Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon ep 6 summary


The police shows Sim a series of masks for her to identify which one did the suspect used. Sim says the man was bald and used a mask to cover his entire face. Bong-soon’s mother steps in and states the man must be ugly otherwise he wouldn’t he hide his face, she instructs the police to exclude good-looking people from the search. She states the suspect is avoiding the CCTV camera because he must be too ugly and is ashamed of the camera.

Gook-du helps himself to Min-hyuk’s house and states he will sleep on the sofa however Min-hyuk offers him to sleep in his room. Bong-soon strongly rejects the idea and says aloud that Min-hyuk is gay hence why she even agreed to stay at his place from the start, Min-hyuk is shocked at the sudden statement because he was trolling her along and didn’t expect she actually believed his claim.

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However Min-hyuk won’t let her accuse her like that, he reveals Bong-soon is his bodyguard implying she is super strong and not the weak girl in Gook-du’s eyes. However Gook-du does not believe his claim and shouts at him for lying because Bong-soon is too weak to be his bodyguard. Bong-soon jumps in immediately to defend herself and reason out why Min-hyuk hired a female bodyguard- he wanted to block the scandal before it appears, he’s very protective of his image.

They are planning the sleeping arrangement and struggles; they imagine the worst case circumstance. For Bong-soon it would be Min-hyuk taking advantage of Gook-du whilst he’s asleep. Gook-du imagines Min-hyuk taking advantage of Bong-soon. Lastly Min-hyuk imagines Bong-soon kissing Gook-du whilst he’s sleeping. They both shake away the horrible thought and agree they should all sleep separately.

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Min-hyuk challenges Gook-du to a game of pool because he knows he will completely own the game and leave Gook-du looking like an idiot. However despite losing again and again Gook-du does not give up and even takes Min-hyuk’s advice on how to improve. Bong-soon couldn’t care less who wins or lose, she stares at them and is completely bored. Next game is darts which Gook-du is able to claim back his throne and Min-hyuk is no longer as cocky.

Last game is a drinking game. They do not give up and continues to gulp it down. Bong-soon stares at them with disgust and urges them to stop being it’s obvious none of them are coping anymore, plus they’re clearly drunk. Once Bong-soon returns from the toilet she sees Gook-du and Min-hyuk are laying on top of the pool table. Bong-soon has no choice but pick both of them up and take them back to the house. However she stops by to get Gook-du a drink and once she is gone 2 thugs approaches and searches them for money. Bong-soon returns and warns them to place the stuff back but they are unwilling. She has no choice but to use force to make them understand. Baek-tak and his underlings oversees Bong-soon’s demonic strength.

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Bong-soon cooks them up a feast for breakfast. Gook-du is curious how she managed to get them home by herself but Bong-soon lies that they walked home by themselves. Min-hyuk is more curious as to why she is having toast for breakfast. Bong-soon is about to open the jar but remembers that Gook-du is there as well, she instantly pretends to struggle opening the jar. Gook-du offers to helps her and Min-hyuk stares in shock and horror at how fake Bong-soon is. They start arguing about who won the contest from last night and Bong-soon does not want to bring it up but has no choice, she questions whether they remember anything.

The drama skips back to last night where both of them are completely drunk. Gook-du starts dirty-dancing and gestures Min-hyuk to join. Min-hyuk joins and they both sways from one side to another, things get slightly too passionate and Bong-soon is disgusted at the scene. She slaps Min-hyuk away to save Gook-du’s innocence. The horror does not end, Gook-du imitates cinderella, he informs Min-hyuk that his carriage will turn into a pumpkin soon and he needs to leave. Min-hyuk plays along and says he will go after him. They both lay down on top of the pool table and hug each other whilst fast asleep.

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Min-hyuk gets another threat call; he must announce he will not inherit his father’s company or he will be in danger. Min-hyuk insists he will not obey his command even if it means being shot. Gook-du and Bong-soon both overhears the conversation and is concern for Min-hyuk.

Osung group stock drops exponentially because there is a tabloid regarding Min-hyuk’s preference for males. Min-hyuk calls his friend for help and Bong-soon overhears him thanking someone, she also realise that Min-hyuk was the one who requested her video to be deleted. Bongs-soon is very thankful for his help and thanks him immediately.

Min-hyuk sure is a busy bee because he manages to find the person who used the motorbike. The bike was used by a man called Oh Hyun Jung and he’s 30 years old, 180cm and weighs 72kg. Lastly the man that is targeting him works for Baek Tak development which is a gangster company. Also Baek Tak development was part of Osung group before and they specialise doing projects.

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Min-hyuk takes Bong-soon to the harbour and asks if she’s watched King Kong before. He elaborates what he wants to say and states King Kong watched the sunset with the woman and they both said “beautiful”. Min-hyuk states he feels like he’s playing the role of the woman and Bong-soon is the King Kong but just a miniature form. Min-hyuk becomes interested in her powers again and asks if she gained it from somewhere but Bong-soon simply answers it’s passed down her family. Min-hyuk asks if he marries her and have a daughter together, will their daughter be like her. However he quickly corrects himself and asks if she has a daughter with another man, will the daughter be like her. Bong-soon states there is a high chance if nothing goes wrong. Min-hyuk sense that Bong-soon is slightly unhappy with her powers and insists she shouldn’t feel ashamed of her strength because she was born with it just like he is born to be good-looking.

Min-hyuk states he will help her use her power for good, it’s similar to gaming, if she continues using raw strength it won’t benefit anyone therefore they need to play strategically. Min-hyuk promises her that he will help her evolve. Bong-soon does not reply but is pleased by his suggestion, they both smile and look at the sunset together.

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Gook-du meets up with Hee-ji, he energetically asks if she wants to have dinner with him. However Hee-ji is here to say something else that he is not expecting at all. Gook-du quietly enters back inside the police office and thinks about what Hee-ji said. Hee-ji informs Gook-du that her heart keeps wavering recently and it’s for another man.

Bong-soon calls Gook-du to chat with him, despite being upset he still worries for Bong-soon’s safety. Bong-soon of course reassures him that she is strong and he shouldn’t worry about her however Gook-du states that she’s forever a weak woman in his eyes. After the call Gook-du spaces out.

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Min-hyuk takes Bong-soon to his family dinner because he needs her help but does not say exactly what he needs help with. Min-hyuk’s dad suddenly suggests Min-hyuk to get married to a nice family because it will help to erase the bad image that’s going around. Min-hyuk suddenly states he has a girlfriend and Bong-soon continues to eat because she couldn’t care less but that is until he grabs onto Bong-soon hand and states she’s his girlfriend. Bong-soon is confused but plays along which leaves everyone to be shocked at the sudden news. Min-hyuk increases the announcement to another level, he states they will have a son soon which Bong-soon spits out her water from the shock. Bong-soon shouts at him for announcing such nonsense and Min-hyuk is slightly offended, he defends himself by claiming he does not want to marry her either.

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Bong-soon arrives at the police station to give her statement regarding the criminal. Bong-soon starts off by describing why she appeared at the scene, and then how saw the man hitting Sim with a metal pipe. Gook-du asks if he was wearing a mask and Bong-soon nods, she states their eyes also met as well. Gook-du asks if he ran away the moment he saw her and Bong-soon hesitates to answer but she lies that he ran away when she screamed. Gook-du asks again if he really ran away from just a scream and Bong-soon insists it wasn’t just a scream but a really loud one. Gook-du stays silent because there is something off with the story. Bong-soon adds that she smelled something strange, he had a stench of gasoline but not the smell from a gas station. It’s like the smell when the roads are being paved with asphalt.

Bong-soon can tell Gook-du isn’t feeling too happy, she asks if something happened to him. Gook-du states that Hee-ji started liking someone but somehow he doesn’t feel too sad. Bong-soon tries to comfort him using herself as an example; at first it doesn’t feel real but soon it will hurt. Gook-du stares at Bong-soon and asks why are they friends. Bong-soon is surprised at his sudden comments and doesn’t say anything. Gook-du erases the awkwardness and reminds her to lock her room before sleeping. Min-hyuk watches their interaction and snorts at their behaviour.

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Baek-tak’s underlings are causing more trouble, instead of making the citizens feel safe they are doing the opposite. Bong-soon’s underlings picks a fight with them because they are littering on the floor. They threaten Baek-tak’s underlings that they will be dead if their boss finds out. However they do not learn and even harass a lady that is walking past. Bong-soon’s grandma steps in and beats them with ease, although she is old her power is still intact. She thrashes them like it’s nothing and continues walking.

A man is at the pharmacist, he requests sleeping pills and pain killers. The pharmacist asks if he wants to go to the church with her because it will help with his insomnia.

Voldemort appears again, he looks at the bent metal pole and then approaches the woman whom he recently captured. She begs him to not approach her but he does not listen. He asks if she’s lonely but she does not need to be scared because he will get her new friends soon. He suddenly removes his masks and then fixes his hair, he slowly approaches her. The woman continues to wail in fear. Why is the man’s face more scary than the masked version.

Min-hyuk cannot sleep and is deep thoughts, he thinks about seeing Baek-tak is the hospital and goes back to more thinking. Bong-soon is in deep sleep and suddenly her door knob moves, someone is trying to get into her room. The same applies to Min-hyuk, a unknown person holds a knife against his neck whilst Min-hyuk is asleep.

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This episode wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be, even though the man revealed his face it didn’t really wow me cause it’s not like we even know who this dude is. So does it matter that he shows his face. You get me? He might as well keep the mask on. Also I don’t get why he took the mask off, the woman would know his face and if she escape he would be dead. So yeah, just slightly disappointed with how they reveal the criminal. It didn’t leave any impact at all.

Gook-du’s confession but not quite was the winning scene in my eyes. It was perfect, Gook-du knows that he likes Bong-soon but perhaps he doesn’t want to ruin their friendship therefore never react upon his own feelings. NOO you can’t do this to me Gook-du. But his realisation will be too late because from the trailer it seems like Bong-soon is starting to like Min-hyuk. Sigh. sigh. sigh. sigh. sigh. 

But I guess I should be happy for Min-hyuk x Bong-soon because Min-hyuk accepts her for who she is despite her demonic strength, he likes her just the way she is and even supports her. He’s willing to aid her in capturing the criminal even if it means exposing himself to danger. But sigh… Gook-du ahhhhh. Plus I bet later on everyone will blame Bong-soon for her strength apart from Min-hyuk… and it doesn’t help that Gook-du is not aware of her powers…

Since we are talking about the trailer I think Min-hyuk’s nice brother is the one attacking Min-hyuk, which explains why Min-hyuk is so upset when he found out the truth. But I guess it’s not really any surprise either cause the brother was dodgy from the start. His kindness was too much that it was borderline suspicious.