Chief Kim ep 10 summary


Seong-ryong confronts Seo-yool but Seo-yool defends himself that they’re at fault because they were hiding the information from their colleagues. Nam-ho instructs Seong-ryong to return to his seat and then he apologises to Seo-yool for their behaviour. Seo-yool angrily instructs them to not cause anymore problems and walk off. Everyone is a discouraged after finding out the truth but it seems like they’re more disappointed with Seong-ryong, Ha-kyung and Nam-ho for hiding the truth.

Ha-kyung and Seong-ryong goes through a makeover to make themselves look like they’re from the inspection unit, and the makeover consists of simply placing on a pair of glasses. However despite the measly disguise they manage to gather information regarding TQ delivery pocketing money.

chief kim disguise .png

CEO meets up with Seo-yool for a meal to thank him for all his hard work. CEO states he is very thankful for all his contribution, he brings up their previous conversation. He does not want to compensate his work with money but instead he wants Seo-yool to be in charge of TQ retail. But this offer has a condition, he must sort out the investment problem first. CEO warns him to not cause any problems because people might use it against him in the future.

Jae-joon is not happy with the plan at all because there is too much too risk, he tries to win others opinion too but they don’t quite feel the same as him. Despite that Jae-joon kicks off to Nam-ho and states if they do not succeed in reviving TQ delivery then everyone will be in danger. Nam-ho does not give in and replies he is scared too but it just means they have to work harder. Nam-ho states the real reason they’re resurrecting TQ delivery is because it’s worthwhile, they may lose their job if they fail but if they succeed they gain much more. He continue his teary reasoning which also moves the business operation team. He states he used be very brave but slowly the real him disappeared but after meeting Seong-ryong his spark returned. This would be their last chance to regain themselves again therefore they must tackle the hurdle with pride. All for one and one for all.

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Seong-ryong does not give up trying to find where the pocketed money has gone to, he goes to find Mr Lim with Ha-kyung but fails to persuade him. However his dedication isn’t quite appreciated by Seo-yool, he flings the pathetic looking plan against the wall and declares they need a more solid plan. Seong-ryong translates his action; he simply wants them to give up earlier and he can disassemble business operation department. Seong-ryong’s confidence does not falter, he insists if they manage to make their revival plan a success Seo-yool needs to move their department to 17th floor and also make a public apology to their team. If they fail then Seo-yool can do whatever he wants to them. Seo-yool agrees immediately and reminds him they only have 3 days left.

The business operation department is not taking the news very nicely, they question whether Seong-ryong is joking about this deadline however sadly he is not. Everyone is completely lost and cannot believe he struck such a deal when their success rate is very low.

seong ryong gets beaten up by his team.png

Ga-eun might be their life saver because she manages to stick the shredded paper together, which means she has evidence of the pocketing. She calls the prosecutor to report back but whilst waiting for him to pick up she cancels the call with something else in mind. She takes the evidence to Seong-ryong however Seong-ryong is more interested as to why she taped the shredded paper back together. Ga-eun panics because she thinks he has caught onto her identity but he asks if she has OCD instead and have a thing for shredded piece of paper. Ga-eun bursts into laughter and agrees with him. Ga-eun also tries to aid Seong-ryong, she states she placed the 2 names onto their employee system and they’re not on the record at all. Seong-ryong does not understand the significance of the piece of paper but he still instructs her to keep a copy because it will be handy later on.

ga eun chief kim discovers paper.png

Seong-ryong does not give up in persuading Mr Lim, he appears everywhere that Mr Lim goes. However instead of persuading him he’s more like pestering him by doing unnecessary actions such as washing his car, complimenting his golf skills etc. His determination seems to have gotten somewhere because he manages to persuade Mr Lim to sit down and listen to him. Seong-ryong tries a different tactic; he states he can help him stab peoples’ back. Mr Lim is interested and Seong-ryong insists he can leave TQ delivery and survive if he makes a fake documentation of a deposit using a third person’s name, however Seong-ryong stops and insists if he wants to know more then he must aid them first.

Seong-ryong starts to panic because he has not heard from Mr Lim, that is until he is few steps away from his department and realises that Mr Lim did sent him a text message stating he will cooperate. He enters the department and everyone is all tensed up to hear his success but Seong-ryong stays silence to tease them. Everyone quickly looks away assuming it’s a failure. Seong-ryong suddenly screams “mission success”. Everyone is beyond delighted because this means victory is on their side already.

business oepration success.png

It’s time to present their plan, Seong-ryong is more nervous than usual because it means life and death to them. The presentation is already not going smoothly due to the spelling error. Seong-ryong hides the mistake and states it was their way of lightening the mood. The presentation is going smoothly, Seong-ryong mentions the secret behind TQ delivery and their corrupted management. Seong-ryong invites Gi-ok’s dad to present his testimonial. However Gi-ok’s dad states the lay-off is right, everything is going the opposite direction as to Seong-ryong’s plan. He continues that the contract is right and he never felt like he was used, he ends his speech with a thank you to TQ delivery.

gi ok dad betrayal.png

This time it’s Mr Lim’s turn, he is responsible for testifying on TQ delivery illegal rebates. He continues that the claim that business operation is making is completely false. He insists he never told Seong-ryong anything and he was threatened by him too. Murmurs fill the whole room. Everyone gets up to leave including a disappointed Yoo-sun.

Seo-yool thinks back to his conversation with Gi-ok’s father. He instructed him to state a fake testimonial- the rebate is fair due to the drivers increasing age. Gi-ok’s father refuses and gets up but is stopped when Seo-yool mentions his son. Seo-yool insists he can help his son get promoted if he cooperates. Mr Lim was easily sorted through threat as well.

Business operation is far from a celebratory mood, they sit in despair at their loss. They all know they were tripped up and betrayed but unable to do anything at all. However Seo-yool still has the guts to stroll in and brag about his victory. Seo-yool announces that business operation is now officially dissolved.

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Awww the ending of this episode was really sad, they tried so hard as well. I am so used to Seong-ryong’s constant victory that I never would have imagined they would lose… but ah well, I am sure the drama will end nicely because after all, it is a comedy drama. Which means happy ending! YAY!

One thing I don’t get is why Seong-ryong never became too interested in the shredded piece of paper but I guess it’s more weird if he’s interested in a piece of paper, especially it was brought by a girl whom he only met like 3 times max. I also don’t get why she didn’t report to the prosector, yes she trusts Seong-ryong but really... surely she knows better that he ain’t some legal committee member or something. Like why would he even understand the meaning of the shredded paper but ah wells. Drama be dramas.