Chief Kim ep 9 summary



Seong-kim enters the meeting room like he owns the place and then claims he will revive TQ delivery in a way it does not require restructuring. Seo-yool snorts at Seong-ryong for such an absurd suggestion but Seong-ryong reassures that their department will cope because they deal with figures and take care of holes that’s caused by bad managment.

After the grand entry Ha-kyung asks if Seong-ryong really returned due to the message from Yoo-sun. He insists he did and Ha-kyung does not believe him, she asks if he was really worried about her. The drama skips back to the scene when Seong-ryong opened the envelope and found a 100,000 dollars cheque alongside a letter requesting him to take on the project, and if he does he will be given another 200,000 dollars. Seong-ryong covers up the truth and replies Ha-kyung that he returned because he was worried about her.

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Yoo-sun goes and visit the business operation department, she apologises to them as she has no one else to rely on. Seong-ryong reassures her that he is confident because he received money but quickly corrects himself stating he received lots of love. Yoo-sun asks if they are going to start immediately which Seong-ryong agrees without a spec of doubt.

Seo-yool messages Nam-ho and requests him, Seong-ryong and Ha-kyung to go to his office immediately. Seo-yool states they are breaking the company’s rule if they do not include the head of the department in their plan. Business operations under financial management therefore they must abide to the head’s requests. Seo-yool states he is the head therefore he will suggests some rules for them. He states they must complete their plan within 2 weeks from now and if they create a plan that is lower than expectation then their department will be dissolved; separated and placed into different departments.

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Seo-yool keeps Seong-ryong behind and asks if he was a two-timer from the start. However Seong-ryong insists he never stood on any side. Seo-yool is annoyed but tries to keep his cool, he tells him to try his best to revive TQ delivery, if he can that is. Yoo-sun warns Ha-kyung that Seo-yool is really dangerous and she needs to be careful.

Business operation is completely lost and have no idea where to start their revival plan. Seong-ryong is totally calm and suggests they assess the situation first before jumping in, and the best way to gain knowledge regarding the situation is to visit the courier drivers who were beaten up.

However the police will not let them visit the drivers because they are regarded as criminals. Seong-ryong has not choice but ask Yoo-sun for help. Yoo-sun sends the best group of lawyers to aid Seong-ryong, and thanks to them he enters with ease.

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Seong-ryong asks what they aren’t happy with in regards to the company. The driver states they have to do businesses with places that are designated by TQ. For example there are certain parking station and gas stations that they have to use and they’re much more expensive. These designated places costs way more and they cannot do anything about it because they’re not full-time employees.

Ha-kyung and Seong-ryong meets up with rest of the team, they update them what’s been happening behind the scenes. TQ group has been forcing their courier drivers to use designated services and shops hence how they created the secret fund. Ha-kyung demand they must get a hold of the document. Yet again, Seong-ryong does not have a plan on how to get these documents. Nam-ho nervously asks if he’s planned even the slightest of the revival plan and Seong-ryong reassuringly takes out his phone and asks Siri for “revival plan”. Silence.

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Seo-yool looks at the financial statement for TQ delivery, he notices something strange and wonders where the missing money actually goes to. He goes to investigate and whilst waiting for the elevator, Ha-kyung coincidentally joins him. She asks if he does not think he’s being too harsh to the business operation department. He does not answer and states she’s good at playing innocent despite fooling her superior. He sneers at the idea how Yoo-sun instructed Ha-kyung to get close to him so she can gain information but did not manage to. Ha-kyung is lost for words but admits everything he is accusing her with. She states it was not right for her to deceive him but she does not feel bad after watching his latest moves. No one can be happy from his actions including himself.

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Seong-ryong starts planning on how to solve TQ delivery by himself, there is a missing amount and once he finds it then TQ delivery can be solved. After a long night of thinking he returns home but something is troubling Nam-ho, he invites Seong-ryong for a drink. Nam-ho asks if he’s actually confident regarding TQ delivery and Seong-ryong insists he is. Nam-ho begs him to stop making more troubles because he needs to support his daughter but Seong-ryong does not hesitate with answering the same answer- he will definitely succeed.

Seong-ryong and Nam-ho are both tipsy. Soeng-ryong demands to know why Nam-ho does not trust him despite him being Mr Righteous. Nam-ho drunkly explains that ever since he came everyday has been like a storm. Seong-ryong hesitates to asks but goes for it, he asks what’s Nam-ho’s real opinion towards him. Nam-ho states from the start he knows he was a bad person and was arrested numerous times for committing crimes. Seong-ryong questions why he let him stay despite knowing. Nam-ho answers he let him stay because he did not ‘prey’ on them. Therefore he knows Seong-ryong is nice a person because bad people will take advantage of those around them. Nam-ho thanks Seong-ryong for coming back and squeals in embarrassment afterwards, he declares they must forget their conversation as it’s embarrassing.

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Seo-yool confronts the accounting department’s team leader because he found traces of money being transferred from TQ delivery to Taipan’s bank. However team leader does not admit these accusations and insists he knows nothing. Seo-yool snorts at his reply and dismisses him. Team leader returns to the office and suspiciously opens his locked cabinet, he hurriedly rips the paper to shreds. Ga-eun oversees everything and picks up the remaining shreds.

As per usual she listens into business operation’s conversation and hears they’re in trouble with accounting statements. She rushes into their office and offers help eun helps out.png

Myung-suk visits the business operations department because he is unsure about something and has no one to ask, plus his mother insists he asks Seong-ryong for help. Seong-ryong laughs at him because the question is too pointless to the point every staff would know the answer.

Seo-yool suddenly joins them but before he says what he wants he disses their office. He asks why they are slacking off despite only having 10 days left to do their revival plan, he reminds them of their penalty- business operation to be dissolved. Seo-yool laughs at the situation because it seems like no one was aware of this information apart from Nam-ho, Seong-ryong and Ha-kyung. Seong-ryong snaps at Seo-yool because he refuses to shut up.

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This episode was beyond boring and just dragged, it had so many cut-scenes like they mention one thing and it skips to somebody else. FINISH THE SCENE PLEASE. The worst part is that the scenes aren’t interesting so I don’t even remember what happened. This episode was not funny either so yeah, Chief Kim is slightly losing it’s charm because humour was it’s winning point.

I also like Ga-eun more than Ha-kyung, to me she just seems to have more personality. Ha-kyung has a great sense of justice and all that but she just seems to be lacking in substance, for example even using the word- ‘justice’ sums her up, that’s how much she is lacking. Her interaction with Seong-ryong is really awkward too, I can’t see any chemistry between them at all. Ga-eun on the other hand is a spy but ends up liking Seong-ryong, her double agent/ stalker life makes her more interesting, plus more worthy to be the main lead than Ha-kyung. I hope the drama will give Ha-kyung more of an oomph cause she is probably one of the most boring female lead in my eyes. Even the typical Korean drama has more interesting female lead. Nothing against the actress, I swear, just the character annoys me.

But anyways I am going to predict that Seo-yool will aid them because he does not like Min-young therefore will do anything to stop her achieving the thing she wants/ letting her pocket money. I am more excited for Seong-ryong’s and Seo-yool interaction than the storyline.