Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon ep 5 summary

EPISODE 5- Seems like they are friends but not yet

Bong-Soon chases after the man that has an identical voice as the one who abducted the woman however after few steps she loses sight of him. Bong-Soon thinks to herself that he has a lingering smell of metal and a mixture of gas. However despite that life still goes on, she heads to work and sees a poster of a game character, it is a female warrior. Bong-Soon is so captured and inspired by the poster she imagines herself holding a triton. Min-hyuk appears behind her and asks why she is so spaced out.

Min-hyuk takes Bong-soon out for a meal and notices the watch/ gadget that Gook-du gave her, he asks her who gave it to her. Bong-soon tries to explain it but whatever it’s called, it’s Gook-du that gave it to her and that’s the most important part. Bong-soon adds that she nearly pressed the button on the watch today because she heard the man’s voice but lost track of him. Min-hyuk becomes worried because they’re both being targeted and sticking together it might not be the wisest idea. However never fear, Bong-soon reassures him that she will protect him no matter what because she thinks he is worried about his own safety instead.

bong song and myung suk il protect you no matter what.png

Min-hyuk sets up a desk for Bong-soon in his office so she can brush up her English. Min-hyuk also informs her that he will be in the office everyday from now on as they are releasing a new game. He picks up the phone and complains to the game development department that he is not happy with he graphic design as it’s sloppy. Bong-Soon watches Min-hyuk work and is in awe that he also have serious side and can be productive too.

Bong-soon’s mother and her neighbourhood squad are updating each other what has been happening recently, such as another woman being abducted.They state that both victims are really skinny and they are suspecting the criminal to have a thing for skinny ladies. They want Bong-soon to be careful because she is also very skinny and can be a target too. The next second an employee shows Bong-soon’s parent a video of Bong-soon swinging a pole around.

bong soon video viral .png

Bong-soon’s mother calls her immediately and shouts at her for embarrassing them. Bong-soon is completely confused why her mother is so angered until she sees the video of her drunk self. She cringes in embarrassment and hides however Min-hyuk approaches her and teases her that she’s a celebrity now. But despite teasing her he calls someone to get rid of the viral video immediately without Bong-soon finding out.

Gook-du gets a call from Min-hyuk. He notifies Gook-du that Bong-soon bumped into the man who kidnapped the woman and Gook-du is instantly worried, he demands to know where Bong-soon is. Min-hyuk reassures him that she’s inside the building but might be in danger if she leaves it, he suggests signing Bong-soon up on on a witness protection program. Gook-du runs out immediately after knowing Bong-soon could be in danger.

gook du worried about bong soon.png

Min-hyuk watches Bong-soon sleep and thinks back to yesterday night when she was in tears while claiming it’s not her fault that she’s strong. He slowly reaches for her head but dramas be dramas, Gook-du walks in and shouts Bong-soon’s name out despite Min-hyuk signalling him to be quiet.

Gook-du angrily asks why she never told him anything despite bumping into the suspect again. Bong-soon stutters at the angry Gook-du and says she was planning to but Gook-du erupts even more. He questions why he has to find out these stuff from Min-hyuk and not from herself, he calms down slightly and lowers his voice, he just wants her to cooperate with the investigation. Min-hyuk asks if he has gotten a witness protection approval for Bong-soon and Gook-du says yes because he will be her security from today onwards. However Min-hyuk isn’t having it because he can drop her off himself.

Things are getting a bit heated and Bong-soon tries to calm them down but clearly is enjoying the situation, she claims it’s unpleasant if they fight over her but can’t seem to hide her smile. The moment she says it hey both do not want to drop her off and push the responsibility to each other.

you drop her off bong soon love triangle.png

Hee-ji visits Bong-ki at the hospital again and asks when he is free today but Bong-ki has to work overtime today. She asks if he is free tomorrow which he answers he will be as he finishes early and Hee-ji immediately requests to meet tomorrow evening. Hee-ji states Bong-ki’s professor is too skilful because her hand is healing quicker than expected and she wanted it to heal longer; implying she wants to see Bong-ki more often. Bong-ki senses what she is implying and states it normally takes a while to heal and even if she is okay, she needs to come back often for more treatment.

Hee-ji gets a text from Gook-du and immediately says bye to Bong-ki however states that she hopes their conversation can be longer tomorrow. Gook-du is staring at his phone whilst working because he’s wondering why Hee-ji has not contacted him yet.

poor gook du cheated by hee ji.png

Bong-soon checks online for her video but it’s no longer there. She wonders who deleted it for her and Sim suggests it could be Min-hyuk however Bong-soon denies the idea because he would do the opposite and make it go viral instead. Sim suggests that Min-hyuk is definitely not gay however Bong-soon does not agree and insists he is definitely gay because he compliment on Gook-du’s bum. Sim agrees Gook-du does have a nice bum. Bong-soon sighs because Gook-du has both males and females going after him.

Sim goes out to buy ingredients for their stew but it’s taking longer than expected. Sim is being followed by a man holding a metal rod, she immediately tries to dial someone for help but the voldermort man appears in front of her instead of tailing her. He hits her with his rod and Sim’s phone flies onto the floor. He kicks her again and again, and then presses down on her ribcage. He goes in for the final hit but is stopped by Bong-soon.

Bong-soon bends the metal rod and kicks the man on the stomach. Bong-soon runs straight to Sim and clutches onto her, she has no time to chase after voldermort because she needs to take Sim to the hospital immediately. Bong-ki reassures Sim is fine, she is conscious now but her rib cage is badly damaged.

savior bong soon strong woman.png

The neighbourhood is in distress due to another attack, Bong-soon’s mother is organising a way they can reduce the chances of women being attacked. The meeting is interrupted by Baek Tak, he is in charge of the redevelopment. He introduces himself and uses this chance to win over the public’s favour. He states he has 60 highly trained staffs that are more than capable in protecting the neighbourhood, plus the redevelopment will brighten the area hence decreasing the crime rate. He continues to talk without letting anyone add their opinion.

Gook-du is here to collect Sim’s statement, she tells him everything that happened and how strange it was because he managed to appear in front of her despite running quickly. Sim adds that she’s relieved that Bong-soon came to save her and Gook-du is confused because how can little Bong-soon stop the suspect. Bong-soon grips onto Sim’s hand to warn her to not say anything. Sim quickly covers it up and says Bong-soon screamed and it scared him away.

sim covers bong soon up.png

Gook-du is annoyed at Bong-soon for not pressing on the button and Bong-soon apologises because she had forgotten to bring the watch with her. Gook-du snaps and angrily scolds her for her tackiness but despite being angry he still asks if she’s okay. Gook-du states the neighbourhood is too dangerous for her and it might be better for her to stay at Min-hyuk’s house. Bong-soon cannot tell Gook-du that she has immense strength but she does try to reassure him that she will be fine no matter what.

Gook-du requests Min-hyuk to take Bong-soon in because if she stays in the neighbourhood it will be too dangerous for her. Gook-du warns him to not lay a finger on her and his job is to simply to hide Bong-soon. Min-hyuk asks if he’s requesting this as Bong-soon’s friend but Gook-du does not waste his breath to answer his question. Once Gook-du leaves Min-hyuk states Bong-soon’s love is not one-sided.

gook du likes bong soon.png

Gook-du calls Bong-soon before she sleep just to let her know that police are patrolling her area and he will drop her off to work tomorrow. Bong-soon of course will put extra effort into her appearance however Gook-du does not appreciate it. He lectures her for wearing a short skirt and putting on too much make-up, basically not wanting her to look too pretty. Bong-soon smiles at his compliment and tries to keep her happiness down.

Gook-du walks Bong-soon straight to her work and reminds her to press the button if anything happens. Gook-du urges Bong-soon to go in first but Bong-soon refuses and requests him to leave first. This goes back and forth. Min-hyuk sees the whole scene and angrily snorts at them, he says aloud she should just go in already.

gook du bong soon go in.png

Bong-soon is basically prancing around for joy, she can’t seem to contain her happiness at all and is extra nice to Min-hyuk due to her happiness. Min-hyuk can only stare at her behaviour in slight disgust, but he has no choice but to inform Bong-song that she’s going stay at his place for a while however don’t get the wrong idea because he’s only cooperating with Gook-du. Bong-soon continue to brag and brag claiming Gook-du must be really worried about her.

Bong-soon’s mother is beyond happy, even more happy than Bong-soon getting complimented by Gook-du. She packs Bong-soon extra sexy lingerie hoping this will work as a charm to sell her daughter to Min-hyuk. Things are a bit awkward when Bong-soon unpacks and Min-hyuk sees it.

Bong-soon cannot sleep because she can’t stop thinking about the woman being abducted and how Sim was beaten up. Bong-soon heads back to her neighbourhood and someone is tailing her. It turns out to be Min-hyuk, luckily she realises before she sends him flying. Min-hyuk states he thought she was sleep-walking therefore followed her. Bong-soon announce she will catch the man with her own hands and will not hide her powers anymore. She will use her strength for a good cause.

Min-hyuk manages to persuade Bong-soon to stop wandering around the streets to find the Voldemort man but one problem leads to another. Once they return, Gook-du visits them and declares he will also live at Min-hyuk’s house.

gook du lives at min hyuk house.png


Ahhh this episode was seriously too good for words, it ended on such a cliffhanger too. Well for me it was because I am a HUGE fan of Gook-du and everything he does is simply too cute. I knew he liked Bong-soon and I am glad Min-hyuk realised it too because it’s obvious. Only Bong-soon and Gook-du can’t tell that the other person likes them back. Sigh… and that’s going to be the reason why they would be friends forever and my favourite shipping won’t happen… *wails*

I kind of don’t get why Bong-soon didn’t just beat the Voldemort man to pulp and make him regret even living. Yes I understand you are worried about your friend and violence isn’t the answer but surely enough you could have injured him more, like even those thugs suffered more than this volermort and he attacked your precious friend too! She should have done more damage to him… but ah wells. I guess it’s easier said than done because how scary would it be even if you’re super strong things can take you by surprise.

I also cannot believe how Bong-ki is accepting Hee-ji like that, she is hitting on your nd you know that for goodness sake. WAKE UP! You gonna steal yo’ friend’s girlfriend yeah?! Uhh they annoy me.