them a heads up at least. Seong-ryong then urges Gi-ok to go back to work because the resignation letter has not been accepted.

The whole team gathers at the business operation department once again. Seong-ryong apologises for making them suffer and in the future he will make sure he considers them in his decision because they’re a team now and he’s not alone. Nam-ho requests Seong-ryong to step outside because they need to talk amongst themselves. However once Seong-ryong leaves, Nam-ho collects money from every one of them. They made a bet whether Seong-ryong will apologise seriously or not, and Nam-ho was the only person whom insisted he will. Seong-ryong enters back into the office after hearing their laughter, he finally realise that he was tricked.

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Seong-ryong is back to his normal self, he even warn Seo-yool to be careful from now on because he will no longer hold back in his actions. Seo-yool does not care why Seong-ryong is telling him this but Seong-ryong insists he will play more cruelly.

Seong-ryong’s first way to protest and state his presence is by wearing a very odd and old-fashioned clothes. Myung-suk bursts into laughter the moment he sees Seong-ryong’s fashion choice and then he picks a fight with Seong-ryong because he thinks he’s still as lifeless as yesterday. But not anymore, Seong-ryong grips onto Myung-suk’s finger and bends it.

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Gwang-sook pours hot coffee all over the accounting department’s team leader because he was badmouthing Seong-ryong. Once she leaves the office she sees Sung-tae again; special effects appear. She asks if they have met before and Sung-tae answers in his smoothest way possible that they have not met in person but he has always remembered her face. From the time Seong-ryong shown a photo of Gwang-sook, he has always remembered her. Gwang-sook gives Sung-tae a lollipop which he kisses it.

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Seong-ryong asks Ga-eun for help as she informed him before if he ever needs help to find details regarding someone he can ask her because her bother is a detective. Ga-eun states her condition, she will only help if he involves her into his plan. Seong-ryong hesitates but agree because it doesn’t hurt to have more people in your team.

Ha-kyung and Seong-ryong are stalking Mr Lim, they see him exiting the building with a young woman, they follow them up to the mountains where they caught Mr Lim making out with the young woman.  Seong-ryong immediately records him as evidence so he can blackmail him- find evidence of TQ delivery pocketing money or he will expose the video to his wife. However he does not seem to care and states he will simply apologise to his wife. Seong-ryong has no other choice but knock him out, tie him up and threaten him through force. By force I mean tying him up next to a fake golf course. Mr Lim finally gives in and agrees to send them the ledger.

Seong-ryong notices the ledger that Mr Lim sent him is the same as the shredded one that Ga-eun found. Ga-eun suggests they propose the revival plan again but this time in front of the investment company since they have a meeting later with the executives. Seong-ryong smirks at the idea and follows the suggestion, he barges into the office whilst offering them snacks. Seong-ryong insists Seo-yool to cancel the restructuring plan because they have a revival plan instead. Seo-yool laughs at his statement but Seong-ryong declares the order came from the CEO himself.

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I thought Seong-ryong’s victory would be more grand to be honest. I think there should be more story behind how he got the ledger, he simply blackmailed Mr Lim and got the ledger. Altogether wasn’t even 5 minutes… I thought Ga-eun would come into use which she barely did so it was a let down. Including Ha-kyung into the plan was also useless because she contributed nothing. Overall, I am disappointed with this episode, I thought Seong-ryong’s victory would be more funny/ exciting, but it simply let me down.

I do like Myung-suk’s banter with Seong-ryong though, I like how he subtly admires Seong-ryong but won’t admit it. Like he wants to cheer Seong-ryong up but has no idea how to therefore he does everything to make him annoyed because an annoyed Seong-ryong is a normal Seong-ryong.

Also, Gi-ok’s story was borderline unnecessary, I mean he simply made up with his dad like it was nothing when initially he quit his job because he was ashamed. He was persuaded by Chief Kim’s few words, like how does that even work? Was it just me or did anyone else question how Chief Kim got into their apartment? I thought it was beyond creepy but Gi-ok’s nor his father seem to care about the fact he entered their apartment without a key… The door might have been unlocked but that still does not give him the right to enter someone’s house without acknowledgement. But whatever, shouldn’t think too much about this or I might have nightmares of someone breaking into my house.